2x2 Money Income, Salaries, Financing

I have learned that the source of 2x2 money comes from the friends at meetings, stock market gains, 2x2s giving money to workers in their homes, at special meetings, at conventions and through inheritances which are processed by wealthy elders and distributed through trust funds to the workers.

Money Sources

A they say, "follow the money". Follow the money trail. Money comes into the 2x2 organization through:

  • the friends slipping workers money in handshakes at "gospel meetings". This was freaky the first time this happened to me as a worker.
  • followers giving them money when the workers staying in their homes. They often put it in an envelope and put it on the bed or slip it under the pillow.
  • during Special Meeting rounds followers give money to visiting workers in their homes.
  • during conventions when workers tell their followers how expensive conventions are, the friends will bring cash in envelopes and hand it to workers in the kitchen area.
  • at funerals when workers hold funerals for the friends, the friends will give them money for officiating at the funeral
  • after the funerals when their followers give their inheritance to the workers instead of their non-professing family. There is a paper form that workers hand out to get them to give the money through an elder that says the money can be used any way the workers please.

The workers hand out letters instructing their followers to fill out the form

No Taxes

I have never met a worker that pays taxes on their income. In fact, Harold Bennett told me that he and his staff of Oregon Workers don't pay taxes.

Workers Use Elders for Money Holding and Transfer

Workers don't want money in their name, to be accountable for it, or for paying taxes. So they use people to handle the money, to keep control of it but out of reach so to speak to being connected to all the money.

It has been reported to me by my dad, Joel Lewis, that overseers manage the money through wealthy elders and bank accounts with money also in the stock market. My dad told me he learned this from Doug Corcoran.

But don't take my word for it, nor my dad's alone. Here's a quote of CANADA overseer Willis Propp, under oath when questioned by the judge:

Q) What happens when you receive monies that are more than are necessary for you? You said -- you told us they are used. Where are they put, those monies?

A) The money is entrusted to me in the first place, and then I entrust that to faithful elders among us, the local church elders, and they keep it for me, and it's used at my discretion. (page 86 of transcripts)

Q) You have the sole discretion as to how to spend that money, and there is no accountability except to God?

A) As far as I'm concerned. But any interest that is accrued on that money is looked after by the elders that have it. It's held in trust, and it's not in anyone's name but their own, and so they pay the income tax on the interest that is accrued.(page 97 of transcripts)

I can find no public records of the 2x2 overseer financial activity. Here is a link to a swedish document in which 2x2s claim that their income comes from their followers.

2x2 Collections at meetings

At their meetings, 2x2 workers collect money from their followers. They stay by the exit and shake hands with people as they leave. People are expected to pass them money in handshakes as they leave. Those who contribute more to the workers and who praise the workers more get to have the workers stay at their home more often.

2x2 Collections at Annual Conventions

Overseers take collections from the workers at conventions. During preps (preparation of their church grounds) the worker in charge of the convention preparations asks everyone to give their money to him. He collects all this money, subtracts an undisclosed amount, equally (or so they say) divides it up and then gives it back to the workers.

Posted on the TMB

If you can get an elder to talk about accounts, good luck. I positively know that the elder puts money in his account, not a trust fund with the workers name, and then disperses when the overseer ask for it. It is not given in large sums where a paper must be filled out. No trace left that way. An overseer won't even show up to get money from an inheritance. The elders do. It is given to them in probate court and the taxes for it is paid out of the amount of money given to the elder. I am not talking about $10,000 neither. That is a small amount. But, the elders are willing to do such, what can be said. There is no taxes or wages claimed by the overseer when he then is dispersed money from the elders account by the elder. That to me is the problem. It is not given as a gift. It is actually the overseers money just held for him by his trusted servants. The elder honestly must pay all taxes on his accounts and that is done because that is all recorded by the bank. - Re: George Lee & Greg Harger Post by jhjmr on Dec 29, 2011, 2:14pm

Crimes reported to me of the 2x2s

  • No workers that I know of files income tax returns. As a worker, I was told by my older companion that I should not file an income tax return. I have been informed that not filing an income tax return as required by Federal law is a crime. Harold Bennett, the 2x2 overseer leader in Oregon told me in Starbucks coffee shop inside Safeway on 11/19/2009 that the Oregon workers did not pay taxes. He is so open about it that I'm surprised the IRS and the Oregon Dept of Revenue has not investigated the cult leader.
  • People who contribute cash are encouraged. People are encouraged to give cash instead of checks. Checks are not refused, but the people are asked to get money orders for the workers instead. When I was a worker, we gave our checks to elders to cash them for us. I was never taught to set up a bank account and cash the checks myself. I was taught to give checks written to me to the elder so that they could cash them for us. After I left the "work", workers would try to convincingly tell me that I was giving a gift. Some try to emphasize that what you gave was really a "gift" and not support money. However I did not give the money as a gift. I never give that much money as a gift. It was not their birthday, a holiday or anything else. I was giving out of obligation to support the "poor homeless ministry" because that taught that we were supposed to and I felt obligated as being a follower. When I gave money to the workers it was to support them and the message they preached. Some workers call it a "gift of support".
  • I have never witnessed a worker applying for a business license when they do business. I remember it being preached that they are doing "God's business" but I have never seen them follow city laws where they are required to have a business license. As a worker I was not encouraged or allowed to have another job. I had to give up my job to become a worker. I was dependent on them and the followers financially. When I started preaching the truth, the amount of money I received decreased. When I started asking quesions, less money was given to me. My questioning and doubts were reported to the overseer and he had a "talk" with me.

    Other notes about 2x2 workers

    The "friends" have been told to not report the money given to them on their income taxes. Overseers and workers give large amounts of money to private individuals to purchase land and to make capital improvements on the land. There is debate among the workers as to who really owns the land. The overseers business is not registered with a non-profit status. Their business is not registered at all that I know of. As a worker I never kept my receipts for taxes or kept track of money given to me to support me. I have never heard nor seen any public records of the workers finances.
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