Kids Hating God

For professing parents of the 2x2 religion, this is an explanation of why many kids raised in a professing home have come to not respect you and to hate God.

Child Abuse

As a professing parent, you discipline your kids in meeting. They are taught to be quiet for one hour while the ritual of meetings are carried out. Due to the pressure from workers and elders, kids are often treated harshly if they want to talk, get up and play or do anything other than sit still and quiet for a full hour. While as a parent, you may garner respect for exoteric, spiritual behavior in the site of workers, I hope you see that the kids get nothing from this.

Many parents may think "no big deal" to make kids sit quiet. But when you take the spiritual teachings of workers to the extreme, you end up with some parents spanking their kids before meeting, as a reminder to what will happen if they act out in meetings. And some kids spank their kids after meeting for something they did in meeting. And some parents take their kids out of the room, outside and spank and sometimes beat their kids, for being kids and acting like a child. Children are children, and will do childish things. And parents, though you may feel that it must be absolutely quiet in a meeting so that it conforms to your wishes and pleases the workers, this is not necessarily the view that the children take.

Some parents have been reported to child services for beating their kids when taken outside the meeting house for discipline. The neighbors see the kids taken out, and really hit hard. What do you think the neighbors take on this would be? Do you think they are stupid in their assessment when they see one or more parents taking kids outside several times and swatting them til they cry, blubbering with tears? What do you think you are teaching your kids? Godly values? What do you think your example is teaching the neighbors?

What I learned as a child was that my parents wanted me to be quiet in meetings. Not because they wanted me to learn, or cared about me, but because the workers wanted me to be quiet. I learned that my parents cared more about the appearance than about my heart. I have learned since growing up that the methods of discipline that my mother used are outlawed in the state of Oregon.

Children Without Value

As children grow older, they learn that the workers are idolized. But more than that, the children learn that the workers are more important to them than they are to the parents. That's right. They learn that children come and go, but the workers are forever. And forget about workers teaching parents to love their kids, to treat them as they would want to be treated, to be disciplined in love, to be instructed in righteousness. Forget all that. Children are being taught and learn that the parents love and idolize the workers to the detriment and neglect of their children. Children learn that they have little value and are often used and abused as a source to make their parents and workers appear more powerful. The workers influence their command and control over the parents and the parents exert command and control over the child. Monkey see, monkey do.

I learned as a child that my parents loved the workers more than me. While my father has since gotten out of the cult, my mother is still in it. It is clear to me that her relationship with me has no value and that she loves the workers more than any of her own family.

Children are Considered Stupid

Children learn from their parents that they are stupid. They are lied to by parents regarding the origins of the cult, its secret practices and beliefs. They are taught in riddles. They are taught to be secretive. And they are taught to read their Bibles. But all these teachings contradict each other. Rather than respect the questions of children, the cult is forced down their throat. It is forced into their young minds, and they learn the ways of Satan, as many of their parents did, but accepting it as part of life and part of their culture. They don't know different. But one thing they do know, is that the workers know it all, the children are stupid and must be lied to get them to profess. Lying is considered a necessary evil for stupid kids to "make their choice".

When parents lie to their kids, lie to their neighbors regarding their true religion beliefs, it teachers these people that the 2x2s despise them and think their value as people is so low, and they they consider other people stupid and not even worth enough to tell them the truth. And this is what professing parents teach their children as well as their neighbors, "You are so stupid that you cannot make the "right decisions" and so I must lie to you to get you to like me."

Children in School

When children go to schools run by government officials who may not even believe in God, then parents are sending their kids to be taught by teachers also who don't believe in God. Children are taught that they originated from slime, or salamanders and goo. Children are taught again about dishonesty and how to lie to make things look good. And then kids start asking kids of professing parents, questions. Questions like, "What church do you go to?" And what is your religion? And kids of professing parents feel absolutely stupid and at a loss that after years of listening to these idolized workers, they don't know the basics of their religion.

For me, being a child of a professing parent in school was hard. Going through some classes was especially difficult, not being able to understand my own religious upbringing and interacting with classmates in topics of religion and faith was especially confusing. I had been brought up to believe that our group was the only ones going to heaven and these other people were all going to hell because they didn't go to meetings held by workers. Do you know what this does to a child's insides?

Symptoms of Stress

There are symptoms of stress in a child. The internal stress (not allowed to be showed outside, or is cause for rebuke for "doubting"> tears away at a child's heart, piece by piece, until they are left cold and alone inside, afraid to share their feelings, even doubting their own sanity. How can a child love, or reach out for help when they are so abused by those nearest to him who profess their love but don't know the meaning of love?

Symptoms of stress in a child show up in suicide. Yes, kids feel all alone and that there is nothing in this life for them. And how much more when the esoteric teachings of spiritual leaders claiming to be the servants of the most high god abuse them, ridicule them and live in total contradiction to the sweet, firm, clear, gracious gospel of Jesus Christ? Do kids have to commit suicide to tell their parents that they feel worthless and that life is not worth living? But now consider, what is your response when professing kids commit suicide? All you have to do is read the condolences posted on websites when some parents have a professing child that committed suicide. You see notes like "He had such a nice part in meeting.", "She was greatly loved by the workers." Now consider what all the people think who have been lied to by the workers when they read this drivel. Are you beginning to understand that it is important to love children and give them good instruction in life so that they can bless others and be a light in the world? Or do you still think the little snots need whipped into shape, lied to and whatever is necessary to keep them "taking part" in your meetings?

Nervous breakdowns. Now you may think that only adults have nervous breakdowns. Maybe you think this because you hear of a large number of exworkers, workers and elders who have nervous breakdowns. That may be so, but children have them too. I highly recommend you read up on this. But when children are so abused, so early in life, to such a high degree, then they have nervous breakdowns too. I know of children in the cult who have had nervous breakdowns. This may be covered up by parents with medication, or "Little Johnny is sick." With the shallow relationships in meetings, who's going to care enough to inquire further and find out the truth?

Acne is another symptom of stress in a child. Incredible pressures build up, and their bodies in response to this stress can develop acne. Acne has its own social pressures. And the greater the stress, the more acne responds. It's a vicious cycle. I went through it myself. And as you go to pop your zits, and eat food to try to comfort yourself and you get more stress from others, it mays you want to crawl into a hole and be left alone.

Well, as usual, I've started a page and don't have enough energy to finish it. So here's a few remaining thoughts I want to pass along, and then I will be done with this page for a year or more.

When kids grow up, and learn how they've been lied to by workers, the "friends" and even their own parents, then they resent this. They start to realize all the anger, and feelings that they've kept repressed in subjection to the worker idolatry, and they begin putting into words how they've really felt. They realize they've lied to themselves. They begine feeling better, as they learn it's OK to be honest. They begin to feel and care again. And when their parents don't want to hear about this new-found freedom to tell the truth, then they realize how little their parents loved them, or, often enough, how their parents actually hated them.

And many people who grow up, and look around, see so many taking advantage of others in God's name, they come to hate the "Christian" religion, and come to hate God.

That's success in Satan's eyes. Satan wins many times. Satan workers through the cults, through deluded parents who dont' care about their kids. And the angry kids come to hate God, and Satan is probably delighted.

But all the evil people, abusive parents and sadistic workers cannot annul the fact that the sun shines on the good and evil, showing the everlasting goodness of God on an often ungrateful world.

I thank the LORD that he saved me, and had mercy on my soul. I thank God for the scriptures that brought me to my Saviour Jesus Christ and kept me from hating the one who loves me most. Praise God for his unspeakable mercy and everlasting love.

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