The Older Brothers

The older brothers exalt themselves in the 2x2 religion above Jesus Christ. They are the 2x2 leaders who control the overseers of the 2x2 religion. The older brothers include: Dale Shultz over western USA and CANADA, Barry Barkley over eastern USA, Duane Hopkins over South America, Graham Snow over Europe and infamous Alan Kitto over Australia.

As the name "older brothers" implies, only males are allowed to become older brothers. I would not call some of them "men".

This 60 Minute Youtube Video Exposes Older Brother Alan Kitto in Australia

This video exposes Alan Kitto and child sexual abuse in 2x2 religion.

I cannot say for 100% certainty that these are all the older brothers of the 2x2 religion. These 2x2 men are secretive and don't publish their hierarchy. Even long time followers in the 2x2 organization do not know all the hierarchy - who reports to who. But that there is a hierarchy is evident.

The older brothers may also be overseers themselves. They manage the 2x2 religion and determine teachings. When the rules and teachings of the 2x2s changes, the older brothers are responsible for it. Since overseers must maintain popularity, the rules of the 2x2s are formed by grassroots protesting of their followers. If the lies of the older brothers are not popular, then they lose too many followers.

Arrogant and Conceited

I believe the older brothers of the 2x2 religion are very arrogant and conceited. From what I have heard, they believe that they control who "goes into heaven". They appear to believe that they are the gate to heaven, not Jesus Christ.

The older brothers have a weird tradition of "professing". They ask people to stand up or raise their hand in their meeting if they want to join their group. Ironically, the "professing" people don't even profess anything except by their actions that they want to join. They don't confess and forsake their sins, or repent of their sins. How could they? 2x2 older brothers don't even believe in keeping the ten commandments as taught and practiced by Jesus Christ. They would be more likely to insist on riding on donkeys that accept the ten commandments of God.

Final Decision

The buck stops with "the older brothers". They bear responsibility for the religion. The overseers under them do as they are told or they are no longer overseers.

Demand to be Treated as God

The older brothers are treated as gods on a greater level than overseers and workers. When people have treated them as gods, they have not rebuked them.

Ruling as Gods

When the older brothers rule on something, then their decision (according to them) is to be viewed by the 2x2 followers as the decision of God. Anybody not idolizing the overseer is kicked out of the religion without even bringing the decision before their church.

This differs profoundly from what Jesus Christ taught about the assembling of the church to arrive at decisions as seen in Matthew 18:15-21 and also when the church met in Acts 15:2+ regarding salvation by works of the law versus faith in Jesus Christ.

Anti-Jesus Christ

The older brothers are anti-Christ. They do not believe in salvation by faith and the grace of God. And if you think they do, then I encourage you to get ANY one of the older brothers of the 2x2 religion to put that into writing and then contact me in the form below so I can publish it.

Anti-10 Commandments

Being anti-Jesus Christ, the older brothers reject the new testament of Jesus Christ as taught in Jeremiah 31 and Hebrews 8. They reject Jesus Christ as the word of God.

Anti- New Testament

The older brothers of the 2x2 religion do not keep the will and testament of Jesus Christ. They do not believe it is sin to profane the sabbath of God. They profane the sabbath with impunity and claim no sin. And from what I have seen they believe sin is when you do something they don't like and don't view sin as breaking the ten commandments of the LORD God.

Graham Thompson Letter

One of the best proofs of being anti-Jesus Christ and exalting themselves above the LORD God is the letter by an older worker Graham Thompson. Graham's gripe with them was that they connived behind his back to kick him out of the 2x2 work without cause, and that they demanded to be treated as God in their unilateral decision making. It wasn't just the child sexual abuse and their cover-ups of sexual abuse that bothered him. See Graham Thompson Letter

Older Brothers' Teachings & Practices are NOT Based on Scripture

Since the older brothers of the 2x2 religion reject the heavenly father, reject Jesus Christ, reject salvation by faith and the grace of God and reject the commandments of God, then obviously the teachings of "the older brothers" is not determined by scripture.

For example: conventions are not based on scripture. Forbidding their ministers to be married is not scriptural. Hiding child sexual abuse is not scriptural. Putting homosexual workers together is not scriptural. Excommunicating people without bringing it before the church is not scriptural. Moving pedophiles out of state to avoid prosecution is not scriptural. Lying to kids and adults about how the group started is not scriptural. Slander and libel are not scriptural.

The Love of Money

If you know scripture as much as myself, and see all the hypocrisy and false doctrine of the self-professed 2x2s, then you may wonder what really drives them. I know I have. And here is my conclusion: I believe the the top of the 2x2 organization is all about the love of money. This is what I have come to believe by their behavior. Sure, some may be the lust for power and control, but I think it's mostly about money. I believe all the lies and control they exert are based on money. I wonder if their insecurity stems from their sinful lifestyle and love of lies.

From the stories that have come out and the stories that are slowly coming out now, it is clear to me that the driving force of the older brothers is the love of money. And I say this because I believe their love of money has caused them to make huge mistakes in dealing with people and situations. And I believe this love for money is going to expose their motives as they commit what I believe to be even more serious and grievous offenses.


the older brothers control the teachings of the 2x2 religion in the different states through the overseers and workers who do their bidding. Obvious to me, these teachings are not based on scripture.

I believe these teachings are based on control, manipulation, isolation, secrecy and ultimately money and power. In all my years as a 2x2, I don't ever remember once where the old brothers, overseers or workers ever changed their teachings to conform to the teachings of scripture. Of course if the older brothers won't repent and conform to Jesus Christ then why would the overseers and workers who follow them repent?


I believe that the older brothers keep records on every overseer as to how many people are joining the religion, how many problems they have in their area, their popularity and how much money there are bringing in.

Establishing Geographical Boundaries

I believe that the older brothers establish the geographical boundaries for each overseer.

Determining Who is Overseer

I believe the older brothers determine who will be the current overseer and the next overseer of each geographical area in the 2x2 religion. Also, from documents of where they have incorporated, I believe that overseers are selected by the older brothers according to their popularity. Of course the more popular and more an overseer conforms, the more money comes into the organization.

List of Older Brothers

I don't think you will find any "older brother" list telling the names of the older brothers. I think this is kept in the minds of the overseers. But you will find emails and letters regarding the decisions of older brothers referenced to.

Here is one letter you can read. Ronan letter.

I believe there are other letters about Truitt Oyler and Bob Ingram that refer to the older brothers. It is here Alaska Letter. I looked at this one, but it's not the one I was thinking about. There is another letter stating that they (Bob and Truitt) can only become workers again if they agree with all the older brothers decisions. I will try to find this letter too.

Older Brothers' Decisions are Final

While there are elders who run the individual meetings called Sunday Morning Meetings, the older brothers control the overseers and senior workers. Their decisions are final.

Cell Operation of Sub-units of Overseer's Area, Fields and Meetings

While each meeting operates like a cell within the workers' field, so does each workers field operates as a cell within the overseers geographical boundaries.

However the overseers are required to conform to the direction of the older brothers. "Wayward Workers" are whispered about to the older brothers and they make decisions that all the workers must follow. If a worker doesn't agree with the older brothers' decision, then they are marked and whispered about and may simply be left off the workers' list, showing they have been fired. Senior workers may start false rumors about the worker to turn other workers and the friends against this worker who is not in agreement.

No Accountability with Money

The older brothers want money given to them with no restrictions on how it is to be used.

Q) What happens when you receive monies that are more than are necessary for you? You said -- you told us they are used. Where are they put, those monies?

A) The money is entrusted to me in the first place, and then I entrust that to faithful elders among us, the local church elders, and they keep it for me, and it's used at my discretion. (page 86 of transcripts)

Q) You have the sole discretion as to how to spend that money, and there is no accountability except to God?

A) As far as I'm concerned. But any interest that is accrued on that money is looked after by the elders that have it. It's held in trust, and it's not in anyone's name but their own, and so they pay the income tax on the interest that is accrued.(page 97 of transcripts)

Older Brothers are Organizers of Religion and not the LORD God

The older brothers are the ones who run the 2x2 religion.

The Older Brothers

Job Description

Barry Barkley

Dale Shultz

Alan Kitto

Ben Crompton

Graham Snow

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