Jerome Frandle - 2x2 Overseer

Jerome Frandle, a false prophet and overseer of the 2x2 religion in Michigan, was convicted of failing to report child sexual abuse.

I believe Jerome Frandle is now the 2x2 overseer of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Jerome Frandle was the former 2x2 overseer in Michigan.

As of May 29th, 2013, the following was reported to me (and confirmed by officials in Huron County Courthouse.)

Today (May 28th) Jerome Frandle pled no contest to his charge and was sentenced to $200 fine plus court costs and other fees for a total of $675, 100 hrs. of community service which must be done in Michigan, and 4 days in jail.

Also reported was Ray Hoffmann's attendance (read Rays CSA Letter) and Greg Harger, the current Michigan overseer.

Court date was March 28th, 2013

(This page last updated March 11, 2013) I heard from the Huron County Courthouse that Jerome Frandle is scheduled for court in Michigan for Failure to Report Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) related to Michigan law and Darren J Briggs on March 28th, 2013. Read more about Jerome Frandle and his case

Case No: 11-1955-SM, District: 2010000137 - You may speak with the Huron County Courthouse by calling 989-269-9987. Just mention Jerome Frandle's name. I didn't even need to give the case number, because they person/people working there have had so many inquiries that they know which case number it is.

Jerome Frandle

Charges against Jerome George Frandle

Jerome Frandle is being charged with Count 1: Children- Abuse - Failure to Report "Did knowingly fail to report suspected child abuse or neglect; contrary to MCL 722.633(2). [722.6332]

Ordained Minister?

From reading the transcripts of the case, Jerome Frandle's lawyer apparently tried to argue that Jerome Frandle was NOT a minister, despite the fact that he signed "minister" on a form.

When I, Brad Lewis, became a 2x2 worker in August of 1989, Howard Mooney told me clearly without any ambiguity that I was now an ordained minister of God. I just want to get that out for anyone who doubts that Jerome Frandle thinks he was not an ordained minister. Why did Howard Mooney tell me this? Because 2x2 workers begin to doubt that God ever called them and this is one way of assuring them that God has called them and they now have the full authority of the ministry. I was also given the following scripture to remember. (and this is sooo ironic):

Isa_54:17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

So obviously, what does this say about Jerome's righteousness if he is condemned?

Case No: 11-1955-SM, District: 2010000137

Next Court Date in Huron County

Read dates and events about Jerome Frandle and his case


What is even more interesting to me is how curious people are about Jerome. It's amazing how popular one homeless guy is!

Countries doing searches on Jerome Frandle

People from many countries are searching for information on Jerome Frandle. These countries include: Canada, Germany, Haiti, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal, USA and the United Kingdom

States doing searches on Jerome Frandle

People from many states and provinces in different countries are searching for information on Jerome Frandle. States and provinces include (approximate locations): Alabama, Alberta, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, East Sussex, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Lancashire, Lisboa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Newfoundland and Labrador, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Ontario, Ouest, Pennsylvania, Queretaro de Arteaga, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin

Cities doing searches on Jerome Frandle

People from many cities from different countries are searching for information on Jerome Frandle. Cities include (approximate locations): Albany, Albuquerque, Asheville, Ashland, Atlanta, Auburn, Barre, Bay City, Belleville, Birchwood, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomington, Bowdon, Bridgewater, Brighton, Bristol, Burlington, Burnsville, Calgary, Candler, Carcavelos, Carmel, Carsonville, Catlettsburg, Chesterfield, Chicago, Clarkston, Colchester, Columbus, Cork, Cranbury, Crawfordsville, Dekalb, Dublin, Eau Claire, Edgerton, Edgewater, Fall Creek, Forest, Fort Myer, Fosters, Frisco, Gaylord, Gladwin, Glasgow, Grand Rapids, Halifax, Hamilton, Hastings, Jacksonville, Kalamazoo, Lapeer, Larsen, Lebanon, Lewisport, Lewisporte, Lillington, Little Rock, Livonia, London, Macomb, Madison, Maineville, Melvin, Memphis, Meriden, Miami Gardens, Milford, Milwaukee, Morrisburg, Morristown, Necedah, New York, Norwood, Novi, Orangeville, Ore City, Overland Park, Palo Alto, Perrysburg, Port-au-prince, Preston, Prospect Heights, Punta Gorda, Queen Creek, Quer�taro, Red Deer, Richlandtown, Rochester, Royal Oak, Tarboro, Tolono, Traverse City, Troy, Trussville, Washington, Waterloo, Waukesha and Weaverville

Organization Geographical Areas

The 2x2 organization spans the globe, being in at least these areas: Africa, Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Columbia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Europe, Finland, France, Gabon, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, USA, and Vietnam.

I am sure there are more countries, but this is all I have for now.

Child Sexual Abuse in 2x2 Cult

Read why the cult is fertile ground for Child Sexual Abuse.

I wonder if Jerome Frandle, the Michigan overseer, was involved in Darren Briggs fleeing to New York. I wondered this after reading this Huron Daily Tribune article

"The prosecution was not satisfied, and Schumacher noted that once Briggs learned the child had told his parents of what went on, Briggs fled to New York with the assistance of others in the ministry."

What I want to know, is if overseers and workers can hold up to a boast of being "untouchable". A lot of 2x2 teenagers are watching. It doesn't take a genius to know that children and teenagers suffer the most from workers' CSA crimes (the "C" in CSA stands for "Child")

Here's a link to some Michigan Law information

See also about 2x2 Michigan worker Darren Briggs that was convicted. and also Huron Daily Tribune

See also about 2x2 Michigan worker Peter Mousseau that was convicted.

These are good reasons not to get involved with the 2x2 group as a parent, worker, overseer or even associated with the cult.

Things to Ponder

  1. If you were a thief, would you want to have to report crimes you saw?
  2. If you abused children, would you want to have to report child abuse?
  3. If your friends abused children, would you want to have to report child abuse?
  4. If you were involved in criminal activity, would you want the police involved?
  5. Certainly you would consider a preacher to be clergy. Would you consider a cult leader to be clergy?
  6. If not, do you consider Jerome Frandle to be clergy?

Possible Defenses for Jerome Frandle

There are several positions that Jerome Frandle could use to his defense

  1. Many workers have sexually abused children. This is why there are several websites up warning people to not leave their children alone with workers. Since people have been warned, they should not expect workers who are sexually abusing kids to report on themselves or other workers. That's logical right? So 2x2 followers and the community should have no expectation of responsibilty from Jerome Frandle to report child sexual abuse.
  2. Jerome Frandle is not a minister and therefore should not have to report CSA (Child Sexual Abuse). Jerome Frandle is not a minister, he has just convinced and duped 2x2 followers that he is a minister. For example: Is a wolf in sheep's clothing a wolf or a sheep? You see, it's still a wolf even though people viewing it from far away may think it's a sheep because of the sheep's clothing. Since Jerome Frandle is just conning people that he is a minister, it does not make him a minister. Therefore he should not be expected to report child sexual abuse.
  3. Jerome Frandle is not a "minister", he is an "overseer" of a cult. You see, nobody expects cult overseer's to report sexual abuse to children do they? Would you expect the high priestess of a Satanic coven to report child sexual abuse? No, you would not. Since Jerome Frandle is an overseer of a cult, people should not expect him to report child sexual abuse. Besides, the word "overseer" and the word "minister" are not the same. They are even spelled differently.
  4. Jerome Frandle is not a minister because ministers are responsible in the community. Jerome Frandle is a homeless man who teaches heresies at cult meetings. Is this a responsible position? No. He doesn't receive a salary, he gets slipped money in secretive handshakes and through the mail. Is this responsible? No. So since the 2x2 followers know that he is not responsible, they should not expect him to behave responsibly. Would you expect a homeless man on the street to report child sexual abuse? No. So why should 2x2 followers expect Jerome Frandle, a homeless man, to be responsible?
  5. Jerome Frandle is not a Christian minister. Jerome Frandle teaches lies and heresies to seduce people away from God. Should people expect a con man who teaches heresies to be responsible and report child sexual abuse? No. So why should the 2x2 followers expect a man who teaches heresies to be responsible and report child sexual abuse?
  6. (If he doesn't file tax returns)Jerome Frandle's attorney could point out that Jerome Frandle doesn't report his income. Since this is income tax evasion (and a federal offense) why should he be expected to be responsible about reporting crimes against children?
  7. Since Jerome Frandle teaches heresies that lead people to hell, why should he be responsible to report crimes that destroy children's lives? If he is destroying the lives of adults, why should those same adults expect him to not destroy the lives of their children?
  8. A Possible Closing argument for Jerome Frandle's Defense attorney: The 2x2 followers are just stupid people who are being duped. They just need to accept the fact that they are failures. They are just there to be abused and taken advantage of. If they don't like it, they can just leave the cult or start their own. Or they can read the Bible, wake up and start having fellowship with Christians and quit whining about crimes and sins of workers. If they want real ministers who are responsible and are safe around children, then they need to get into fellowship with real Christians.

The Root of the Matter

There are things that I would ask in a courtroom setting to get to the heart of other matters. Because Jerome Frandle would have to be under oath, I would ask about the following:

  1. Where are they getting the money to pay for their legal aid if they have no income?
  2. Are they reducing some of the conventions to three days to help divert money to pay for their legal counsel?
  3. Why don't all workers file income tax returns? Isn't that income tax evasion?
  4. From what I heard, Brandon Miller of Round Rock, TX, reportedly asked Lyle Schober if he filed income tax returns. Evidently, Lyle files income tax returns. If that's the case, why did Harold Bennett (2x2 overseer in Oregon) tell me that he doesn't pay taxes and neither do any of the workers on his staff? That makes me wonder why the difference. If I was an overseer (and as an overseer didn't file tax returns), I would be really concerned about what the authorities find out about Jerome Frandle's operation in Michigan. It makes me curious on why some overseers file tax returns and others don't. Doesn't the IRS have regulations and laws? If one overseer has to file tax returns, don't the others?
  5. How can an overseer live so nicely and not have to file tax returns like the rest of us?
  6. If elders process wills when 2x2s die and leave the money to (ahem) elders. Do elders really pay the taxes on it and slip the workers the cash? If so, do the elders report these "gifts" or whatever they are called to the IRS? Or do they have to. (Maybe they don't)
  7. When overseers go on their "trips" oversees to "visit" other "special meetings" and take money with them, do they deposit it in foreign bank accounts? If so, why do some workers claim a poor and homeless ministry? When I think of poor homeless people, I don't picture them having bank accounts.
  8. Is it legal to not file tax returns if you work for a religious organization?
  9. Can the workers legally collect money for their church but give it to people to build church buildings and buy properties?
  10. Don't the workers have to keep track of income and expenses like other churches? Are they special and immune from tax laws?
  11. How much money is being moved overseas to private bank accounts?
  12. Why are people several countries all over the world interested in Jerome Frandle?
  13. If the authorities catch Jerome Frandle (a 2x2 overseer) will that not also set precedent for all the other overseas in the USA?
  14. Who really thinks that Jerome Frandle is the only one doing the things he's doing?
  15. Is there are reason for Jerome Frandle to be secretive about how much money he makes, the founding of the organization and where the money he collects goes?
  16. If an overseer can persuade hundreds if not thousands of people that their group was started by God, what else are they capable of when trying to persuade the authorities?
  17. Why do overseers use workers for whatever they can get out of them until their health breaks, they get sick, they are too old or commit a crime, and then they dump them off at their parents? Don't they take responsibility for the mess that their teachings cause? Why dump their problems on others?

Things that I believe:

  1. Overseers that I have met are so proud (I have been to meetings in about 48 states) that it would be a miracle for them to confess to a crime they committed (not saying Jerome is guilty or innocent here).
  2. I don't think the prosecution will be able to find an honest worker witness to tell what Jerome Frandle did or did not do. If it was a 2x2 worker, then they know that they would lose their job preaching. Which overseer would ever accept them in their "staff"? Do you think an overseer would want someone honest that reports things in their state? At the very least, they would be shipped to Malaysia or somewhere and given a horrible field that gives them little money.
  3. It would be an excellent time to have him on the stand and ask him if he has heard or knows about other CSA cases. That way, if it is proven later that he knew about them, he could be charged with perjury. I have not met an honest overseer that really believes in the Bible.
  4. I believe that if a 2x2 reported the truth, they may be afraid of going to hell if they are "excommunicated" for being a true witness to the authorities
  5. The overseers are so steeped in "works", that they would be to ashamed to confess to a sin for fear of losing face in front of their followers; even though many (if not most) followers don't respect the overseers and just give them lip and eye service anyway.
  6. If a follower reported a crime, they know that they would lose friends, family etc. Not that a real friend would condone dishonesty, but it may be the only type of friends they have
  7. I know of one woman personally who was excommunicated for reporting sexual abuse to her child. And if I know of one woman, how many more are there that have been "put out" for reporting things to the authorities.
  8. It's pretty obvious this cult is corrupt from what they do.
  9. The overseer is so slick, that I think he can pull one over on the prosecution.
  10. So many people are watching this, that whatever does happen, will have a huge impact.
  11. I think most people already suspect something about Jerome Frandle's guilt or innnocence and are just waiting for the authorities to bring it to light because many are too afraid to speak out and are tired of being oppressed.
  12. This page about Jerome Frandle gets a lot of website hits each day. An inordinate amount.
  13. The only sure way to be right before God is to be a true witness. God's mercy is new each morning and he can restore and make whole. God is powerful to help the poor and oppressed. God will also forgive those who repent of their sin. God is above the thoughts of our heart and can make all things new. How great is God!

Witnesses I Would Call if I was the Prosecuting Attorney

  1. Darren Briggs
  2. Bill Denk
  3. Jerome Frandle
  4. Darren Briggs parents
  5. One other (ahem) who saw everything in excruciating detail

Swear on a Bible

I would also have them swear on a Bible to tell the "truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God". That way, if they perjure themselves, it will be a witness to all the people who have been sexually abused by overseers and workers of a guilty person's to lie to the public.


I know there are a lot of people following this. Not only the overseers in the US, but also people oversees inquiring; And of course from many cities and states surrounding Michigan or Huron County. If justice is not done, then there will be much harm. If justice is done, then reporters should publish how the 2x2 cult works and warn the 1/2 million or so people who have been damaged by the lies and corruption of the Workers' Way.

Questions I have

  1. Did Bill Denk know about issues with Darren Briggs before?
  2. Did Bill ever call Jerome Frandle about the "incident"?
  3. Who drove Darren to New York?
  4. Was Bill Denk in the car?
  5. Was Jerome Frandle in the car?
  6. Whose car was it?
  7. Who had the car before it was driven? Who did they give it to?
  8. Who had the car after it was driven to New York?
  9. Did Darren Briggs parents see who was driving and who was riding along with him?
  10. Who paid for the gas for the car? (subpoena credit and debit card records)
  11. Video footage of gas stations?
  12. Which route did they drive?


Things like this don't just happen overnight. I remember several workers picking up on Johnny Sterlings habits of staying up late at night with men's wives while he was spending the night with them. And really? What was the "incurable" disease that Johnny Sterling died of? There are things that happen before and after an event that cannot be covered up. One at least saw what happened. If Jerome lies in court and is caught, this will be a big win for all the people who know about the many lies and coverups of the overseers.

Questions I Would Ask Jerome Frandle in Michigan Court If I Was the Prosecutor:

(Based on Who, What, Where, When, Why, How and How much)
These are my own opinions, questions etc that I would personally ask. None of these are statements of fact or insinuations of Jerome's innocence or guilt.
  1. Who are you?
  2. Who do you work for?
  3. What is your occupation?
  4. Where do you work?
  5. How do you make a living?
  6. Where do you get your money from to live?
  7. When did you begin working there?
  8. Why did you begin working for them?
  9. Do you make a living doing this?
  10. About how much do you make per year? (to show his vested interest if he was covering up Darren Briggs crime)
  11. Do you pay taxes on your income?
  12. Who founded the organization?
  13. What name is it registered under?
  14. Is it registered as a non-profit organization?
  15. If so, where are the public records that non-profits have to maintain?
  16. Do you have a business license?
  17. Has anyone else been convicted of CSA in your organization?
  18. How many have you heard of?
  19. If so, who?
  20. If so, when?
  21. If so, what was their involvement?
  22. If so, what was their relationship with you?
  23. How did the CSA affect your organization?
  24. Do you have records on all the CSA's with the organization? (evidence)
  25. Why? or Why not?
  26. Who keeps these records?
  27. Does your organization have rules about who is employed or who is not employed?
  28. Do you follow all these rules?
  29. If not, which ones don't you follow and why?
  30. If so, what are the rules?
  31. Does your organization have policies?
  32. Who maintains these policies?
  33. Where are these policies?
  34. What changes were made to policies after the CSA's?
  35. Who is Darren Briggs to you?
  36. What is your relationship with him?
  37. Is he your employee?
  38. Who does he work for?
  39. Is he a sub-contractor?
  40. What was Darren Briggs involvement in the organization?
  41. Where or What field did you send Darren Briggs to work in?
  42. Was Darren Briggs going to be staying in the homes of people with children?
  43. Why did you choose Darren Briggs?
  44. What did you direct Darren Briggs to do?
  45. Did you do a background check on Darren Briggs?
  46. Did you check to see if he was an illegal alien?
  47. Did you get his social security number?
  48. Did Darren Briggs fill out an I-9?
  49. What records do you have on Darren Briggs?
  50. How much research did you do on Darren Briggs before sending him to this field?
  51. When did you first meet Darren Briggs?
  52. How did you meet Darren Briggs?
  53. How long has he worked for your organization?
  54. Were you working for the organization when you met Darren Briggs?
  55. Did you employ Darren Briggs? was he your employee?
  56. Was he a private contractor for you?
  57. Where were you living when Darren Briggs committed his crime?
  58. When did you first hear about the crime?
  59. What was your response?
  60. Was anyone else present when you heard about the crime?
  61. If so, who are they?
  62. Does Darren Brigg's crime affect your livelihood?
  63. (If so) In what what why does it affect your livelihood?
  64. Are there others involved in your organization that would be affected by Darren Brigg's crime?
  65. If so, who are they?
  66. Do you know if they knew of Darren Brigg's crime?
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