Ben Crompton - Overseer in England

Ben Crompton is the overseer of the 2x2 religion in the United Kingdom. He has a reputation of being a very boring preacher, extremely wealthy with a reported 750,000 pound sterling trust fund and the only OVERSEER that I know of that had a worker on his staff commit suicide.

Wealthiest Overseer in 2x2 Religion

I believe Ben Crompton has the reputation of being the wealthiest OVERSEER in the 2x2 religion with a trust fund exceeding 750,000 pounds sterling. That's about 1,133,000 US dollars. See also 2x2 Overseer Income

This is a huge change and contradiction to their early preaching claims of "going out on faith". Also, the corporation papers show that OVERSEERS like to have guaranteed income, and don't go out on faith, but depend on huge sums of money for income.

If Ben Cromptons staff and rules are anything like the Alberta Society of Christian Religion Articles of Incorporation (see also 2x2 religion incorporation papers in Alberta), then:

"The Overseer is to receive free board and lodgings. This firstly comes as free-will offerings from Members. The Society otherwise guarantees that the Overseer shall receive board and lodgings...

Only Suicide on Overseer's Staff

Interestingly, Ben Crompton made an announcement about Percy Watkin's death. Maybe Mr Crompton was trying to direct blame for Percy's suicide away from himself.

I believe Ben Crompton is the only overseer to have a worker on his staff ( Percy Watkins) to reportedly commit suicide. While some say it was suicide, there is going to be an inquest into the suspicious surroundings of Percy Watkin's death.

Ben Crompton's Email about Percy Watkin's Suicide

The email from Ben Crompton, read out in the Sunday afternoon mission (1st March) ran something along the lines of this:

"Percy has been under considerable personal and emotional stress recently due to legal allegations made against him from some time ago. Upon seeking legal advice, he was told that no matter how untrue these allegations, it is almost impossible to prove innocence. It seems that Percy could find no other way than to take his own life and so avoid further damage to the kingdom."

My Questions

  • If, the accusations were made some time ago, then why hadn't these legal accusations been dealt with some time ago?
  • Whose legal advice did Percy Watkin's seek?
  • If Percy Watkins was innocent, why didn't he just make a public statement?
  • If Percy Watkins was guilty, why didn't he confess his sin and reconcile with his accuser as the Bible teaches?
  • Did Ben Crompton want Percy Watkins to commit suicide instead of pay for the legal expense?
  • If Percy Watkins could not prove his innocence, then did Ben and Percy realize he was guilty?
  • If there was evidence against Percy, why didn't Percy admit his error?
  • If there was no evidence against Percy, then why didn't Percy just go on with his life and acknowledge that there was a false accusation?
  • Why didn't Ben Crompton claim that Percy was falsely accused?
  • Did Ben Crompton realize that Percy was guilty and that's why they realized that Percy could not prove innocence?
  • Why did Ben Crompton speak this way and not condemn suicide instead?
  • Since Percy was a senior worker and not a young companion easily disposed of , how much money did Ben Crompton stand to lose if Percy went to trial?
  • What other workers have you ever heard of committing suicide? Even Leslie White - Home sent an email stating he was innocent when accused by a sister worker of rape, see Sister Worker 2012-06-06
  • What besides child sexual abuse would cause a person to take their own life? If it was adultery or rape wouldn't they just do what other worker's have done? Even Ira Hobbs didn't commit suicide after his child sexual abuse was exposed.

Ben Crompton's Responsibility

Pro 24:11 If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? and he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?

Ben Crompton preached at Percy Watkins funeral. You can read the Funeral Notes

Ben Crompton's message to his followers at Percy's funeral was "moving on", "we have to go on", "glorious message", "simple faith", "Jesus is the same", "simple faith", "humility", "servant", "lay down your life", "willing to lay down your life", "Jesus Christ the same", "no selfish quest have they", "...whatever was asked of him, he did it for the gospel's sake.", "peace", "let not your heart be troubled", "Percy found a place of service", "Percy and I worked closely together", "young workers had some of their early years with Percy", "Such things are not replicated simply or easily."

Ben Crompton Desperate for More Workers

Ben Crompton is reportedly very uncharismatic, disliked, un-authoritative and boring preacher in the 2x2 religion in the UK. The number of workers on his staff is dwindling. And no wonder, it shows that few people would want to be a worker especially on his staff.

See also Ben Cromptons Plea

Ben Crompton made some comments about his right-hand man, Percy Watkins, who committed suicide. As usual, the workers at Percy's funeral used the time to promote their 2x2 religion instead of discussing the deceased worker or his life.

Trust Fund

It's been reported to me that Ben Crompton has a $750,000 lb sterling trust fund gained from followers of the 2x2 religion.

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