Who are the 2x2 Friends?

Who are the 2x2 Friends?: These are people who have professed allegiance to the fellowship. 2x2 Friends are friendly with the workers and mostly with each other. This does not mean that 2x2 Friends make good friends, rather it tells who they are friendly too. I believe the term came into being that these followers were "friends of the workers" which got shortened to "friends".

How Can I Identify a 2x2 Woman?

  • Usually wearing dress or skirt. Not always long. Not always below knees, unless going to a meeting.
  • Wear hair in a bun, especially to meetings
  • Rarely any jewelry
  • Rarely any makeup

How can I Identify a 2x2 Man?

  • Look the same as a typical business man
  • In some areas, it is frowned on to have a mustache or beard
  • Definitely don't have long hair

Distinguishing Characteristics of 2x2 Men and Women

  • Shy about talking about God with strangers or in public
  • Believe in homeless 2 and 2 ministry as long as it is their workers
  • Go to Sunday Morning Meetings in a home. Meeting is run by elder or workers of their group
  • Don't worship with Christians or go to worship services
  • They claim their religion has no name, but yet they call it the name of "the way, the truth or the fellowship"
  • Go to "gospel meetings" held by workers twice a week typically. They would not typically go to hear a pastor preach at a "church". Many believe that a building for worship is evil.
  • They go to "conventions" held at "grounds" owned by the "workers" and one of the "friends"
  • Go to annual "Special Meetings" run by workers
  • They often don't have a TV (forbidden by most workers)
  • They feel very uncomfortable talking about their religion with non-2x2s.
  • You need to be "in line" with the workers

How the 2x2 Friends identify other 2x2 Friends if Unsure

They ask questions that focus on fundamental belief of knowing workers:

  • They will ask questions like, "Excuse me, but do you know [overseer's name here]?
  • Are you friends with [insert workers name here].

Signs 2x2s Share with Other Cults

  • Fundamentally allied to the group, whether they share all beliefs or not.
  • Afraid to talk about their true feelings and beliefs especially in public
  • Allegiance to workers and meetings and not commandments of God.
  • Whether they like the workers or meetings, they will defend them to people who ask questions
  • Trust in workers and not in Bible
  • Very confused about fundamentals of Christianity.
  • Lacking in understanding of principal scriptures
  • Don't like questions
  • Lacking in good works. This is a result of no faith in God, but in their way of meeting.
  • Lacking in fruit of spirit. No true love, joy, peace etc
  • Emphasize belief in 2x2 workers, meetings in home and going to meetings
  • Not involved in caring with poor or helping in community
  • Spiritually lazy and not exercised in good works
  • They use cult terminology which is redefined words that they feel "safe" with
  • Contradict themselves in conversation about God and get frustrated
  • They are very poor reasoners and feel that they are always right

Most Common Fundamental Beliefs of 2x2s (Varies by Geography)

  • They believe in the 2x2 workers. They may say that the workers are apostles.
  • Can only be saved if profess through workers. Others going to hell if they don't profess
  • Workers are the chosen ones of God
  • You must agree with workers to be saved
  • Having a name for a church is evil
  • Having a TV is evil
  • Church buildings are evil
  • Christians are "wordly" and pastors are of the devil
  • They are the Way, Truth
  • Claim to be nondenominational (yet their teachings clearly depart from scripture
  • Women must have long hair
  • Women should wear hair in bun
  • They don't believe workers should be paid a salary
  • They don't believe workers should be formally educated about the Bible or God
  • They believe their way of worship is better than any other ways

Other things that MAY identify a 2x2

  • They think Jesus is a good man who saves us and he's the son of God but don't really understand what that means. They typically don't believe Jesus is THE WORD and is GOD in the flesh. In fact if asked, they will cringe.
  • They feel threatened when talking about their beliefs.
  • They have an "us against them" mentality. They are "for" the "way" no matter what that means.
  • They don't know how their group got started (puzzled looks about William Irvine)
  • They believe if you profess then you are "found" and if you don't then you are "lost".
  • The women wear their hair in buns to meetings

What Workers expect of 2x2 Friends:

  • Profess your faith in the workers way (usually during a "tested" meeting).
  • Attend all the worker's meetings
  • Female 2x2 Friends are also expected to dress the same way or with the approval of the 2x2 workers in their "field".
  • Give your testimony at Sunday morning meetings
  • Allow the workers to stay in their homes and allow workers to eat their food
  • Attend at least one full yearly convention that they are assigned to in their area
  • Help with convention preparations
  • Pass cash to the workers through handshakes as you leave gospel meetings

Worker Expectations of People who have Meetings in their Home

  • "Keep the peace"
  • Support them in all their decisions
  • Report people "not in line"
  • Disregard scripture in order to "have fellowship with what we agree on"
  • Fix meals for the workers are special events and give them money
  • Provide a field car for the workers
  • Pay for the workers auto insurance
  • Provide rent money for the hall
  • Provide money for the workers clothing

Expectations when there are "problems in the field":

  • Not ask "disrupting" questions during meetings or questions which show "doubting"
  • Support the 2x2 overseer in all his decisions
  • Support the 2x2 worker or 2x2 workers in your field in all their decisions
  • Support the local 2x2 elders in your meetings in all their decisions
  • Ignore their lies taught at their meetings

Expectations when crimes are committed by workers:

  • Take issues to the workers and do what the workers tell you to do
  • Forgive the workers who offend them without following the teachings of Christ
  • Help workers cover up problems through silence and not holding 2x2 workers and their followers accountable
  • Not go to authorities when their children are molested by senior brother workers
  • 2x2 men are expected to support the workers even above their families well being
  • Not declare the money they give to workers in their income tax reporting
  • Say your support of the workers is a "gift" when actually they are providing obligated support of the workers as a 2x2 member
As a worker, I was shocked at how many followers didn't want the meetings in their home. Now as I look back on it, it's no wonder. There are so many problems in a worker's field because of corruption and lies that no one wants to be an elder and have to deal with it.

Beginnings of 2x2 Friends:

Becoming a 2x2 friend started a little before 1908 when William Irvine changed his mind about people who wouldn't become 2x2 workers and he started the formation of house churches to accept donations and support by people who liked him but were not willing to sell everything, give it to him and become a 2x2 worker. See The Secret Sect by Doug and Helen Parker.

I've seen the following things in many followers of the 2x2 workers:
  1. compulsive lying "The workers sacrifice so much for us"
  2. absence and often inability to use sound reason "The workers go out in pairs so they must be apostles"
  3. mysticism and superstition: "I'm supposed to marry the man who fixes my brakes"
  4. special revelations from their god which contradict the Bible "These people are homeless so they must be the servants of God"
  5. willful slander and libel of others "They've quit coming to meetings and have lost out"
  6. lack of understanding "How could they quit coming to meetings. There is nothing better"
  7. willful ignorance "We are the way God has set up"
  8. willful ignorance of the Bible, God and government "Jesus said taxes were wrong"
  9. ignorance of doctrine and widespread conflicting beliefs "Confronting the workers is like rising up against Moses"
  10. conformity to the workers' practices out of fear even if privately telling other 2x2 friends why they hate them
  11. willful slander and libel of people who use reason to oppose their religion "They're lost, ignore them"
  12. willful ignorance of the effects of their perverted practices "It's too bad Johnny turned out this way"

Sickness and Disease

I've met more than one follower of the William Irvine religion that has had nervous breakdowns, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, depression and insomnia. I've seen and heard some freaky things that 2x2 workers have done regarding sex acts with little kids.


2x2 friends are kept in the dark about what happens and why some workers are kicked out of the work. There are so many of them that just come in go, that I think often people just lose track of them. And relationships are just so shallow, that most people don' really care anyway. The workers change fields so often that it's hard for people to keep track of them or develop any real friendships even if they could because of their religious ideas and practices.


Many 2x2 friends are so confused, that when you talk to them, they don't make sense. They have plans in their heart about what they believe, and their lips reveal their confusion. Here's a quote from a 2x2 follower after reading the statement that workers are not in touch with reality.

"Your reality, ie how the world really works, is not the reality they or myself take much interest in."

Australian 2x2 that goes by "Bert" http://professing.proboards15.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=general&thread=13&page=1

Why 2x2 "friends" are not of God and their threats can be safely ignored

  1. They do not know God and accept other peoples description of their god contrary to what the Bible says.
  2. They idolize the workers instead of loving God with their whole heart and getting to know Him
  3. They are cruel to themselves in others. They don't stop and think "Would I want others to be treated by workers like I am treated?
  4. They don't keep the commandments of God and don't even know them
  5. They reject the teachings of Jesus and people that tell them about Jesus

Questions the "friends" of workers don't like to think about:

  • Do you believe Jesus is God?
  • Is it OK to worship Jesus like the disciples did?
  • Why didn't you become a "worker"?
  • Do you believe it is a sin for women to not have long hair? If so, why?
  • Is it a sin for women to wear modest pants?
  • Is it a sin for women to wear inexpensive jewelry?
  • Do you believe you must be a 2x2 to be saved? or is believing in God enough?
  • Is being a 2x2 and believing in Jesus the same thing?
  • Are other people going to hell because they are not 2x2s even if they believe in God and their works show it?
  • Is the 2x2 organization a non-profit or for-profit group?
  • Is it wise to be taught in meetings by people who are not educated and don't understand fundamental concepts taught in Bible?
  • Does it bother you that many workers are pedophiles?
  • Would you trust a worker with your young daughter or son?
  • What do you hear about people who leave the cult? Have you checked to see if it is true?
  • Do you believe that all men are created equal?
  • Is it OK to idolize/worship the workers? even a little?
  • How often do you say "Praise the Lord"?
  • How often do you praise the workers?
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