2x2 Recruiter Foiled by Christian

A Texan 2x2 recruiter named Vincent was foiled by a Texas Christian who researched the 2x2s and found out about his organization. This is a typical recruitment scenario showing the benefit of many websites online exposing the 2x2 cult. I asked Mike if I could post his story. I believe if a person is a Christian, they will never go along with 2x2s or attend their meetings. Here is this story:

On about April 9th, 2014 I got an website message from Michael, a Christian who lives in Texas (this is why I sort through about 900+ spams messages per day to get messages from Christians). A Texas 2x2 recruiter named Vincent was trying to get Michael (a Christian) to attend 2x2 meetings. This is what Michael wrote to me about Vincent:

Hi Brad. A couple in the 2 x 2 cult have been attending a Bible Study I do in the neighborhood. They were the first people I have run into from this particular cult. I never even knew that this group existed. It was quite difficult getting anything out of the conversations I had with the gentleman that I could look up on the Internet to see what organization he was involved so I could see what they believed. During one of the conversations he mentioned a convention he attends in Mountain Peak, TX. I did an internet search for that convention and found your site. I'm glad you listed the conventions because there was nothing else in the conversations I've had with him that would have given me a clue how to do research on this group. I've been thinking and praying about how to best witness to them. I have not revealed to them yet that I have found info on the Internet about their group yet because I did not know if that would scare them away and I wouldn't have an opportunity to try to bring them to Christ (so I wanted to get your feedback on how to best witness to a 2 x 2 because I am thinking of letting them know and asking them question about what I have found on your site and others). They keep inviting me to their meetings but I don't ever go. I've asked him if he believes Jesus is God the Son and he says he does. Last night, I asked if he prays to Jesus and if he worships Jesus. To praying to Jesus he said we are only to pray to the Father. He said people pray to Mary but they are not supposed to. I said, so are equating praying to Jesus to being the same as praying to Mary? I never got a straight answer to that question. To whether he worships Jesus, he said he is thankful to Jesus for dying on the cross and providing us an example. I said I not talking about somebody helping you with something like myself and then you are thankful that I was so kind and that you think I provide a great example of how people should love one another. I said I am asking you whether you worship Jesus. All I got is "what is worship" I gave a definition to which he just repeated this vague thing that yes he is thankful to Jesus for dying for him. Today I sent him emails with scriptures on praying directly to Jesus and scriptures on worshiping Jesus showing him that we are to worship Jesus in the same manner that we worship the Father. I am thinking of now showing him things I have found on your site and asking him questions about these things but I don't know if this is wise because when I have done that with Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons I have witnessed to they stop communicating with me. Exposing them seems to send them packing so I did not know if there was a better tactic to take where I will have a better chance of bringing them to Christ?

Here is an email that the 2x2 Vincent sent to Michael. Christians who know about the 2x2 cult can easily spot the falsehoods in it.


Thanks for the verses on worship and prayer. I do worship Jesus in that I acknowledge he is the Son of God and want to be like Him. I do pray everyday to God and ask in the name of Jesus.

There is no benefit in arguing the scriptures word by word. If it was that clear, then there would not be the conflicting views among the many churches and noted theologians. For every idea, thought or doctrine in the world, there is a standard group of verses used by them to support their theory. We can Google any view and find supporting verses as well as the contradictory verses.

I did not come to debate my view or your view, but merely to show what I have found living in the world today and let any who wanted to come and see. God is a living God and is in control on the earth. He opens the eyes of whom He will and hides it from the wise and prudent as He wills. We cannot save anybody, for God knows the hearts of all men. Talking someone into anything only lasts until someone talks them into something else. We are sowers of the word, nothing more.

I do pray for a revelation from God and ask him to show me where He wants me. I try to let the Peace of God lead me. When I do not have peace about something, I ask God what is wrong and look for peace in all things that I do. I encourage everyone to go to God and not any person, book, interpretation, etc. as I know God thru the Holy Spirit can reveal His will and scriptures to us.

I do appreciate your passion for these things and hope you continue to pray honestly for God's will and direction in your life. I apologize if I have offended you in any way.


Michael read many web pages about the 2x2s. His knowledge shows in his emails. Michael got educated on the 2x2 religion and their beliefs. You can see from this email how he used his knowledge of their guile to find out the real beliefs of the cult and not fall for their misleadings. I've bolded things in the following email.

Hi Brad. Great info. At this past Thursday's Bible study, I ended up blowing the casual approach like you are recommending. The 2 x 2 had been laid back in his approach but now has become more open about some of his beliefs during the Bible study. He had only been aggressively trying to recruit me up two weeks ago when he went after another person (when it probably looked hopeless with me). There was only me, the 2 x 2 and this other person at this past Thursday's Bible study. I shared scriptures about being born again and my own testimony of being born again and he asked about do I still communicate with the people at the church where I was born again 22 years ago and do they still reach out to me. I said no, and he said, well what kind of family is that? He said that his group doesn't discard people like that, that they are family. He asked when was the last time your minister came to have a meal with you, when was the last time you had personal fellowship with your ministers? He said a church is supposed to be family and that's not family. He said anyway, this denomination believes this and another denomination believes something else, so they can't both be right, this shows you that all these denominations are wrong. I've found something that is real, biblical and is a family unlike these denominations that contradict one another and don't treat each other as family like we do. This upset me and I asked him does your group always treat people like family or do they ever shun anyone and he said that no they don't shun people. I said so if they started asking questions and had doubts about your organization they would not be treated differently? We aren't an organization was the reply and I said well your group or whatever you call it. He said that they don't shun anyone and then proceeded to ask me how I could part of system that doesn't treat people as family and made more derogatory statements against churches so I finally had it and revealed to him I knew about his group and the things he is saying is not true, that they kicked out their own founder William Irvine and a decade or so later Cooney. I said your ministers are relocated every year, do you continue have ongoing family relationships with them like a son or daughter who has moved out of the area? At the annual convention he said they get to meet up with those who are still in the state. And I asked what about those that are assigned to another state and he said he did not have contact with them. To which I said if your son or daughter move to another state, would have contact with them yet you don't speak to these out of state ministers any more, what kind of family is that? I said your group kicked out it's own founder and other leaders like Cooney so how can you be the true church when you don't agree with the founders, what kind of foundation is that?He didn't have anything to say that but asked me why Cooney was kicked out, and I said because he did not agree with the "Living Witness Doctrine" which is that the Bible is a dead book and that it only comes alive when your ministers share from it, so no one else can be saved except through your ministers. He disagreed with that and was kicked out. I said if your founder (William Irvine) was off the whole foundation to your group is faulty. He said that he does not believe in their founder he just believes what the Bible says, their group just goes by the Bible. I said you don't believe anyone can be saved unless they join your group and he said he believes others are able to be saved outside his group. To which I said you only believe someone who did get saved outside of your group that God would lead them to group and if they were not led to your group they were not really born again and would be going to hell and you believe that anyone who leaves your group would go to hell. I said salvation is not an any group, denomination or institution but salvation is on individual basis through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He did not deny that. Plus I pointed out that his group does refer to themselves as "The Way" "The Truth" "The Faith", etc. so your group does refer to itself with different names. It was good for the person that he was now trying to recruit to hear these things but I probably destroyed any possibility of him communicating with me any longer. I doubt he will come back after this past Thursday's meeting due to how that meeting went.

To those who have left the cult and become Christians, the lies falsehoods of the 2x2 are evident and Michael pointed out many of them.

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