Lying Wonders of 2x2 Religion

A lying wonder is a deception. Deception is necessary for 2x2s to recruit. Just like a magician uses sleight of hand and deception, in the same way Satan and his ministers use deception and prey on ignorant people - people who ignore God's clear warnings in the Bible. Here are some examples of how I believe people are deceived by the older brothers, overseers and workers.

Doing This for God - Not Your Will

Insinuate you have great humble motive as a servant of God. In your preaching, tell how you would like to have a wife, but you are really doing all this for God, and for them because you "love their souls". Insinuate that this is the power of God that enables you to do what you are doing. Tell them that it is against nature, and this insinuates what you are doing is approved of by God. Claim you are remaining celibate, and that this a great indicator of your love of God and others. Hurry away if they ask you about William Irvine, sex scandals and cover-ups etc.

Your Great Sacrifice

Pretend to keep secret your "great sacrifice" of selling all, becoming homeless and going out to preach the "gospel", "just like the 12 apostles". Insinuate that: selling all, becoming homeless and preaching in pairs is something God asked you to do and not your overseer. Try to act modest and shy when people discover your "great sacrifice". Don't worry if your self-praise turns the focus away from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ which takes away the sins of the world. It is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that takes away the sin of the world. This is why Jesus Christ is known as "the lamb of God".

Act the Part

Pretend to be pious and reverent to God. Praise, encourage and elevate in status all the friends who honor your and buy into your charade. If people aren't swayed by your act, surely they will be swayed by the numbers of people who glorify you. Peer pressure will get to them. Everybody loves a humble appearing man. But the Bible teaches that we are to judge people by the word of God, their deeds, not their pretenses.


Tell people how many meetings you have been to and what countries and how "it's all the same around the whole world". People love to hear of numbers. When they even think of criticizing you, it will help them to remember that there are tons more workers just like you and how could they dare think of criticizing all those workers who have "sacrificed so much" for others? Impress on people how this "family" is not really an organization and that it "could not work if God was not behind it." However we should be impressed by the love of Jesus Christ, not by the will of men.


Say very little or next to nothing at meetings. Keep them all grasping at straws. Speak a lot but don't give out much of any real information. Tell stories while preaching. Everyone loves stories. Always throw a verse from the Bible into your stories. This makes it look like God is using you and your experiences. Who can hate a politician who has no agenda? Let them read their own beliefs into your stories. The Bible teaches true knowledge and gives solid understanding that leads to life, not empty rhetoric and deception.


Be cryptic. Speak in parables and allegories. Let the friends of the workers be fascinated with mysteries and riddles. And let them feel like it is a revelation from God when they "get" your insinuation that only workers who go out in the names of the overseers are of God. Teach through insinuations and behavior. Every crowd loves a little mystery. The parables of the Bible have morals, they are not to be twisted for someone's money-making pleasure. Do it anyway.

Justify Idolatry

Give them reasons justify their beliefs. Tell stories that hint at how great you are. Insinuate your great sacrifice. Do things when other people are watching but then be really modest about it. They want things to tell their friends about you. For example: tell a story about a man who was so kind to ...say a lizard...and how this guy saved a lizard or something. Leave out that it was you. But really praise up the guy. They may suspect it was you and that you are just being really modest. This will help them justify their idolatry of you. Hollywood makes movies of war heros, and your chance at fame is when you are on the platform. However God's people are known by their obedience to the commandments of Jesus Christ and their love for each other.

Act Hurt and Betrayed

Pretend to be offended and hurt when people ask honest questions or dare to question your integrity. Paint them as "offensive" and "nosy". Pretend to be gracious to your "offensive and nosy questioners". Nobody likes a "false" accuser of someone who is "beyond reproach". Nobody likes a Judas. However people who ask legitimate questions or complain of offenses are not evil nor betrayers. It is the commandment of God to confront those who offend and preach heresies.

Play the Victim

Take the part of the victim when accused of a crime or called a fraud. Everyone loves the underdog. Claim to be wrongfully accused. After all, how could a WORKER who has sold all, lives homeless, and given up all prospects of a spouse for life commit any crimes? Hasn't anyone who would dare to question the WORKERS truly lost their wits and aren't they to be called in question for daring to accuse such a thing? Everybody loves an underdog. The Bible teaches however that we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Nobody is above reproach and idolatry of someone is evil.

Playing the part of the mysterious magician has worked well for overseers and workers for years. Why would we think they would stop. The overseers ridicule, abuse and weed out all the workers who would dare to preach the love of God and Jesus Christ, God our Saviour.

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