Workers Control of Their Friends

Workers control their friends. They may like to call it "shepherding" their flock. The older brothers, overseers, workers, and elders control their friends. Some people wonder about how the WORKERS know so much about them and control the FLOCK so easily. The answer is that the WORKERS have an information gathering network and teach customs that allow for great control over people.

Here's how the Workers do it:

Workers Live in their Friends' Homes

The workers live in their followers homes. They watch everything going on. This is a fundamental part of the 2x2 religion, even though it is a man-made teaching. They believe that a homeless ministry (not a teaching of Jesus) is the only true ministry, but by inference, this means the workers staying in the FRIENDS' homes. If the workers couldn't stay in the FRIENDS homes, they couldn't learn so much about them to control them.

When workers stay in the homes of the FRIENDS, they usually come out of their rooms for meals, get their clothes washed or to gather information subtlety through casual conversation. Workers have a very powerful influence as they move from home to home. If the home is friendly to them, then they are able to drop hints about situations in the FIELD to control the FRIENDS perspective and what they know. And if that one home isn't really warm to them, then that home may be warm to some of the other FRIENDS that the workers are able to influence. Living in the FRIENDS homes is a fundamental aspect of the 2x2 religion because of the degree of information gathering and control that it gives them.

Also, when the workers stay in the FRIENDS homes, they can tell how devoted they are to their religion by how they respond when the workers are there. Here are some things workers can observe:

  • How subservient are the FRIENDS to the workers?
  • What types of meals they cook? Pizza or a nice full meal?
  • Does the woman of the home offer to do their wash?
  • Does the woman wear pants?
  • Does the woman wear her hair in a bun?
  • Do they defer to the workers' plans?
  • Do they ask about the workers' day and express a genuine curiosity?
  • Do they trust in and confide in the workers about personal things in their lives?
  • How delighted are the FRIENDS when they are coming over.
  • Are they hiding a TV in the closet?
  • Do they talk about the last GOSPEL MEETING and how good it was?
  • Do they ask the workers questions about what they've read in the BIBLE?
  • Does the man of the home ask the workers to give thanks for the meals or does he do it?
  • Do the people of the home take the workers' side immediately when they tell of "problems" in their field?
  • Does the man of the home offer to wash the workers' borrowed car?
  • Is the grass freshly mowed?
  • Are they given the best room and beds?
  • What is the dinner conversation about?
  • Is it focused on the workers, MEETINGS and CONVENTIONS?
  • How quick are they to accept and agree with whatever the workers say?
  • Do they leave money for the workers on each visit? and how much?
  • Do they brag up the workers to the children and encourage them to be WORKERS some day?
  • Do they treat the workers as if the workers were God?
  • When workers suggest a financial desire, do the people of the home immediately offer to give them money?

All these things tell a lot to the workers whether the FRIENDS realize it or not.

The founding fathers of the United States knew the control that having someone in your home exerts. This is why they didn't want to quarter troops in their homes.

WORKERS Don't Work

The workers refuse to go get a job unless they need to get a job as part of their guise for proselytizing in a country that forbids it. This also a heresy. The results of the workers refusing to get a job and make an honest income is that they have to leach off others. So that means they eat with the FRIENDS and in doing so, they learn from the FRIENDS how they are doing, what they are thinking and what is going on in the FIELD. The most important source of information on the FIELD comes from ELDERS and ELDERS' wives. Also, gossips are helpful to the workers.

Also, as the result of WORKERS not having a above-the-board job, they have a lot of time on their hands. This leads to all sorts of problems. Some say idle hands are the playground of the devil.


All the FRIENDS are expected to meet in the home of an ELDER once or twice a week. Whether the FRIENDS show up or not tells the ELDERS and workers about what's going on. And also, the FRIENDS who have PROFESSED are expected to "TAKE PART" or "PRAY" and "GIVE THEIR TESTIMONY" in each SUNDAY MORNING MEETING. And TESTIMONIES are expected to be about what you have done, said and felt that week, so it reveals a lot to the ELDERS and the workers and gossips in the MEETINGS about your religious views. While religious views are well known, the FRIENDS can know very little about each other lives just from attending MEETINGS and not hearing gossip. I remember my first companion Randy Russell keeping track of who was there and who was missing

The FRIENDS attend MEETINGS that are controlled by ELDERS. The ELDERS listen to all the PRAYERS and TESTIMONIES. They know when somebody sounds "OFF". They know when someone starts using new words or phrases that don't match the beliefs of the 2x2s. They make a mental note of it. They may try to "correct" the person's "understanding" through preaching through their TESTIMONY. The ELDERS always speak last in SUNDAY MORNING MEETINGS and the WED NIGHT BIBLE STUDIES. It is not without reason. And the OLDER WORKER always speaks last in GOSPEL MEETINGS.


When the workers hold GOSPEL MEETINGS, the FRIENDS attendance is kept track of. I remember Randy talking with the ELDER's wife after GOSPEL MEETING, going through who was there and who was missing and why. During GOSPEL MEETINGS the workers can insinuate and teach the FRIENDS through subtlety, their viewpoint on a certain situation. And when the FRIENDS shake their hands and mention about a "problem" in the FIELD and offer their condolences and support, the WORKERS can pretend to be humble, and pious and bashfully accept their support.

Shaking Hands

While shaking hands may seem like a custom, it is well suited for the 2x2 religion. The workers take note of who shakes their hand and who does not. There are several reasons why workers rush to the back of the MEETING in order to shake everyone's hand before they leave: keep track of MEETING attendance, collect money through the handshakes, arrange for meals and homes to stay in for the week. Also, when a workers doesn't like you, they may avoid you and avoid shaking your hand so that you know that your are not "approved of". You may say "Well, the workers just like to be friendly." And I would reply, "The workers like to appear to be friendly, but if they are really friendly, then why do they hate Christians and abuse children and/or cover it up?".

Information Collection and Response

ELDERS that are having "problems" in their MEETINGS are expected to report their findings to the workers. The ELDERS and workers continue to watch for regular MEETING ATTENDANCE. If PROFESSING people start using the wrong words, sharing the wrong beliefs and/or missing MEETINGS, then the ELDERS and workers take brainwashing and manipulation to the next level. They try to "correct" people or will claim "They have the wrong spirit".


When a PROFESSING person isn't FITTING IN, then the workers find out from the ELDERS what is going on. Once the workers discover the issues, then they pull out of their storehouse of lies something to counteract what the PROBLEM PERSON is saying. They search their Bible to find verses to take out of context. Then, they preach at the PROBLEM PERSON in the GOSPEL MEETINGS. Older PROFESSING people take note of the changed focus of the MEETINGS while naive people don't catch what's going on. The whole of the FRIENDS is swayed by the WORKERS preaching against the ideas of the PROBLEM PERSON and usually the PROBLEM PERSON collapses under the combined pressure of the ELDER's TESTIMONY, workers PREACHING and the FRIENDS prejudice against them.

A typical method of the workers to re-writing a "problem" is to over-simplify and make the person look like a doubter who is "losing out". And ironically, if people ask more questions they may reply with "It's too complicated to explain everything" as an excuse to not delve into it further. Or they may say "Their spirit just isn't right". This illicits the preprogrammed fear of the 2x2 to not want to be a doubter or "lose out" too by asking too many questions. People know that asking too many questions causes people to leave the MEETINGS.

There are few things that can withstand the information network of the workers and their tactics. Here are a few of them that the WORKERS know are difficult to overcome:

  • A young professing person living with a non-2x2.
  • Someone who quits going to meetings and starts listening to what Christians have been saying (workers have trouble controlling someone who doesn't listen to their preaching)
  • People who have researched the cult on-line and start asking questions (then the WORKERS start playing rough)
  • A PROFESSING person going to college (many quit PROFESSING) (workers cannot stay in the homes of people who are living in dorms and are poor)

More on that part later

The FRIENDS' Response to WORKER Pressure

If one of the FRIENDS is feeling pressure from the workers, and can feel it in the MEETINGS, then there are two ways they can respond. I have done both of them. The first and most typical is to cave in to the workers pressure. The second response is to be disgusted with the workers and to withdraw more and more. This is what I did when I was 34 years old and eventually quit WORKER WORSHIP and quit attending MEETINGS.

Caving In

As the term "caving in" implies, it is from a weak foundation. A cave is a hollow in the ground, a void. And when too much pressure or weight is brought to bear above, then the ground gives way and "caves in". This is what happens to the FRIENDS who have been dumbed down through MEETINGS, have limited true friends, a reversed understanding of the Bible and have completely bought into the workers WAY.

When questioned or show the gospel of Jesus Christ, then PROFESSING people who cave in will reply with "I love the MEETINGS, the FRIENDS, THE CONVENTIONS, the workers...." out of fear of "losing out". They don't want word getting back to the workers that they are being "unfaithful" and they hope that this response will ward off any "attack" to their FAITH in the workers.

Lack of Social Support

Most friends in the cult, few outside friends...

Dependence on WORKERS for emotional support

They feel that if workers don't approve of them, then God doesn't approve of them.

Financial Dependence on the FRIENDS

Reverse Understanding of Bible


Asking questions, doing interviews, checking INTERNET...

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