John Baxe, False Prophet, France Belgium Overseer

John Baxe was a false prophet, a 2x2 overseer in France and Belgium where he destroyed families. He was moved to the UK and later expelled.

The following was posted on a message board -"Posted by ex on April 16, 2018, 1:26 pm"

John Baxe demolished several families in France by maintaining an adulterous relationship with thw wife of one of the friends while Overseer for France and Belgium he was sent to the UK.

The 2x2 wife who tangoed with John Baxe sexualy tried to kill herself. Her household was shattered and everybody of her family (and some more friends) became ¬ębitter exes.

It is a pity but John was expelled in the UK and most of the familly was kindly asked to abstain from meetings. Any friends who tried to learn what happened were dealt with disdain and many were also put apart. Many moved in other towns to avoid the stigma - one moved as far as to China. The European Council of Overseers tried to sweep everything under the carpet. A sister, worker who knew and said nothing for many years, after a short period in Sweden (I think) was sent to preach in Canada.

This was the last drop in a full glass for me. I had knowledge of several serious scandals and cover ups before this but I thought as many 2x2s that this was natural, that this was also happenning during the NT times etc. It is crap. Many people are much more honest and decent WITHOUT the workers. My family, although far from perfect, never had cases of theft, embezzelment or sexual harassment.

This is why I informed the workers that they were no longer welcome to my house (I had meetings in my place for several years) and stopped going to meetings. I consider the workers a pack of wolves and do not want to have anything to do with them. I ignore them if I ever meet them. They have proved beyond doubt that the Holy Ghost is a myth and that the whole Bible is just a means for some clever people to exert their power over simple-minded people who cannot see life face to face.

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