Oregon 2x2 Religion

Oregon has many 2x2 followers. There are about 40 2x2 workers and 4 annual conventions which occur at Saginaw and Boring.

Oregon 2x2 Cult Overseers

Boring #1, OR - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-08-23 to 2018-08-26
From: 2017-08-24 to 2017-08-27
From: 2016-08-25 to 2016-08-28
From: 2015-08-27 to 2015-08-30

Boring #2, OR - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-08-30 to 2018-09-02
From: 2017-08-31 to 2017-09-03
From: 2016-09-01 to 2016-09-04
From: 2015-09-03 to 2015-09-06

Saginaw #1, OR - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-08-16 to 2018-08-19
From: 2017-08-17 to 2017-08-20
From: 2016-08-18 to 2016-08-21
From: 2015-08-20 to 2015-08-23

Saginaw #2, OR - Annual Church Convention Dates:
From: 2018-08-23 to 2018-08-26
From: 2017-08-24 to 2017-08-27
From: 2016-08-25 to 2016-08-28
From: 2015-08-27 to 2015-08-30

There were about 40 active 2x2 workers under the direction of 2x2 overseer Harold Bennett. There are even less now under the 2x2 Oregon overseer Dean Bruer.

If you are a worker, then according to what I understand of the IRS guidelines, then you are an employee of Dean Bruer. If he fires you, I think you have the right to unemployment benefits.

If you have not received minimum wage, then I believe the Federal government will collect minimum wage for you if you file with them when you quit. The will also collect overtime pay.

If you are injured at convention, you can fill out a workman's compensation form. If you know for a fact that Harold Bennett is not paying social security for you based on the money you collect for him each year and give to the senior workers, then I encourage you to make him aware that he is breaking IRS tax code laws. Harold Bennett has told me that he doesn't pay taxes. As a WORKER, you may be placing your future in danger by not having workmen's compensation or health insurance. see Employees or Subcontractors


There are four conventions in Oregon: Saginaw #1, Saginaw #2, Boring #1 and Boring #2

Some Past and Present 2x2 Workers in Oregon

Darla Denherder used to be a 2x2 worker, being told what to preach and where to preach by the overseer Harold Bennett. She no longer believes in Harold Bennett's way. You can read her blog http://darlabobarla.wordpress.com/.

I remember quite a few workers from their time in Oregon. The 2x2 work has a lot of changes, so many have left or quit.

Men Workers
Women Workers

Past or Present 2x2 Fields in Oregon

  • Portland
  • Beaverton / Hillsboro
  • East Portland / Gresham
  • Salem
  • Eugene
  • Albany/Corvallis
  • Aurora/ Oregon City
  • Coos Bay
  • Klamath Falls
  • Banks
  • Bend
  • Hood River, The Dalles
  • Medford
  • Roseburg
  • Bend / Central Oregon
  • Newberg
  • La Grande

If you are wondering why there are so few fields, then consider that the friends of these false prophets are finding out their lies, about the origin of their man-made religion, their founder William Irvine and they are losing about 2 false prophets per year.

Oregon Website Visitors

Over 1,130 Visitors have come from Albany, Ashland, Astoria, Beavercreek, Beaverton, Bend, Boardman, Boring, Brookings, Canby, Central Point, Clackamas, Clatskanie, Coos Bay, Corvallis, Cottage Grove, Damascus, Dufur, Dundee, Elgin, Enterprise, Estacada, Eugene, Fairview, Florence, Forest Grove, Gresham, Happy Valley, Hermiston, Hillsboro, Hood River, Independence, John Day, Klamath Falls, La Grande, Lake Oswego, Lebanon, Mcminnville, Medford, Milton Freewater, Molalla, Nehalem, Newberg, Newport, North Powder, Ontario, Oregon City, Philomath, Portland, Prairie City, Prineville, Redmond, Rhododendron, Roseburg, Saint Helens, Salem, Sandy, Shady Cove, Sheridan, Sherwood, Silverton, Springfield, Stayton, Talent, Tangent, Terrebonne, The Dalles, Tillamook, Tualatin, Umatilla, Vernonia, Waldport, Wallowa, Warren, Welches, West Linn, Wheeler, Wilsonville and Woodburn. Obviously, the WORKERS have been ineffective at discouraging their followers from checking out on their religious history of abuse. They just seem to get more and more curious.


2010 Oregon

2011 Oregon

Portland Special Meetings

2014 Bible Study

Saginaw OR

Portland, OR Field

Albany - Corvallis

Aurora, OR Field

Oregon Worker Boundaries

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To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. - Jesus Christ speaking to Saul, see Act 26:18, see Salvation through Jesus Christ.
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