2x2 Worker Tax Information


From what I've been told by Harold Bennett (overseer of Oregon) and what I've experience around workers, they do not claim income or file taxes.

Worker Income

When I was a worker, I received support from the followers:
  • Money passed to me in handshakes after meetings
  • Money left in envelopes under my pillow when staying in followers homes
  • Shirts, pants, socks and shoes were purchased for me
  • A car was provided for me to drive around
  • Rooms were prepared for me to sleep in
  • Meals were fixed for me to eat
  • My laundry was done for me to wear
  • Recreational items were provided for me Other Incomes I've heard about:
  • Other people were given paid expense vacations to Disney World etc.
  • Plane tickets to travel
  • Paid medical expenses

    When the Income Stopped

    When I left the 2x2 work, incapacitated because of the cult's contradictory beliefs, then all this income stopped. I also stopped receive instructions from the overseer Harold Bennett and my "companion" about where to sleep or when and where to preach. After I left the work, Craig Jacobsen, my previous companion, had the gall to come over to my folk's home where he had dropped me off. Then he proceeded to make small talk, and then asked me to return $20 to him that was given to me by Vic Green a few days before I was dumped off at my parents! $20. Can you believe this?! Now ask yourself this question. "Was the $20 a gift? or was it support money?" What does their behavior lead you to believe?

    Hiding Income from IRS

    Many workers know that they are required by law to file taxes. As a result, they request money to be given them in ways that are not traceable. They ask for their supporting income to be given in the form of cash (preferred) or money orders. When I was a worker, my older companion had other people cash his checks for him. Some say that they don't get a bank account because they are only in an area temporarily. But this doesn't hold water. Banks will set up accounts even if you are going to be there for 2 months. Also, many large banking institutions have branches in many cities in a state. I believe, based on the cult's behavior, is that the workers don't want the taxing institutions (IRS etc) to be able to track their income.

    Not Paying Bills

    When workers have very expensive surgeries that they do not want to pay, it has been told me that they just don't pay and expect hospitals to eat the cost. The overseer who controls monies in trust fund(s) could pay if he wanted to.


    When they need medical care or a plane ticket for missionary work in Australia or Eastern Europe, "the gift" always appears, Marsh said. "The Lord provides the way in every century."

    This is a quote from a 2x2 found at www.tdn.com in the article "Worldwide fellowship needs no building, no budget, no bishops"

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