2x2 Workers and the 2x2 Religion

2x2 workers are ministers of the 2x2 religion started by 2x2 Founder William Irvine. They call them workers because that was the name William Irivine was used to before he left the Faith Mission in Ireland. They call them 2x2 workers because they go out two by two, 2 by 2 or 2x2. 2x2 workers is a quick way of writing 2 by 2 workers or 2 by 2 workers and each of these three spellings sounds similar when spoken.

2x2 Worker - A Name Contradiction

I know the name "workers" was copied from the Faith Mission, but it's an ironic name for them to use. Using the name "workers" is odd because they seldom work. And sometimes workers claim not to work but to be homeless preachers or preachers without a home. Other times they say they are about their lord's business. But from their business, many have seen they are cult workers, not ministers of the LORD.

Use of "Workers" name by the Friends (of the Workers)

And the workers like to be called "workers". The friends of the workers call their own ministers "workers" except when outsiders are around. And then they tend to call them "preachers" or "ministers" because these outsiders (non-members, not professing) don't know the cult lingo.

Workers Affairs and Other Sin

The other day, someone asked me about what percentage of workers I thought had affairs, were homosexual, lesbian or had molested children etc or had covered up or helped cover up any of the afore mentioned: And I told them that I believed about 50% of workers, based on all the things I've seen and heard about while in the work, my 33 years of going to meetings and now much more that I've heard about after getting out of the 2x2 cult. For those of you who think it's funny what goes on in the 2x2 work, please consider how many lives the 2x2 workers have affected in a bad way. And if you don't believe me, you should consider talking to some of the women who have had affairs with workers, or been sexually abused by a worker and threatened as a child. I don't believe it's a laughing matter. And for those who side with them, I believe you have a lot to answer for. And all this is not to mention the emotional abuse that workers dish out with their numerous lies.

2x2 Workers
Workers are men or women who preach the 2x2 workers teachings. The Faith Mission also has workers that go out in pairs, but they are much different in behaviour and oppose the 2x2 worker's theories which contradict the Bible. William Irvine who started the 2x2 movement used to be a "worker" for the Faith Mission before he got his own following. William Irvine started the group in about 1899 (see first worker's list dates).
2x2 brother workers
2x2 brother workers are men in the cult sent out by the overseer to preach his version of the 2x2 teachings in a field assigned to them. They are given a male "companion".
2x2 Sister workers
2x2 Sister workers are women in the cult sent out by the overseer to preach his version of the 2x2 teachings in a field assigned to them. They are given a female "companion".

General Characteristics of Workers:

  1. Dress nice - This is a huge departure of the cult beginnings when they were only allowed to take one change of clothes. This is why they used to be called TRAMP PREACHERS. Nowadays, they dress nice. And if you go to one of their meetings (I don't recommend it), you can spot the OVERSEERS and WORKERS because they always wear the nicest clothes to meeting. They want to appear honest and believable.
  2. Deluded - They are deceived by 2x2s who have taught them. They have not done basic research to see if what the workers claim about their group is true.
  3. Ignorant - All the workers I've met don't understand basic important things about God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They learn through the insinuation of other deluded workers. They are the blind leading the blind.
  4. Compulsive liars - From the workers I've met, they are compulsive liars. Just start asking workers about how the group got started. Write down their answers.
  5. Deceivers - They will deceive others with their corrupt answers, insinuating things that are not true. They mislead others who are seeking the Truth.
  6. I believe they are law breakers - I've never met a worker that files income tax returns as required by law.
  7. Corrupt - They enjoy the lies they teach and ruin peoples lives with their corrupt communications.
  8. Refuse instruction - When I have instructed workers to follow the Word, they scoff at me.
  9. There are many more attributes about workers that I've learned, but this is a good start.

Primary Duties of Workers

The primary duties of the workers are as follows:

  1. Obey the instructions of their OVERSEER
  2. Preach at meetings using guile and deceit to insinuate that joining them is only way to heaven
  3. "Testing" meetings to get people to "profess"
  4. Assigning followers to a Sunday morning meetings where ELDERS can report on them
  5. Living in their homes and gathering information from the "field"
  6. Reporting their followers activities and progress to the "overseer" who maintains a "staff" of "workers"
  7. Carrying out the orders of the "overseers"
  8. Operating within the boundaries of their assigned FIELD.

Generalization About People Who Want to be Workers

  • Many are running from life and wanting to live in fantasy worker land and escape other responsibilities that they are not ready for because their parents didn't teach them about life.
  • Their parents are ignorant cultists who don't care about the future of their children. They are more interested in the attention they will get from their child being in the cult work.
  • The person is being abused and wants to feel needed or appreciated. However the cult work does not meet those needs.

    Cult Members Must Wait to Join the Cult Work If

  • They don't have a "place" for them. That means they don't have a worker willing to take on the challenges of a new cult worker.
  • The workers are currently having problems with existing workers and their "right hand" men are too busy handling other problems to take on new "responsibilities".
  • They want to see if the worker wannabe is going to stick to their "choice" long enough.

    Why Some are Not Allowed to Join the Cult Work

    The reason why many are not allowed in the work (not that they would want to) and that many young folks are advised to wait is this:

  • They haven't bought into all the cult beliefs. They don't believe that you have to be a 2x2 to be saved and other cult fundamental beliefs.
  • They cannot be controlled easily enough. If they are stubborn about the "wrong things" and the overseer cannot get them to do his bidding, they cannot be used by the overseer.
  • They are not attractive enough. They may need dental work or are grossly obese.
  • They know too much. They may be educated on cult techniques. If a person has been educated especially by a Bible College, then the person may be naive and not understand the cults underlying beliefs. Including : Workers are to be idolized (but not too much), you can only be saved by workers, workers are right and you are wrong if there are disagreements etc
  • People are rejected if they are reasonable. They have to be dogmatic. They also cannot look things up in scripture or understand the Bible apart for the cult mindset. Otherwise they will ask too many questions.
  • Excessively immature and would cause distraction. If they cause too much attention and distract from the older worker, then they are not welcome.

    Worker initiation into the work

    They offer to go into the "2x2 work" or "2x2 ministry" by talking to the 2x2 overseer in their territory. If they are approved to go into the work, then they are required by 2x2 overseers to sell all and give the money to 2x2 workers (usually) or sometimes they've given it to friends and family before the 2x2 workers get to it. (They twist Matthew 19:21 and Mark 10:21 to justify this cult practice of separating these fools from their money.) This leaves them totally dependent on their companion and their overseer for support financially. Also it requires total commitment and gives the overseer some knowledge of their level of commitment.

    The 2x2 overseer employs them in their geographical area and asssigns them a fellow "laborer" and "field". Income for the 2x2 ministry is provided for by the people in the field and fellow workers help. Workers are not free to have other employement while employed as a worker. There are no healthcare benefits, no fixed salary and no taxes are withheld to meet government requirements. Workers are not free to preach for other organizations or affiliate with other religious organizations.

    Fundamental Worker Beliefs

    There are underlying beliefs that explain worker's abusive tactics

  • They are better than other non-workers (temporary pretenses to humility are part of this play)
  • They have a greater understanding than others
  • They must win all arguments
  • They are only to submit to older workers and the overseer
  • It's bear false witness to others to "protect" the cult

    As a result of these beliefs, it explains their redefinition of words like: humility, fitting in, submission, gospel, truth, way, friends, honesty etc.

    Job Description for workers

  • Carry out the orders of the overseers in their field
  • Agree with the overseer in all his decisions
  • Workers enforce the rules and keep the elders of meetings in line with the current overseers rules.
  • Discipline their younger companion and teach them what is required so they conform to status quo
  • Appear to be in agreement with their companion
  • Rent halls to preach in
  • Preach Sundays
  • Preach on mid-week meetings
  • Preach the key doctrine of 2 and 2 ministry and meetings in the homes
  • Repeat the mantra of the overseers
  • Help at the churches convention grounds to prepare for conventions
  • Not disclose sexual problems among the workers
  • Not work for other people
  • Collect money throughout the year and bring it to the overseer or an appointed money collector at convention time

    Workers who don't "fit in" with the overseers may be sent to work under a different overseer in another state or even country.

    Other names workers like to call themselves

    Other names 2x2 workers like to call themselves : "brother workers", "sister workers", "servants of God", "handmaidens of the Lord". "Servants of God" or "handmaidens of the Lord" are misleading though. They like to call themselves these names so they can insinuate and mislead others that they are servants of God.

    2x2 worker Finances

    2x2 workers will often ask other people to cash checks for them. They often get these checks in the mail. Workers who correspond/ write more letters, receive more money this way. The young workers usually don't have bank accounts. Younger workers are kept poor and dependent on the cult leadership for survival. They are required to give up everything and be totally dependent on the cult. This is in stark contrast to how Jesus sent his apostles. Jesus sent out his disciples and provided their income. They didn't sell everything or give it away. Read Matthew 10. Many of the older workers do have bank accounts, especially the overseers. They manage large sums of money. The older workers with some forsight put away cash for emergencies and their retirement. Many keep this bank account secret and don't give it's contents to the head workers at conventions. At conventions the older workers ask the workers for all their money. They are not told where this money goes. The business is for-profit. Overseers skim money from workers during "conventions" much like other cult leaders do.

    2x2 worker sexual perversion caused by overseer imposed rules

    The rules imposed by the 2x2 overseer may cause sexual deviancy in workers and encourage existing sexual perversions. Some workers have molested children. This is a well-docuemented fact. Some followers of the group who have children or have adopted children have committed sex acts with their children. Some workers believe that "gays bring bread to the meetings". The amount of pain and suffering that these children grow up with and how they suffer as adults is horrendous. Coverups of sexual molesting, adultery, fornication and such like are common and often temporarily successful until someone brings it to the attention of the law. A good way to find out if a worker is homosexual is to ask them what their view is on the matter. Some 2x2 workers refuse to speak against homosexuallity. 2x2 brother workers may sleep in the same beds as other 2x2 brother workers. 2x2 sister workers may sleep in the same bed with each other. More often than not, they sleep in the same bedroom because they are living in other peoples houses because they refuse to have their own or pay rent for an apartment. They leach off of others using lies and deception. See also [[http://www.wingsfortruth.info/convicted.htm | Convicted 2x2s ]]

    Abusive Control Tactics of 2x2 Workers

    2x2 workers and overseers use a preset plan that is taught through behavior from older to younger using fear, manipulation, behaviour control, isolation, mind fatigue and peer pressure.

    1. Many 2x2 followers are lied to (either directly or indirectly through insinuation) that their "way" was started by Jesus Christ on the shores of Galilee. This is a blatant lie that deceives people ignorant of William Irvine. It was started by William Irvine as a perversion of the gospel to gain followers in Ireland in about ~1890 (read the book "The Secret Sect" by Doug and Helen Parker. Many follower when they find out about William Irvine forget that this conflicts with what they were originally taught and assume "Well, God just raised up William Irvine to restore the truth". These people are ignorant of the Bible that says Jesus Christ is the Truth, and that Jesus Christ is the son of God.
    2. Workers often preach that their group is of God because they go out in pairs like the early apostles. The ignorance they prey on is that they don't go out like the early apostles at all. The early apostles were given power by God to "Mat 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give." Those who don't do their research feel they must obey the workers then because they are "servants of God". Many believe that what the workers say while on their platform while preaching is actually the "word of God".
    3. Workers use the threat of violence if people leave. Since many converts believe that the cult is the only way that leads to heaven, they also believe that if they leave they will go to hell. This fear of the destruction of their soul is greater than any physical torture. Since workers have authority to kick people out of the cult, then their followers believe that the workers can keep people from going to heaven. This is perhaps the greatest threat of violence that a person could know. The solution to freeing a person is by understanding and believing that the workers are not of God. But in their deluded state, isolated from knowledgeable Christians, most of them don't have much chance.
    4. Workers may preach that other churches are of the devil because they take collections which they say they don't. This is a lie because the workers do take collections, they just don't advertise it heavily. One of the reasons why they stand at the exit and insist on shaking everyone's hand is to collect money through handshakes and envelopes. This is also when they set up appointment times on who's home they are going to stay in for the next week. Fact is that workers are bigger liars than most ministers who lie and all the workers I know don't report their income to the IRS.
    5. Workers teach that their "way" is right, but some of the people are wrong and that if people leave, they will be disappointed because "there is nothing better out there". In fact, they are taught that if they leave, they will go to hell. Often the story of Noah's ark is used. They insinuate that their way is the ark and unless you are in the "ark" then you cannot be saved. People's ignorance of the true meaning of history leads them into a quagmire of mysticism. Workers cause people to make bad decisions by lieing to them. These lies cause people to make bad decisions if they leave the cult. When confronted of the reality of the horrible behaviour, slander and the numerous offenses of the workers, there are tremendous internal conflicts in their followers. Some arrive at a conclusion of "If this is God's way, then I want nothing to do with God." Then when they leave the cult they want nothing to do with God and become agnostic. Thankfully the group is not God's way and believing in God does bring eternal life. A person's salvation does not rest on the righteousness of cult memberes, it is related primarily to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ, not some cult leader.
    6. Worker teach that they are "ordained ministers of God" and are not to be questioned. Sure, you are free to ask questions, but only questions they approve of. If you ask questions that they don't like, they will tell you and others that you "don't have faith", are "doubting" or are "mental" because you question "the truth". They prey on the fact that their followers will conform to peer pressure and their pressure because it is easier than the follower to than for the follower to start thinking logically. It is usually only after the pain of staying becomes greater than the pain of leaving the cult that people will get out of the cult.
    7. Because many of their followers believe they are "of God", the workers use the image that they have and their followers ignorance to keep certain followers who are "getting out of line" to put them "back in their place. They often use gospel stories (for purposes contrary to the authors expressed intent) to create analogies that make the person who is "acting out" look bad. Those involved in the situation get the "message within the message" and often back down. Since things aren't stated clearly, the person being manipulated and abused may not know how to react and may in apathy back down of keep their resentments silent to some members. Or them may just leave the cult. If they leave, workers may tell other people that they were "just not willing" or didn't want to "fit in".
    8. Things are taught to be sin that are not sin. All it takes is a little twisting of the scripture. In April of 2009, a former member of the cult told me of a meeting that he had attended recently in which the worker was teaching that playing golf was not a sin. It was drinking after playing golf that was a sin. While it was good that the worker confessed that playing golf was not a sin, he still lied about drinking. Drinking wine or beer is not listed as a sin in the Bible. The Bible clearly speaks against drunkenness, but not against drinking alcoholic beverages. There are many occasions similar to this in which the people are made to feel guilty for things that are not sins. Beating people down for no reason leads to either rebellion (people leave the cult in anger) or to people who accept this teaching and blindly believe it. The key problem is people don't take responsibility and read the Bible for themselves to get the full story. We all need to be careful and discerning about who we allow to teach us things and what we choose to belive.
    9. Workers deny things and switch topics. I have called workers to talk with them about their beliefs and teachings but they have refused to discuss it. I called Lee Irish to discuss the cult doctrine of "you can only be saved if you profess through a worker" and he refused to take the call. It's easy for them to refuse phone calls or refuse to discuss things that they are afraid of and then in private tell a lie to try to make themselves look better. They deceive themselves in this way and as a result they become very simple minded and enveloped in their own small world of their own making.


    I have never met an honest 2x2 worker or 2x2 friend. I believe that any honest person would leave the cult. The practices of the 2x2 overseers and 2x2 workers cause congnitive dissonance, anxiety, nervous disorders, estrangement, regressive social behavior, regressive thought processes, horribly deep depression and cruelly abusive behaviour all done in God's name.

    General abuses of 2x2 Workers

  • Teach lies by insinuation. When you confront them with the lies, they may claim they "never said that". They may try not to put blatant lies into words, just teach it by insinuation. For example "I told them to quit beating their wife" insinuates to others that someone was beating their wife, but never outright says it. The affect of their comments carries the same power as if they did say it however and sometimes even more power.
  • Exagerate faults in others to degrade and discredit them but minimize, justify or silence the abused from bringing them to account for the workers offenses.
  • Make claims to be God's chosen ones and if you disagree with them you are automatically wrong, not submitting yourself and not being humble.
  • Claim to be servants to God but rather use abusive behaviour to get people to do things for them like: pay for a car, provide insurance for the car, rent halls for them, cook them food, provide them a place to stay.
  • Try to get people to feel sorry for the workers. They claim that they gave up a spouse and a job in order to help others. The reality is that they are not forbidden to marry by God. They can have a job. They can provide for themselves, they just choose not to.
  • When people make complaints about them, they change the complaint and tell it to elders (usually) to gain sympathy for themselves. The elders usually tell other elders and this discredits the person. The discreditation by the workers usually causes the person who is abused to be silent in order to prevent more abuse. And so the workers see this as a valuable tool and continue to slander in order to deal with offenses.

    Classes of Workers

    There are several classes of workers. There are "older workers", the "younger workers" and those known as the "hatchet men". Hatchet men or hatchet workers are then ones given the responsibility for removing people from the cult (with or without reason). Examples of hatchet men are Everett Swanson, Lee Iris, and Therold Sylvester (dead now).

    2x2 Worker Questions

    1. If people are being "called by God", then why do the workers reject some of them?
    2. If people are being "called by God", then why are they asked to wait? Was God mistaken by His timing?
    3. Why are people "called"
    4. Why is there no scripture describing the abusive techniques required to be a cult worker?
    5. Why don't most of the workers file taxes as required by law?
    6. What do the workers do with all the money they collect?
    7. Why do workers only want cash or money orders and not checks?
    8. Why do workers refuse to get an education on the Bible?
    9. Why do workers preach bad interpretations of parables that conflict what Jesus has already taught?
    10. Why do workers seem so out of touch with reality?
    11. Why don't workers get married?
    12. Why do workers sell everything and give it to the workers when they enter the work?
    13. Why won't workers answer questions about the doctrines they teach?
    14. Why do workers have people remove flyers from their followers cars?
    15. Why do workers not tell their followers when their are pedophiles in their field?
    16. Do workers consider themselves Christians?
    17. Do workers consider themselves saved?
    18. Why don't workers fellowship with other Christians?

    Early List of Workers

    Here's a list of brother workers from a picture of earliest known worker list found at Early workers list photo

    List of early 2x2 workers:

    William Irvine John Kelly John Long George Walker T.M. Tunrer Alex. Givan Albert Quinn Mat. Wilson W. Gill John Sullivan Ben Boles John Hardy A. Alexander Irvine Weir W. Clelland Ed. Cooney Noble Stinson W. Abercrombie Jack Little Andrew Robb J. Cavanagh Ed. Rooney D. McKay J. Jackson Joe Kerr Chas. Glenn A. Hutchison John Breen R. Meikle T. Elliott E.D. Armstrong Geo. Beattie Chas. Guy R. McClure R. Skerritt J. Hume Same Jones Willie Weir J. Corcoran T. Craig D. Cameron H. McNeary G. Buttimer T. Haggary Jn. Doak H. Olliver Alf. Reading J Patrick W. Carroll F. Fraser Wilson McClung D. Doherty J. Patterson Frank Scott R. Rullock Tom Lynass Tom Clarke Alex. Pearce Dave. Lyness J. Jardine Hugh Doak Jimg Hodgins H. Matthews Joe Gaskon Jack Carroll Campbell Arrell Elliot James McCregiht Archie Russel D. McLachlin Wilson Redig Alex. Walker Tom Noble Sam Aitchison Alex. Paterson Herbert Reid Rob. Bash-ford J. Smith J. Fawcett Dave Christie Dick Watchorn Jas. Martin J. Wrightman H Gillespie John Grace Percy Abbot John Stone W.G. Armstrong Tom Betty W. Jones J. Williamson A. Armstrong W. Jackson Rob. Johnstone Frank Downie John Andrews Wm. Sneddin John McNeil Bill Williams Tom Paterson Jos. Boyd C. Matthews Joe Burgs Tom Purves Joe Foster W. McIlrath Art. Greaves Crawford Crock Geo. Manning Walter Smith G. Somerville Thos. George Abe. Myros Tos. Hughes Robert Darling Geo. Samuel John Byers Bo. Humphries James Gordon Alex. Gibson Chas. Ross W. Garvan H. Dennison H. McKay
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