Staff of Workers

A staff of workers or simply "staff" is a collection of workers who have submitted themselves to a cult overseer of the 2x2 religion who is assumed to be in charge of a geographical area.

Staff of Workers Ruled over by Overseer

These workers on the staff are assigned by their overseer to smaller geographical areas called fields. There are 2 workers of the same sex (regardless of whether they are bisexual or homosexual) who are assigned by the overseer to each field. Sometimes one or three workers are assigned to a field depending if there is an odd or even number of male or female workers in the overseer's territory. See Fields

Here are four examples of 2x2s using the word "staff" to describe the Pennsylvania staff of workers:

October 27, 2016 Thinking of the PS staff and churches. We always appreiated when Albert came our way. Saw him last at Margaret's funeral. They were special servants. We have to have faith that "the Lord knows"when there are those taken who we don't feel we could spare. Roanne Kooy, Litchfield, MN
October 27, 2016 Thinking of The PA staff, as well as the family, at this time. Albert was a kind, Godly man...a true servant. Gwen Kucera, Panama City, FL
October 27, 2016 Many thoughts go toward the PA Staff of workers as well as the friends in PA. Albert's gentle influence will be greatly missed amongst all of you. Ronda Stidolph, Buenos Aires, Argentina
October 26, 2016 I really appreciated Albert during the time on his staff in PA. Also fondly remember Margaret. Good memories of faithfulness.

Staff Assigned to Fields

A staff of workers are assigned to geographical territories within the geographical territory by a 2x2 overseer. See also 2x2 Overseers

Example Photograph of a Staff of Workers

Staff of Workers in Minnesota 2013

The staff of Minnesota workers are divided by men and women. In workers' pictures, the men are always on the top rows and the women on the bottom rows. The overseers don't have a set place in the pictures. They are sorted according to height with tallest workers in the middle and the shorter ones to the side in order to balance the photo. In this picture of the Minnesota staff of workers, Ron Thompke is located on the second row farthest to the right. see also 2x2 Minnesota overseer Ron Thompke

This worker photo of the Minnesota Staff contains fewer workers than the Hector Convention Photo because there are several workers visiting this convention from other states. see 2013 Hector Convention Photo.

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