John Evan Jones - Statement to GR Matthews Detective Sergeant

A statement by John Evan Jones who gave false statement to Detective Sergeant GR Matthews in Victoria, Australia.

John Evan Jones:


I am 84 years old and reside at houses belonging to various members of the same Christian Faith as myself. I am presently staying at 35 Park Rd. Surry Hills.

I am the Senior Minister of a fellowship that meets at various private homes through out Victoria and Tasmania. There are members of our group through out the World.

In Victoria, we have about 40 ministers of the Gospel and about 2,500 members. These people meet every Sunday and on Wednesday Evenings. At these meetings we sing Hymns, we have a prayer session and then a period when each person speaks of their experience or something that has appealed to them from the scripture.

We follow Teachings of the New Testament given to us by the Lord Jesus.

I have been a member of this group for 70 years and my parents before me were members of the same group. I have been a Minister since 1938 when I left home to do the work of an evangelist. I have been supported since I became a Minister by people of the same faith who give voluntary donations. All the people who have forsaken their occupations and have gone forth to Minister this Gospel are supported in the same way.

We have no specific name as such and have never had. There is no individual person who could claim to be the founder of our organization. We believe that this group has its origin in the mind of God before the foundation of the World and it was revealed in it's fullness in the coming of the Lord Jesus into this world and his teachings which we endeavor to follow today.

We are not a Registered Church or Body of any description. We are involved with the support of Third World Organisations. We currently have over 20 ministers in foreign fields preaching, assisting and doing evangelistic work. These evangelists are sent overseas with funds raised through the group.

Our organisation is financially well off. The funds are controlled by a Trust Fund with the Trustees being Arthur ROBINSON, Alan BIRD and Ian GUNST, who are elders of the Church. I am in charge of the Trustees and have the final say as to where the funds will be sent or spent. Once I make that decision, the Trustees withdraw the funds and give me a bank draft for the amount required in various areas as requested by me.

The Senior Minister is usually appointed on the death or mental impairment of the outgoing overseer. He is usually nominated by the outgoing Minister to the other Senior Ministers in Australia and New Zealand and approached by them to take over.

In addition to our weekly meetings, we have been gathering on the property of Mr. Fred LOWE, for one of our annual Convention for the past 20 years. We hold 5 conventions in Victoria each year. These conventions are held World wide and all run along the same lines. The purpose of these conventions is to strengthen the faith of all who believe in the teachings of Jesus. All members are there by invitation.

I have known Mr. LOWE for about 50 years and have known his daughter Heather since she was a teenage girl. I have met Geoffrey, Narelle and Stephen HENDERSON on numerous occasions at our meetings and previous conventions. I have not had any more dealings with the HENDERSON Children other than they have been at meetings where I have been declaring the Gospel.

Our organisation has no restrictions on music, dancing, television, sport, food or anything else for that matter. We do not exercise any authority over an individuals faith. However a member of our faith would not be interested in Music, Television or the like, as life is complete without them.

When sending a person overseas and they require an official document we use the letterhead of "CHRISTIAN CONVENTIONS" underlined by "REPRESENTING ASSEMBLIES OF CHRISTIANS ASSUMING THIS NAME ONLY"

I am aware that Narelle and Stephen HENDERSON are believed to have committed suicide and have left a note stating in essence that they did it rather than go to the convention. I cannot for the life of me think of any reason why they would do such a thing.

John Evan Jones

Statement taken and signature witnessed to me at Surry Hills at 1.27 pm on the 29th of November, 1994.

Detective Sergeant 20590

I hereby acknowledge that this statement is true and correct and I make it in the belief that a person making a false statement in the circumstances is liable to the penalties of perjury.

John Evan Jones

Acknowledgment made and signature witnessed by me at Surry Hills at 1.28 pm on the 29th of November, 1994.

Detective Sergeant 20590

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