Ex2x2, a Failure?

Ex2x2s may feel like they are a failure if they have left the 2x2 cult because they were wild as a kid.

Website Comment Received

An ex2x2 wrote this comment through the contact section on the bottom of the page. I have quoted it exactly and left out the person's name and email address.

sounds like a hate page to me or even a person that could not kept the faith him or her self. I see no where on your site that you are made to stay as apart of this group and it seems that you may leave any time you like. I was apart of this group once and could not find a more decent and honest people. I think if you look at your self you will find that you are the dishonest one as much of your info is untrue or even out dated both honesty and dishonesty comes from the heart and it seams you never really made a commitment to serve god this way. Me well I just stuffed up. a bit of a wild lad but now im over 50 know that life would have been a lot better if I had the peace these people have in there life. I think you stuffed up to.

My Comments on Their Comment

  • It is understandable that this person feels like I hate the 2x2s. Workers teach that people who don't go to meetins are "bitter" or "unwilling", so it's not uncommon for 2x2s who have left the cult for other reasons to continue believing what the workers have taught them.
  • Ex2x2 does not mean Christian. There are many name-only "Christians" who have left the cult but practice the cult methodology in a "Christian" church.
  • This person is correct that I could not keep the 2x2 faith. This does not mean that I was a failure. The task of keeping the 2x2 faith is impossible. The workers say to read the Bible. I read and believed the Bible. And they were mad at me for the questions I asked and for following the Bible. It was causing problems in their fields and they didn't like it. I decided I liked serving God better than men, and so I left the cult. I don't see failing to keep the 2x2 faith as a bad thing. I see becoming a Christian as a great thing for me.
  • If they haven't seen where I was made to stay part of the group, then they haven't read all the pages. If you are taught and believe that you are going to hell if you quit going to meetings, doesn't that emotionally and psychophysically bind you to keep going to the meetings? Perhaps they mean there were no physical restraints. But I believe this is shallow thinking and a lame excuse and sounds like someone parroting the workers again. It follows the logic of "it's not a cult unless they shackle you to a pole and beat you." What set me free from the chain of sin was faith in Jesus Christ. Once I trusted God enough, then He helped me overcome my superstitious fears of not going to the meetings.
  • They say that they have not found a more "decent or honest group of people". I completely understand this perspective (but don't agree with it) if your definition of honest and decent has been taught to you by the workers. The workers believe that all people who preach Christ but have a church building are going to hell. What honest person could preach this? Is this decent? Is it fair to judge people that you have never met by listening to one person who has an interest in keeping you in meetings to collect money from you? I am afraid that I was like this person, judging others without knowing them. This is one of the things that I hated about myself after leaving the cult. It is an ugly trait. I used to think also that anyoen who wasn't professing was not decent or honest. It was not because some were not, it was because I didn't know them. And even if I did know them, I was prejudiced against them by the workers and my own erroneous beliefs. Jesus Christ is good and perfect but the workers don't believe in worshiping Jesus Christ as God. How could anyone be better than Jesus Christ? See how they treated an honest and decent man?
  • As I look at myself, I realize I am dishonest. I have failed. And years ago when I looked at the ten commandments, I realized I was a total failure and honestly never knew God before. If I had said to myself, that I had no sin, I would have been a liar. I will only be accepted into heaven because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary. I hope that this person writes to themselves and the older brothers and the workers and confronts them for being dishonest too. They need Jesus Christ too.
  • They wrote "it seams you never really made a commitment to serve god this way". This is just another worker parroting. It seems that many of the accusations being made against me here are things that this poor man heard from the workers and has carried around all his life. Perhaps the workers told him that the reason why he never succeeded was that he didn't "try hard enough" or was "never committed enough". Reminds me of the man who was waiting by the pool for years to be healed.
    Joh 5:2 Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years. When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole?
  • I am also accused by this person for having untrue or out dated information on my website. I think this is just another fiery dart to try to make me feel bad about the website or myself. How am I supposed to know what they think is out dated or untrue? At least show me which page and what they think is untrue or out dated.
  • As far as making a commitment, I went for the cult whole-hog. Completely. I became a worker and sold everything I had and gave it to the workers to become a worker. I preached the 2x2 message for 1/5 years. That's commitment. I don't know how you can be more committed. I don't think this person ever was committed this much.
  • They write "know that life would have been a lot better if I had the peace these people have in there life". I know the feeling. I used to think they had peace. But I have lived around overseers and workers and know there is anything buy peace. I know the hatred and misjudgments they have about others. I don't want to live a bitter life like them. I hope others don't believe the lie that workers and their followers have peace. I have seen a lot from staying in the homes of hundreds of 2x2 followers as a worker. I have traveled the 50 states of the United States and seen a lot of horrible situations. But it wasn't until after I put up this website that I got the horror stores of child sexual abuse, beatings and mind control perpetuated by overseers, workers and their elders on children, women and men.

While exiting the cult was very difficult, it was worth every effort and I'm so glad that I put my faith in Jesus Christ.

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