Lyle Schober - 2x2 Overseer in Texas, USA

Lyle Schober is a false prophet and the current OVERSEER of the 2x2 religion in Texas as of 2018. Lyle Schober used to be the 2x2 Minnesota overseer and Craig Winquist and Tim Severud were on his staff of workers.

Ray Hoffmann was the previous 2x2 Texas overseer. See also Rays child sexual abuse Letter.

Lyle Schober and the IRS

I've heard that Brandon Miller asked Lyle Schober if Lyle Schober paid income taxes. Brandon Miller claimed that Lyle Schober told him that he does pay taxes or does file income tax returns.

Who does Lyle claim to work for? Is he running a for-profit or non-profit business? Where is his business registration? Is he reporting his employees and paying workman's compensation? If he claims the workers are subcontractors, then where are all his contracts? If I was working for Lyle Schober and suffered health-wise from the cult, then I would file a workman's compensation claim with the state of Texas. Employers need to feel the cost of bad work.

Do you know if Lyle Schober declares his income from his job as overseer in the 2x2 religion to the IRS? In Oregon, Harold Bennett does not pay taxes and their organization is a for-profit group.

From what I remember, Jerome Frandle stated in a court of law (or his attorney) that their organization was not a "non-profit" group. This means it is a "for-profit" organization or business. If you have any information on this and the financial dealings of Lyle Schober's organization in Texas, please let me know. Brandon Miller of Round Rock Texas mentioned to me about giving a TIP to the IRS about workers not filing income tax returns. OVERSEERS and WORKERS are supposed to file income taxes like every other citizen.

Lyle Schober is not a Christian according to the Bible.

God said to love others. If we lie, we hate. I believe Lyle Schober lies about the cult beginnings. Therefore, he does not follow God. see also in more detail Are 2x2s Christians? If you will put in writing the truth about the cult origins and get ten workers to sign it, then please contact me with link below.

Lyle Schober 2x2 Texas Overseer

Contact Information for Lyle Schober

c/o B. Smith
10422 Fork Creek
San Antonio, TX 78245-2734

Someone sent me an anonymous message saying this is not a current phone (and maybe address) for him, but I imagine that if you call it, the person who answer may be able to put you in touch with him, if they want to)

Sharp Looking Man

Some people say that the workers are dressed nice and don't appear to be evil people. I really agree with you. The Bible warns us about false prophets and false apostles. What does the Bible say about how false prophets and false apostles look like, their appearance?

2Co 11:12 But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them which desire occasion; that wherein they glory, they may be found even as we. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

The Bible clearly teaches that they will be transformed as "ministers of righteousness". Again, I agree with the comment that Lyle Schober LOOKS honest. I think also that Lyle Schober LOOKs like a righteous minister. For a person who bases their judgment on appearances, Lyle Schober looks like an honest man.

Lyle Schober's Responsibilities as Texas Overseer

Lyle Schober is a supposed homeless man that guides other homeless people and tells them where to live and preach throughout the year and who to preach with and what to preach and what not to preach. Just like Jerome Frandle in Michigan. From what I can tell, he believes he is sent by God to convert people to the revelation he believes he got from God. Also, he is part of the 2x2 cult from what I gather from the 2x2 Texas field lists. Do you know about the 2x2 cult or Lyle Schober's involvement with it?

Texas Overseer Changes

Lyle Schober is the current 2x2 Texas overseer. He took over after Ray Hoffmann left. Ray Hoffman took over as being the 2x2 Texas overseer after Ira Hobbs (who molested a girl) left.

Dale Gardner who was a 2x2 member, tried to tell people about Ira Hobbs and warn people about letting this pedophile and other workers (who sexually abuse) into their homes. But Dale Gardner was kicked out of the organization for doing so. see Dale Gardners Letter

Lyle Schober's Involvement with Workers Involved in Sex Crimes

Lyle Schober is no stranger to writing letters about criminal sexual act of workers. Read Lyles letter about Tim Severud. As an OVERSEER who manages a staff of WORKERS, he is responsible for informing his followers in his state about legal matters.

Workers Under Lyle Schober

Lyle Schober is the overseer of Duane Topinka and John Culver in Texas.

I wonder if Duane Topinka or John Culver consider themselves independent contractors for Lyle Schober or if they are employees. And I wonder if Lyle Schober is running a for-profit or a non-profit organization.

I heard that Lyle told Brandon Miller of Round Rock, TX that he pays or files Federal IRS Tax returns. Wow! I have never heard before of an overseer disclosing their income from all the inheritance money from when 2x2s die. I wonder if Lyle declares all his money. How can Lyle afford those suits? and the car he drives around? And to claim to be a homeless preacher too? Hmmm So many of their claims just don't seem to make sense. Lyle Schober is an overseer like Jerome Frandle is an overseer. Brandon Miller of Round Rock, TX knows Lyle Schober because he was a cult member and claims his "part was removed" by Doug Carlson (his 2x2 elder where he met with other 2x2s).


I got a letter back from the IRS after sending them information about the group known as "CHRISTIAN CONVENTIONS". They thanked me for bringing the matter to their attention. If you have any information regarding the 2x2s and their finances in their for-profit organization, no matter how trivial, about Lyle Schober, Duane Topinka, John Culver, Doug Carlson, Brandon Miller or the ex-worker Chuck (who used to live with Brandon Miller) or any other Texas workers, please send me a brief message in the box below. I can talk with you then and see if it's new information. If you want to send it directly to the IRS and remain anonymous, please send it to Nanette M. Downing, the Acting Director, EO Examinations, and put "ATT: CHRISTIAN CONVENTIONS ongoing examinations" in your correspondence. Address the letter to : Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, MC 4910 DAL, 1100 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75242. The telephone for the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division is 877-829-5500. The IRS revenue code 6103 protects the privacy of tax returns and their information, so I cannot give out the status of the investigation because they won't even give it to me. Spread the word.

Lyle Schober Preaches at Boring, OR Convention in 2004

Lyle Schober preached at Boring #2 in Boring, OR in 2004. see Boring 2 Speaking List. The group is very organized, bringing in visiting WORKERS to each state to speak at their meetings. Christians are not invited to speak at Conventions.

$100 Challenge to Lyle Schober

I believe the "older brothers", overseers, head workers etc have:

1) Come to the agreement amongst themselves, that if ANYONE (any 2x2) DARES to tell an OVERSEER that they believe there are people saved that go to church AND don't go to meetings, that the OVERSEER WILL JUST UP and KICK THEM OUT of the cult and tell them NOT TO TAKE PART IN MEETINGS. No "older brother", WORKERS, or ELDERS would dare put into writing that someone could be saved if they refuse to go to the 2x2 meetings.


2) No overseers or workers or elders would dare put in writing and sign their name to it that the cult believes in Jesus Christ being God, the Holy Ghost being God and the Father being God. (Trinity for some of you)

I will give $100 to Gary Simmons' Christian Charity (Sowers of the SEED - heartbook guy) if Lyle Schober will put this (the words in 1 and 2 below) in writing and mail it to me.

I don't think Lyle Schober would dare put such a thing in writing for fear of being kicked out of the 2x2 cult by the "older brothers" or other overseers.

Just put it it writing, Mr. Lyle Schober:

1) There are people who are Christians who are saved that go to a "Christian Church", but don't go to meetings. They can be saved even if they know about the meetings and know about the workers but reject the workers and their meetings


2) Jesus Christ is God. The Holy Ghost is God and the Father is God.

And then sign your name to it and mail it to me:

Brad Lewis
1501 N Hayden IS DR #20B
Portland OR 97217

I will then send my $100 to SOWERS OF THE SEED and post the receipt on the web.

My point here is to show the true beliefs of the 2x2 organization. I have put my money where my mouth is. If I'm wrong, then Mr Lyle Schober can just take up my challenge.

Lyle Schober has Elder Doug Carlson

Lyle Schober approves of the 2x2 SUNDAY MORNING MEETING in the home of the 2x2 elder Doug Carlson in Round Rock, TX. He supported the actions of Doug Carlson when Doug and his wife has a visit with Brandon Miller and Christa Hageman of Telford, PA (his girlfriend who claimed to be a Christian yet was living with him)

Are 2x2s an exclusive cult or not?
Actions speak louder than words.

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