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On the right, you will find links to new pages that I'm working on in this website. Since there are so many pages, I thought it would be handy so people could see some of the newer content instead of having to hunt through the whole site and help me keep track of recent pages I'm working on. I've often put links for your convenience.

Added Their Righteousness

Added Workers Preaching

Added Being Loved - why seeking praise doesn't compare to love of God

Added Relationship and the Friends view of the Bible

A former elder in the 2x2 religion in Alaska rejected the workers from his home because they are anti-Christ. Earl George came to believe in Jesus Christ as God and took this great step of faith. Please read his First Short Letter by Earl George

Updated Hymns - Home. It's peculiar that 2x2s sing hymns that have many true Bible truths but yet completely reject them! My conclusion is that they must only have these hymns to seduce Christians into thinking that they believe in God. I went through several of the hymns and have showed how 2x2s sing these hymns, but don't understand or believe them.

Updated Brad Lewis - Home. Took several hours and was very difficult.

Added No Commandments. Have you noticed the commandments of God are not "gems" from convention?

Added a series of the apostles' teachings for Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Added a bunch of Conventions to the list.

New page Compare Church

Updated Real Bible studies

Updated Satan

Updated First Commandment

Because so many people who leave the 2x2 cult and "join a church" have still not been discipled by their "church" and sadly after many years don't know the basics about God or of the Bible, I am in the process of redoing the section Bible to contain some basic teachings about the Bible and of the commandments of Jesus Christ. As Jesus Christ instructed.

Matthew 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you:

Added Pressure which talks about the pressure many religions and some "Christians" put on people who have left the cult.

Added Disciples? to illustrate through an analogy that many self-professed "Christians" are not really disciples of Jesus Christ.

Updated Leslie White - Home with websites comments of a person who wished to remain anonymous.

Added CSA in Peru and God Doesnt Care

Added Christian Conventions of Victoria

Updated Give Your Testimony

Typed in the rest of 1934 Bakersfield Notes. There are ten pages. This is important evidence of the primary 2x2 religious beliefs.

In process of adding and editing Hymnal Review which was done by a 2x2 on the hymn book. Very interesting notes also regarding Faith Mission and early workers.

Added Four Questions, the four questions you want to ask people claiming to be apostles, prophets or preachers.

Added Chapter 10, the gospel chapters that workers try to justify themselves with.

Rewrote several PHP scripts and added more functions to make web files smaller and load faster.

Updated: Wisconsin and Illinois.

Updated: Madagascar, North Dakota and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Vietnam, Philippines, Ireland, Indiana and Parable of Sower.

Added : Graham Snow, with picture and updated Germany with some of Werner Leonhardt's funeral notes, 2x2 news, added Latvia, Austria and England

Added : Netherlands, with picture of workers and their friends.

Updated many countries with quite a few 2x2 worker photos. Links are to the right (more than I want to list by hand). See Countries - Home

Created group Salvation by God to chronicle life believing in God and help people see the difference between the Bible and new-age Christianity and modern moral relativity that has so heavily affected modern "Christians" into forsaking the gospel of repentance. I've just put up a sketch so far and started putting in some verses.

Updated : Why In Homes? from my experience as a worker.

Was given notes from 1934 Bakersfield Convention in which an older brother worker lays out some of the reasons why 2x2s believe only their ministers are of God and others are going to hell. See 1934 Bakersfield Notes. Many people lie about their real beliefs in order to recruit people, so having more evidence to show people about the 2x2's beliefs is really helpful.

Updated Keep 10 Commandments. Took many hours but this is a very important question based on much scripture.

Added Blood Moon.

Gen 1:14 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.

Updated Brad Lewis - Home to answer frequent questions

Added Letter by Malcom and updated Teenagers - Home and Australia

Updated 3rd Commandment - Vanity

Added page Faith in God

Updated Faith and Works

Added page New Testament A page of great importance! Have just done rough outline so far with critical verses.

Good news!

This website is going to be transfered over to a new domain. The website will be hosted on a host of servers to handle traffic. The new servers have the latest in security and better pre-processer programming. This should reduce delay in page loading and attacks on the website. Attacking a website is a federal crime. Some people think that if they go through proxies that they can safely harass other people. However, please think about this. How do proxies make money? And proxies are subject to authorities. And records matching local Internet activity can be matched to attacks on hosting computers without even the need to subpoena overseas proxies because of the evidence of reasonable cause due to probabilities.

Since the new servers contain different versions, I will have to rewrite some of the code on my CMS (content management system - which I wrote by hand to avoid other people's version going out of style) so that it takes advantages of newer security features. blah blah blah. You probably won't notice anything and the transition (I hope) should be sudden and hopefully you won't even notice it.

Visible Changes

With over a thousand pages now, it's been hard for me to keep track of the information. I'm glad I put up each page, but they are now going to be sorted according to relevancy to people. For example, the pages pertaining to professing parents now has it's own group of pages. And I need to sort through all the "NEW" pages and put them into an appropriate category. The people that come to the site: workers, overseers, elders, professing, married to a 2x2, government agencies etc are going to have pages written specifically for them in their categories. This will make it easier for me to refer people who write to a set group of pages with information relevant to them so they are not overwhelmed.

Navigation Problems

You may notice on some pages within the same category, that the navigation varies from page to page within the same category. This is due to a change in code which was prompted by a miscommunication between my server host and myself. I hope to get this fixed soon.

Added Anon 2 - Raped at convention. I believe there are lots of stories like this, but that we don't hear from these people much because they leave the cult, become atheists and try to forget it about it all. Amazingly, this young woman has become a Christian through it all. Praise God!

Updated 2x2 Beliefs and created page Darkness

Will be doing a book review on Elizabeth Coleman's book after I receive it from Amazon.

Updating Gods Calendar, after being inspired by the book The Harbinger by Johnathan Cahn, a messianic Jew. This book is available on Amazon.

Added a group of pages called Married , which is a compilation of experiences of people married to a 2x2. It's about what they go through, their feelings, experiences and relief after gaining an understanding of why their marriage is failing.

If some of you have left the cult, you know how hard it is to revisit the painful memories. Through the love of God, I was able to update this page, Milo Wicks

updated 1st Commandment - Love God

Updated Liars with verses from John's three letters.

Added Emblems

Added One True Church

Added Spirit of Whoredoms

Added Satans Ministers

Added How to Heal

Added Letter to Parents - Ruined Childhood. This is letter by someone that wishes to be anonymous because of family problems of the 2x2 cult.

Updated Lois Lewis again

Updated Lois Lewis

Oregon 2005

Updating Convention Day and Hymns section

Created new group for Vietnam and added Vietnam Split

Created new group for state of Minnesota and updated it's home page.

Some have noticed that I haven't added any new pages or made many changes recently. I am working on a new website script (programming and content generation language). Put simply, all the pages you see here are generated by a common script with a template and it controls the pages content and layout. When I change one page, it may affect the content of 50 other pages. This is why a script is necessary to keep track of affected pages that have to be updated.

The new website script that I'm writing will link better: link people, places, events, dates, pictures and letters to other relevant pages to help people move around the site better (over 900 pages so far). The page template will be improved for better readability. I hope to place navigation trails/ "breadcrumbs" at the top and also relevant links at the bottom of the page for more intuitive navigation. Some have asked for a search bar to find keywords in page content and titles, and this will be included too. How soon the new site is up depends on weather (determines free time), wisdom and work. Thanks for your encouragement and feedback.

I added a bunch of workers list. They are under the States category at top, then click on states listed on the left. I've received quite a few workers list and I'm piecing together Leslie White's locations in hopes that any other women affected by him will come forward.

Added George Walker and IRS. Our thanks to Cherie Kropp for this scan of the letter.

Added Staff of workers

Added Convention Photos

Added Letter to Willis

Added Changes

Added Painful Admission

Updated No Pants Rule

Created group " Government - Home" and put pages that I wanted government officials to see under there to get them up to speed with materials of greatest interest to them.

Overseer Income estimated about $235,000 per year.

Spiritual Rape page added

Added 2x2 Timeline to help keep track of events happening in and about the 2x2 cult

Added reasons why I believe I believe the 2x2 organization is a dangerous cult

The page on Ernie Barry or Ernest Barry was moved to the "workers" group because apparently he was just a senior worker and not an overseer in Australia.

Added page on Grooming

Added 2x2 Sex Coverup to explain why sex coverups are fostered by 2x2 way of thinking.

Added the Attend Meetings rule page

Updated No Jewelery rule page

Added No Pants Rule page. This is another peeve of 2x2 women.

Added page about Long Hair and Buns that was long overdo. I can hardly believe I didn't have a page up about this. It is a very important topic for women.

Started a new group of pages called Gospel where I share some of the key concepts that helped me understand the gospel taught in the Bible.

Equality was added.

Getting Out was added. This is about people and experiences that built up enough courage for me to get out of the 2x2 cult.

Prayer for Faith was added

Persistence of thought - Dangerous, because we may make large decisions based on erroneous beliefs.

Bill Gothard Seminars (under Teenagers link)

Ruben Mata, now deceased worker convicted of sexual crimes with children

I have recently added three letters:
Dale Shultz Letter about completely submitting to workers whether you agree or not
Clyde MacKays Letter letter to Ross Bowden about questioning workers
Reuel Leachs open letter to the 2x2 followers

New Pages

Destroying Families

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Simon Peter


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Honor Killings

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Kids Hating God


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Chapter 10

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Life Value

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What is that to Us?

14 Women

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Apostles Vs Workers

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No Fruit

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Keep Going

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Found Out

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Types of 2x2s

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Set Snare

Endure Doctrine

Guile Approved

God's Prophets

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Guilt Trips




Free to Believe

Abide in Vine

At theTop

No Need

The Way

They Hide

Workers' Fears

Praying For Natural Things

Sell All


House to House


The Church

Who Raised

Which Worse?

Didn't Think of

Before Meetings

Getting a Message

Hard Chapter

Greater Fool

Divorce Encouraged

Making Connections

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Cheap Church

Christians not Respectable

The Older Brothers

Satans Children

Money Earning




600 Dollars




Law and Prophets

Forgiving yourself




Moses Honored

Discerning Christians

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Understand Old Testament

Sin No More


Just Say You

Bad Spirit

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Changing 2x2 God

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Break Curse



Will Worship


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Dumbing Down

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Why Stay?

Clinical Overview

Satans Church

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Limited Conversation

Join Church




Is Jesus Christ God


Getting Out


Ex2x2 Hard to Save

Prayer for Faith


Growing Up

Reasons to Excommunicate



Spot 2x2 Lies

The Come Along

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No Morals

Sounds Nice

the Blood of Jesus Christ

Who is Saved?

2x2s False Religion

Sociopaths - Demons

False Religion

Accomplished Liars

Tactics of 2x2s

Christians in False Religion?

Workers' Gospel

How Many Ways?

Believe Everything

Health Issues

The Wicked


Praise Changes Things

Are 2x2s Saved?


Captive Thoughts

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