For the Love of Money

Like in most cults, lies are told to get money. Money is used to control people.

Take a look at the money aspect of the 2x2s. Start with the older brothers and overseers. What? Don't know much about older brothers? Then look at overseers. You don't see them around much either. Sometimes overseers don't even have a companion, and just travel around "helping".

How much money do overseers have? How many millions? Do you know? Remember, they say it's not an organized religion with all those fancy church buildings to maintain. So where is the money?

How do overseers live compare to young poor workers? Overseers are no longer the tramp preachers they were 50 years ago. They wear nice suits, wear nice shoes, drive nice air-conditioned cars, stay nights at motels in travel, eat out at nice restaurants, go on world-wide convention tours. Such penniless homeless preachers...really?

Great Business Plan

It all sounds nice, looks nice. The workers preach their gospel (mention the word God, Jesus a few times and read a few verses). They don't take collections (at least not at meetings). You get by for cheap - housing the workers, buying a few meals and all is good.

"Surely they are not after money", they say, "It's those organized religions that are money-grabbers etc. We have the true servants of God."

Did you know workers take collections? Yes, workers collect their salary in room, board, donated car, paid car insurance, people pay for hall rentals etc.

Did you know that overseers take collections? Yes, at the end of each year, overseers have a mandatory collection of ALL the workers money. "Because we've always done it this way", they say. They take out what they want and give some back to the workers. Mandatory collections by overseers. If you don't give your money, you are fired.

Appearance of Good with Easy Lies-Makes People TOO Trusting

Since overseers and workers loooook sooo good, when some people die, they give they money and/or land to workers. Elders may take this money and put it in accounts and dole it out to overseers with NO acountability. No big deal eh?

Sick Workers

Ever been in the work, sold your house, gave up your job, emptied your bank account and been asked to bring it to the convention grounds? Yep, mandatory collection by the overseers. No accountability. All your $ is taken. What a great sacrifice, the friends ooooo and aaaaaah.

What happens when you are sick? Dumped at your parents, off to fend for yourself. No money for you out of their millions. Feed the hungry, NO! Cloth the naked, NO! How are these sick workers to get jobs? Who will pay for their health care?

Overseers milk these young workers (thinking they are following Jesus) for every dime they can, having them collect money for them and the friends house, cloth and feed them, and then when they are done with them, wrung out every last drop, then they are disposed of like garbage. All with a sweet smile.

With this money handling, what do you think of the 2x2 overseers now?

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