2010-2011 Oregon Workers List

2010-2011 Oregon Workers List
22 fields this year in Oregon.

Harold Bennett - Beaverton
Brandon Forsyth

Lee Irish - Newberg
Troy Patterson

Stanley Sullivan - Florence/Brookings
Michael Summers

Tom Hinkle - Ontario
*Tim Kamrau

Craig Jacobsen - Gresham
Christopher Hill

Jay Wicks - Portland
Dellas Linaman
Dan Nejely

Steve Watts Klamath Falls
Lyle Waldo

Eric Printz - Idaho Falls
Zach Zimmerli

Charles Wells - Care of health

Doyle Smith - To Middle East

Bonnie Sikes - Twin Falls
Joy Vandenburgh

Angie Long - La Grande
Hazel Pierce

Jean Larson - Eugene
Debbie Jacobsen

Cheryl Emborg - Boise
Virginia Poage

Sue Gillie - Central Oregon
Twila Krigbaum

Linda Brist - Salem
Carrol Staats

Reta Fuhrman - Hood River/Burns
Nola Bullick

Sandy Denning - Lebanon/Corvallis
Robyn Hill

Dottie Nichols - Tillamook/Newport
Tessa Davison

Dorene Dutton - Aurora
Jeanie Wright

Barb Murray - Medford
Teresa Sullivan

Barb Hofer - Astoria
Becky Welch

Linda Griffith - Hillsboro
Brooke Bracy

Connie Combe - Roseburg/Cottage Grove
Rose Davidson

Tama Brown - Home visit from Russia

Betty Crawford - Resting

Dorothy Davidson - Home visit from Korea

Hazel Hanson - Helping as able

Kathy McLin - Home visit from Philippines

Karen Oakes - Care of health

Ruth Stevens - Home visit from Spain


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Portland Special Meetings

2014 Bible Study

Saginaw OR

Portland, OR Field

Albany - Corvallis

Aurora, OR Field

Oregon Worker Boundaries

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