Portland, Oregon Field of the 2x2 Religion

Portland Evening Meetings Held by 2x2 Workers

Doyle Smith and David Tallman are the two 2x2 preachers assigned this area in 2011-2012 by Harold Bennett. see also 2011-2012 Oregon Workers List


There are two conventions in Oregon: Boring 1 and 2 and Saginaw #1 and #2


Sundays at 6:00 PM
Oddfellows hall in Milwaukie

Wednesdays at 7:30 PM
Oddfellows on 32nd and Holgate

Portland, Oregon USA Sunday Morning Meetings

There are about 5 Sunday morning meetings of the 2x2 religion in the 2x2 religion in Portland, Oregon.

Bruce Gibler

I knew Bruce and Margie (his wife) Gibler for years. I often saw Bruce in gospel meetings with his wife and kids. He has a Sunday morning meeting in his home and has for many years. I asked Bruce Gibler about David Nealon and his "you must obey me because I'm an ordained minister of God" statements. Bruce Gibler was afraid of Dave Nealon and said he would pray about it and then get back to me. He never got back to me. I feel sorry for Bruce who lets other men control his life like this. I hope someday he will grow into manhood and stand for the LORD.

If you are a 2x2 and wanting to go to his meeting, you can reach him at 503-698-2879. Or google map 11910 SE 108th AVE Portland, OR 97266.

Fred Hill

I've met Fred Hill and his wife Arlene at the workers preaching meetings on Sunday evenings when I was a 2x2. Fred Hill has a Sunday morning meeting in his home also. If you want to call him to let him know you're coming to his Sunday morning meeting, you can try 503-252-2470. His address is 10936 SE Clay St Portland, OR 97216. Several people don't like him, but many people still go to his meeting.

Jeff Uding

I used to go to Jeff Uding's Sunday morning meeting years ago. I saw him in the evening preaching services of the 2x2 workers when Dave Nealon used to be a worker. He can be reached at 503-284-3649. His address is 5030 NE Roselawn Ave Portland OR 97218. He seems like a pretty nice guy on the surface. One time after meeting he started raising his voice at me and getting in my face. He was mad at me for reading and praying with Phu Nguyen. He didn't like some verses in the Bible and said they didn't apply. When I asked him which verses did apply, he didn't know. I feel sorry for Jeff, so caught up in the religion and so confused. I know many who are involved don't know what they've gotten into and feel helpless by the spirit that controls them. Jeff has a wife named Pam and two kids Alanna and Lucy who were also in the meeting.

Jim Welsh

Jim Welsh seems like a nice guy. I stayed in Jim and Ann Welsh's home when I was a 2x2 worker. You can reach him at 503-794-9829 if you are a 2x2 in the area that is looking for a Sunday morning meeting or drive to his house at 14522 SE Kingston AVE Milwaukie OR 97267. Jim has a disabled son that he and his wife take care of. Some of you may know their son Gary. They also had a daughter named Malinda. Malinda married Karl Cole and they have two kids now. I haven't seen them in quite a while.

Milo Wicks

What to say about Milo Wicks? Most people who have run into Milo get the gist of him. He's married to Lois Wicks. He had two kids, Jay Wicks and Evan Wicks. Jay Wicks is now a 2x2 worker. I don't think Evan goes to meetings anymore. Milo Wicks is the one who was going out at night with Phu Nguyen's wife while his own wife (Lois) was not home. Phu confronted him about it, and Milo didn't like that. He whined to the workers, who of course supported him. Who do you think they would support? A man with money who has a meeting in his home or a poor Vietnamese man? Anyway, if you want to go to Milo Wick's Sunday morning meeting, give him a call at 503-236-6774 or drive to his house at 3372 SE 13th AVE Portland OR 97202


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