2x2 Financial Organization

For Profit Organization

The 2x2 group is a for-profit organization. They do not keep track of receipts or income from what I know. All the workers I've met don't file taxes or report their income to the IRS. I have heard that they started filing income tax returns in CANADA because of the governments complaint about them receiving government health care without filing their income.

Incorporation Records Reveal

The following is a legal excerpt from Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies in Alberta CANADA

The Overseer is to receive free board and lodgings. This comes firstly as free-will offerings from Members. The Society otherwise guarantees that the Overseer shall receive board and lodgings. An Overseer in a designated area is chosen from among the Preachers/Apostles. Generally one of the experienced and older Preachers/Apostles is chosen, one who is held in favour by the local Preachers/Apostles and with the directors of their neighbouring Christian communities. An Overseer is thus chosen by general agreement for the good of the Christian work within the designated area and for the good of the worldwide Christian work as well. Should illness, old age, or other reasons affect the chosen Overseer, then another equally respected Preacher/Apostle will be chosen in the above-mentioned fashion.

It was reported to me (anonymously through contact page) that a convention ground was sold under name Christian Assemblies of Australia. This report came from Victoria, Australia. Also around 1975 a small truck (Morris) kept at Dandenong grounds registered under the business name of "Christian Assemblies of Victoria".

Court records reveal that they are for-profit organization:

In a Michigan Courthouse, overseer Jerome Frandle paid his lawyer Mr. Timothy Lessing who stated in court :

"There's no federal tax exempt status with respect to these individuals."

That means the overseers have indicated in court that they are running a for-profit business.

Collections After Meetings

After meetings, the 2x2 workers go quickly to the back door before anyone leaves to collect money in the handshakes, and yet they claim to not take collections. Maybe they mean "open collections". And they don't report how much money they collect either. As soon as they leave their job as a 2x2 worker, they are not given money for their preaching service. I received money through handshakes when I was a worker. When I didn't stand at the back door with my companion, he complained and asked me to be there with him.

Trust Funds

In many areas, the cult have trust funds set up. These funds are controlled by the overseer.

Money Movement

Any time someone has a large sum of money, it's movement can be tracked because large amounts must be reported. However money is moved in the 2x2 cult through people, on their person.

Collecting money from Overseas

Workers that want to collect money from their home country have a collection person. The collection person may have power of attorney to collect checks and cash them. Then the cash is used to buy a money order which is mailed overseas or large bills may be carried on person of someone "visiting" them.

Financing of Workers

Workers expect their followers to give money to them at meetings and when they stay at their homes. I've never met a worker that files or pays taxes on their income.

Does Not Meet Requirements of Nonprofit Organization

I've never heard nor seen an overseer register their business. It is obviously a for-profit business because as a worker, we never kept any receipts or filed taxes as a tax-exempt organization or otherwise.

Willful Lack of Public Record Keeping

There is no record keeper that is publicly known. The group has a mobile headquarters. This helps prevents local authorities from asking them to obtain a business license. The people hosting the workers will simply deny a business being operated there. The workers also use post office boxes for this purpose. The overseer moves his records from city to city, staying in the homes of elders whom he trusts. In 1989 or 1990, my older "companion", Randy Russell told me not to file taxes even when I was instructed to file taxes by Dean Sartain of Corvallis OR who is a CPA and was a CPA at the time.

Financing of 2x2 conventions

Every year at convention the older worker told me to give him all the money I had. He told me they were going to put it all in a big pot, subtract plane ticket expenses etc and then equally divide up the rest. I found out later that many workers have bank accounts and do not give that money to the pot at conventions.

Financing of 2x2 Overseers

The overseer lives quite well and has lots of money. When I was in the work, [102] would take us out to eat at nice restaurants on golf courses.

However, I never had much money as a younger worker. My companion kept the money he received in the mail separate from my money and I was expected to share in expenses.

The 2x2 followers ar expected to pay for the renting of halls for gospel meetings.

The 2x2 friends are expected to pay for medical bills because we did not have insurance.

The 2x2 friends are expected to provide a car for transportation for the workers while they are in their field. They are also expected to pay for the insurance on the vehicle. If a mechanic is in the field (especially if the workers are female), the 2x2 mechanic may be expected to maintain the car, change oil etc.

As a 2x2 worker, the 2x2 friends were expected to feed us, allow us to stay in their homes and buy clothes for us. We never kept track of these benefits for tax purposes.

My dad, Joel Lewis told me that Doug Corcoran handles money for the Oregon overseer Harold Bennet and has some or all of this money in the stock market.

I've heard that when people die, the workers ask people to leave the money to an elder who is to pay taxes on it to keep it out of the overseers and workers names.

2x2 workers may ask other 2x2 followers to cash checks for them.

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