The 2x2 Religion Organization

The 2x2 religion is heavily organized. The older brothers run the organization. They don't give account to anyone. Under the older brothers are the overseers. The overseers organize and rule over a staff of workers. The workers organize and rule over the elders in the fields to which they are assigned. The organization from the top down keep books and make reports on each other. The followers give their weekly testimony. The elders listen and report to the workers. The workers listen to the elders and report to the overseers. The overseers report to the older brothers. The older brothers are in charge and keep track of the whole organization, giving account to nobody but themselves.

But don't take my word for this. You can read a statement by former 2x2 overseer of Victoria, Australia, Evan Jones to a detective. He states that they are an organization and that members of a trust fund do his bidding and he has no accountability.

See Evan Jones Statement

The Names Taken by the 2x2s - "The Truth"

The older brothers, overseers, workers and the friends of the workers refer to their organization in the USA as "the truth", "the way" or "the fellowship". They believe that their group is the "kingdom of God". In Australia, they refer to their group more commonly as "the Testimony". They use phrases like, "Why are you against the truth?". This is a play on the true meaning of the word truth that confuses people.

Another name they use for their organization is "the way". As in "I was raised in the way." or "I have known the way since I was 9 years old." Because of the confusion with the real meaning of these words which they take for themselves, I refer to them by their more popular and more descriptive name of the "2x2s" or two by twos. Since their fundamental belief is in the their ministers going out in pairs, it fits them well. Also, the Cooneyites and Irvinites do not have a WORKERS class that goes out in pairs with OVERSEERS. So the name "2x2s" fits this religious movement and distinguishes it from the other two.

Christian Conventions

The 2x2 religion uses the name of "Christian Conventions" on letterheads. I've seen this used on their paperwork. And they use the name Christian Conventions and list convention grounds as their headquarters. This makes sense because it is convention time when OVERSEERS collect all the money the WORKERS have gathered throughout the year.

In Texas, as of 2014, they have used "Christian Conventions" as letterheads with convention addresses listed as business locations.

Here is an example of a 2x2 using their names in a post on a message board.

Posted by Carl on March 2, 2012, 3:59 pm

....I am proud to know that the Way of God, Truth, The Way and all other names we go by, is alive and well today, unlike in the Dark Ages when all Christianity died out due to persecution, just like it did at various times throughout the recorded history of the Bible.

I am proud that someone like William Irvine or others recognized that what they were living/preaching didn't line up with the Bible and got others started on a path of life that lines up with the Bible. I'm sure there are others who did the same throughout history post Jesus, and we are glad for those as well.

Bottom line, we need to live as Jesus taught and lived, and seek salvation from God, not a local church. May God help us all to know Him as portrayed in the teachings of Jesus, not as portrayed in the many local churches of our day who do as they want, not do as God wants....

2x2 Religion is Categorized by Overseers as a For Profit Business

There are many churches that run as a business, and having been a WORKER, I know the 2x2s do too. I know for sure that the WORKERS don't portray the teachings of Jesus Christ correctly and same with many churches. But salvation through faith in God is what is taught in the Bible and the WORKERS teach something different, "professing through workers" which is no where in the Bible.

Here is what Paul wrote about the body of Christ as far as members in the body.

1Co 12:27 Now ye are the body of Christ, and members in particular. And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, governments, diversities of tongues.

In the 2x2 group it's like this: overseer, workers (men then women), elder, followers. The classes in the 2x2 organization clearly don't match the body of Christ.

There are three main branches that continue from the one started by William Irvine. They are the Irvinites (followers of William Irvine), 2x2s (largest branch), and Cooneyites (Followers or Edward Cooney).


The Irvinites follow after William Irvine after he was excommunicated by the newly established oveseers back in the day. From what I understand, they are few in number and don't have WORKERS.


The 2x2s are the main branch in existence today in many countries of the world.


The Cooneyites were excommunicated from the 2x2 movement for believing in following the leading of a spirit in guiding their movements instead of being organized into FIELDS with assigned WORKERS all led by OVERSEERS. Edward Cooney rejected the changes in structure when William Irvine set up OVERSEERS and started assigning WORKERS to FIELDS.

Maybe they mean they don't have one name, they have many.? But the 2x2s are mostly secretive and fly under the radar from authorities from what I gather. Here are some names that refer to the 2x2 religion:

  • 2x2s
  • Two by twos
  • The cult
  • 2x2 cult
  • Cooneyites
  • Irvinites
  • go preachers
  • tramp preachers
  • The way
  • The Workers Way
  • The truth
  • The fold
  • The fellowship
  • The kingdom
  • The Black Stockings
  • Black stockings gang
  • The Church without a name
  • The Damnation Army
  • Dippers
  • The Jesus way
  • No-namers
  • Pilgrims
  • No Secters
  • Die Namenlosen
  • Faith Missioners
  • Christian Assemblies of Victoria
  • Christian Conventions of Victoria
  • Christian Conventions

Newspaper article about Christian Assemblies of Victoria

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