Harold Bennett, Former 2x2 Overseer in Oregon

Harold Bennett is a false prophet and was the former overseer of the 2x2 religion in Oregon. He managed a staff of about 40 workers and has two conventions of Saginaw and Boring to manage. He lost many workers on the Oregon staff.

False Prophet

Harold Bennett is a false prophet, like the overseers before him. He preached that ministers must be homeless - which is not found in scripture. No scripture says that preachers must be homeless.

Harold Bennett preached that fellowship meetings must be in homes. This is a lie told in hypocrisy because Harold himself went to fellowship meetings in Portland, and their annual meetings of conventions in Boring and Saginaw where they "fellowshipped". It doesn't take much to see these lies are told in hypocrisy.

I hope Harold Bennett repents. Even after all the evil he has done, the lies he has told in God's name, pretending to be a servant of God...God is good and merciful. And the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the son of God, the Word of God, God made flesh can forgive him of his great sins if he will just repent and turn the the LORD God who made heaven and earth. So great is the LORD God. He has forgiven and redeemed me and he can do it for Harold too. If you love Harold and want to see him saved by Jesus Christ, please pray for Harold also that he would turn to the Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life on the cross.

The Disconnect

It amazes me that so many of "the friends" brag about their false prophets being homeless and penniless and that they "go out on faith" (faith in their business model), or so they are told. And they believe it. And then when these same "friends" find out that these false propehts are not going on faith, are not penniless, have trust funds and these preachers buy all or part of conventions grounds, these same "friends" act like this is OK.

So on one hand they brag that they are "the way" because their preachers are homeless (but are not homeless also they say) and penniless and going out on faith, but on the other hand they don't care if their preachers really are. This to me is a clear mark of a delusion sent by God since they have rejected the truth. They tell lies in hypocrisy. They are blind to their own hypocrisy. They condemn others to eternal punishment for not having "homeless", penniless preachers but they don't care if their preachers even follow what they preach.

Harold Bennett is Not Allowed Younger Male Companions

I have been told that the California workers have investigated Harold Bennett. From what I've been told, they told him not to pair himself with younger male companions. I wonder what went on between Harold and these young impressionable men and why so many left the work.

Harold Disallowed Marriage of His Preachers

Harold didn't not allow his staff of preachers to marry. If they do marry then they are kicked off his staff. Another sign that he doesn't follow the New Testament ministry.

1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

Have you ever applied for a job and told you that if you took the job you could not marry?

Reject Jesus Christ as God Come in the Flesh

In Oregon, under Harold Bennett, if you believe that Jesus Christ is God and talk about this in meetings, then you are not allowed to have a meeting in your home or take part in meetings. Read more about the spirit of antichrist.

Even Preachers and Elders Unaware

Many younger preacher and 2x2 elders are unaware that there are books or field manuals where older workers write down or keep a diary of their performance. Incredibly 99% or more of "the friends" don't know that the workers keep diaries and document what they do and say in meetings.

When people write letters of commendation or complaints, it affects when a preacher of the 2x2 religion is moved and which companion they are placed with. My first companion Randy Russel talked with Jim and JoAnne Waldo in the Albany field to encourage them to write a letter recommending him to come back to the same field, which the overseer did.

It is easy for older workers to scare younger workers into submission by threatening to make complaints against them. If a complaint is filed against them with the overseer, then they are sent to tougher fields in hopes that they will "drop out", and so purge the overseer's staff.

Many elders are unaware that there are field manuals where the assigned workers make entries either for or against them. These field manuals determine everything from who can be elder, to who cannot, which people can have Bible studies and which can be backup elders or not. These field manuals stay with a field, are passed from older worker to older worker and are available to the overseer.

See also a Former Sunday Morning Meeting Elder in Alaska Earl George story where he writes about these field manuals.

For Profit

I understand that Harold's business is a for-profit business (it's not registered as a non-profit organization that I know of). He lives quite nicely and told me he doesn't believe in paying taxes. He told me his preachers don't pay taxes. I believe Harold Bennett cons people into thinking that he is running an religious organization for the sake of the money and avoiding taxes.

Harold Bennett's Treatment of Sexually Abused Daughter of 2x2 Religion Elder in Oregon

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