2x2s Encouraging Divorce

2x2s have caused divorces and encouraged divorce in families from the very beginning of the cult's founding by William Irvine. William Irvine himself had the reputation of being a womanizer. The learned tactics (passed from worker to worker through learned behavior) are horribly wicked and destructive. I hope to document these tactics I've witnessed other workers practice while I was a worker in 1989-1991.

Personal Opinions Instead of Biblical Commands

Workers give their personal opinions on marriage when they may have no experience (some workers are divorced). And their personal opinions are founded on the 2x2 religious beliefs.

Workers Counseling a Spouse to Defraud

Workers know that when a couple quits having sex when one spouse wants to have sex, that this can create a division between them and resentment can form. Workers may counsel a 2x2 spouse to quit having sex with their Christian spouse in order to cause problems. I know my companion Randy Russell encouraged a struggling 2x2 woman (Heather Eblen) to quit having sex with her husband. I know the scripture says that the wife should have sex with her husband unless they BOTH consent to not having sex for the sake of fasting or devotion to the LORD. Not having sex is called "defrauding" the spouse.

1Co_7:5 Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency.

The Bible is clear: not having sex or physical intimacy can lead to temptations that are sinful and bring death to relationships and people. A spouse may turn to pornography, another person etc. So workers know that if they encourage a 2x2 person to quit having sex, and can get the other spouse to gratify themselves in other ways, then they can use this as an issue to accuse the other person. This is evil! They are the ones that caused another person to fall.

Money Problems

Since the workers want money, and they know a Christian spouse will not give them money, it makes sense that a worker will counsel a 2x2 to do things with their money to irritate a Christian spouse. One practice I've seen is for a a 2x2 spouse to take money that comes in and put in a savings account that is only in their name. This breeds mistrust and gives a 2x2 encouragement to have money to depend on when or if they divorce.

Driving Wedges

Wedges are little devices that are carefully inserted into cracks and then driven in by force. If you are married and the workers come to your home and their are contentions (little cracks) between you and your spouse, then workers can spot these contentions. Now they have found a crack to work on. And by taking sides with your husband on an issue can use this to place a wedge to divide you. If you go to fellowship with other Christians and this is a problem with your spouse, then the workers may encourage your spouse to try to get you to do other things on that day/time. By allowing workers into your house, they can spot differences between you and use these against you. Each time the worker brings up the subject and hammers it home, it can further divide you from your spouse.

Stress and Calling Christians "Mental"

It seems to be a favorite thing of 2x2s to play mind games. They will spout massive lies with the straightest face and seem to enjoy making people believe them by taking advantage of human weaknesses. 2x2 workers spread rumors that a 2x2s spouse may be mental. This stirs a twisted sense of "compassion" in the 2x2s and makes them feel good that they care for this "mental person", and that this person who is "mental" just needs their "help" but is "unwilling" to receive it. The stress of a Christian spouse being called "mental" is a huge burden and requires the assurance of friends and comfort of God. Mind games of 2x2s and the stress is another example of how workers and their friends drive wedges between couples in a sick and twisted way.

Sheep's Clothing and Mind Games

Workers dress nice and try to look proper. But they break up marriages. If you and your spouse are struggling in marriage, it can be really damaging if the workers act nice to you in your presence but counsel you spouse to do destructive things with a smile. For example, a worker may encourage a spouse to say, "I don't feel like having sex with you this month because you won't go to meetings and that hurts my feelings. Since you don't go to meetings, I don't feel you love me."

Doesn't Believe in Bible or God

Because a 2x2 may totally believe and worship the workers, they won't read their Bible to see the error of their thinking. If they did, they wouldn't be going to meetings and listening to the workers who pervert the scripture and mislead people. And since they don't believe in the Bible, then quoting the Bible to them will not help them to change. This is the danger of being married to a spouse who doesn't believe in God. They won't listen to God when you need help to solve conflicts.

No Common Ground

If you are a Christian and your spouse a 2x2, then you have no common moral ground on which to agree and to start forming solutions and resolutions to problems. In fact, the very process of talking to each other alone is not followed by 2x2s. If they are upset with you, them may go tell the workers first. Since the 2x2 religion is not founded on the inerrancy of scripture, then quoting scripture and learning from it is not a viable solution. The Bible is still effective in pointing out error and sin, please don't get me wrong. But if the 2x2 spouse doesn't believe in the Bible, they are not likely to change as quickly as a Christian.

Prejudice Against Christians

Everyone knows the workers hate Christians. They won't fellowship with them and if you profess, you are expected to attend the meetings and not fellowship with Christians. Why allow someone who is prejudice against Christians into your homes if you are Christain? For this reason (and many others) I would not recommend that a Christian ever allow a 2x2 or 2x2 workers or overseers into their home. 2x2 workers spend their whole life immersed in the cult and don't understand the full extent of the damage their cult does. You can spare them greater damnation by reducing the temptation and reducing opportunites for them to work iniquity.

Legal Ramifications

Workers often counsel people of the opposite sex. Counseling members of the opposite sex can encourage a sexual relationship between the worker and a struggling 2x2. If you are a Christian, and your spouse a 2x2 who is getting counseled by a worker of the opposite sex, then you have legal rights to sue this person.

No Formal Written Handbook

Because there are no guidelines (those may be mocked by workers) in a formal workers' handbook (they despise putting their beliefs in writing), many workers get away with this bad practice.

Christian Women

If you are a Christian woman and your spouse is a 2x2, then you are probably going to have a very rough marriage. Since your husband doesn't believe in God or submit to God's authority, then you are going to be asked to do unGodly things and difficult things. You can try to win your husband to the LORD by doing good works and having pure conversation so that this will be a witness to him of God's goodness.

Divorce as Twisted Evidence

When workers can successfully get a couple to divorce, then they can use this as an example as to why you should not be unequally yoked. 2x2s know that they are not in fellowship with Christians and their beliefs are incompatible. This is why Doug Carlson asked Brandon Miller to make a decision to to drop his girlfriend Christa Hageman and come back to meetings so they would not have a divided home and be unhappy. Everyone in the 2x2 cult knows that 2x2s don't mix with Christians. Anyone who professes in meetings is expected to not fellowship with Christians and I'm sure they all know this. I believe every 2x2 knows they should not date Christians.

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