Guile - 2x2 Style

Education in New Words

There were a lot of new words that I learned after getting out of the cult. There were a lot of new words I learned when helping to keep others from getting recruited by the cult. I wasn't exposed much (if at all) to these words because my religious teachers didn't want me to know them. My relatives and the workers who taught me as a child wouldn't want me to understand the concepts and techniques that they were using. By being ignorant of Satan's devices, I was vulnerable to them.

Guile - Definitions

There are many definitions of guile. I am going to list some of them and show how they relate to the 2x2 cult.


You ask them "What church do you go to?" or "What is the name of your church?"
They may reply "We don't have a name." or "We meet in homes" or "We are non-denominational" or "We don't have a church buildng"

Treacherous Cunning

Treacherous = betrayal, deception.
Cunning = Skill to achieve an end.

Guile may be used by 2x2s to betray your trust. It can be used to deceive you. They have one or more goals in mind, but often ultimately in getting you to come to their meetings and "profess".

Example of Treacherous Cunning You ask them "What's church do you go to?" They may say, "We are non-denominational." One reason of asking what church they go to is to find out what they believe. If I say "I go to Assembly of God on fourth and Main", then someone knows that I am of a Pentecostal denomination. The person who asked can go online and type in "Assembly of God" in a search engine and learn more. They can go on Google Maps or and find the address. They can get a phone number and talk to people. I have given information to the person asking. But by saying "We are non-denominational", they have betrayed your trust. When we ask questions, we expect people to answer honestly. When they tell us things that are not true, we are betrayed. And when people betray complete strangers, it tells a lot about them. This is the treachery, the betrayal.

By saying they are "non-denominational" it makes a person believe that they have no specific group of beliefs or name given to that set of beliefs. But they do have a set of beliefs. Once you get to know the 2x2s, you know that there are several names by which they identify themselves and also a very specific set of core beliefs that defines who they are. For example, search online for "2x2 Cult, 2x2 Church, 2x2 Religion and you will find many websites about them. The 2x2s don't want you to learn about their true beliefs until they feel you are ready to receive them.

Cunning = Skill in achieving one's ends by deceit. You may think at first, that they are just ignorant. Maybe that's why they talk the way they do. But in time, you can see that there is skill being used. They have a practiced way of doing things. There is a goal they have in mind. They are skillful in deceiving to achieve their goal. There are reasons why the workers answer the way they do. There are reasons why their followers are taught to answer the way they do. The followers learn from the workers who teach them.

They are cunning in that they don't give out the name "2x2s" even if they know the name others call them. They don't give out the name "the F&W's" (the friends and workers). They don't give out the name "The No-Name Sect" or "The Church without a name". They are given these names by other people. They call themselves "the friends" or "the way". But using these terms may cause people to immediately be suspicious. if you would follow up on their guile, they may say "Well, we don't have a registered name." But you don't need a registered name to be identified. It's "plausible deniability" to their guile. When I asked a 2x2 why he didn't give the name of his religion when asked, he said "Well, that's just what I say". (He wouldn't answer my question. He gave me a non-answer. I already knew that's what he said and he didn't answer my question.)

Skillful Deceit

The workers have spent years learning from each other how to deceive people into accepting their gospel. They are skillful. Just because a person is wrong or deceived or evil does not mean they are not skillful or not smart. Workers have years of practice of talking to people about their religion. Many people ask the same questions. They have a pattern of responses. They have a pattern of excuses for not answering the questions properly. Just because they claim not to be organized does not mean that they don't have skillful response to mislead people or deceive people.


There are two sides of every 2x2. There is the "Sunday go-to-meeting" side and the side they portray to "strangers" (people who are not "one of the friends"). They can have double meanings when asked questions. One meaning to make them look honest and truthful; and another meaning of what they've said to hint at the true beliefs of their religion. But someone who believes in God and carefully thinks about their answers will often be able to detect their duplicity. Follow up questions are important for nailing down duplicity. For example, if you ask "What's the name of your church" and they say "We are non-denominational". Then you could ask them "What name can I research online to learn more about your group?" WOW! That would set them off.


Stratagem = A plan or scheme, esp. one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end. After asking 2x2s questions in a deliberate fashion, you will probably be frustrated by their answers. They will probably give you "non-answers" and sentences that tell you things you already know: "answers" that don't give you any new information. You will see over time and questions (especially if you document their replies in emails, recorded telephone conversations (check legality in your state) and on discussion boards, that they have a strategy that they follow. Please read goals. Just because they may appear innocent, or sincere does not mean that they don't have a strategy to what they are doing. Appearing to not be organized can be a very disarming strategy to get you to trust and believe them.


Trick = Deceive or outwit (someone) by being cunning or skillful. 2x2s have outwitted many people by appealing to their compassion and pride. They may make the person feel special. In that only YOU are able to understand and reach them. They may make you feel like you are reaching out to them and that you are converting them, but really, they are converting you. You may be so confused and disoriented that you cannot see it (but your friends and family probably can). It is not wise for a man to try to talk with a female 2x2 nor for a woman to try to reach out to a male 2x2 especially of similar age. That is well known in the Christian community. It's a recipe for disaster. If a person is proud, it is a huge advantage to the 2x2s to destroy someone's faith in God and bring them to meetings instead to come to believe the 2x2 gospel.

Cunning in Obtaining a Goal

The 2x2s are very cunning in obtaining their goal. It all appears very innocent. It is typically the followers of the workers that bring people to meetings. They may appear to be innocent. They will probably invite you over to play games and establish a friendship while feeding you non-information and distraction to keep you from finding out about their beliefs. They will probably use social protocol to make it uncomfortable to ask question. By bringing you to meetings, they can tell you a lot without having to answer any questions. They can overwhelm you with non-information and sublte programming. And after the meetings, you are so busy being "nice" and shaking hands and being escorted out the door than you never get a chance (unless you make a concerted effort) to ask questions. If you do ask them a question, they may say "Let's grab a bite to eat and visit a little" or "Maybe your questions will be answered in the next meeting." The workers can then ask their recruiter what questions you have and "answer" your questions in mystical allegories by the way they preach their 2x2 gospel and misusing the scriptures to try to make the Bible teach things it doesn't really teach (wresting the scriptures).

Artful Deception

There is an art or a spirit to the way that 2x2s deceive. In fact, when reading several message boards, I have to congratulate them in their art and craftiness. I am sure that their non-answers and distracting comments have confused and disoriented thousands. When I was a 2x2 worker, I prayed that the spirit would take over and lead the meetings. And it did. There is an evil spirit in the meetings.

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