2x2 Money Men

I believe the love of money is heart and drive of the older brothers of the 2x2 religion. They try hard to maintain an outward facade of pious behavior and a religion, but their actions show differently when it comes to their money men.

What has helped me see the heart of the 2x2 business plan is the overseer's interactions with their money men. I'll first explain who and what money men are.

Money men are men chosen by the overseers to handle their money. These men may be 2x2 elders who have meetings in their home - but, the most important part I think is that they make a lot of money themselves or run businesses that have a lot of cash flow. This is probably because the overseers want someone who is familiar with handling a lot of money and have personal income or a business in which this money can be mixed or handled in addition to not raise the eyebrows of the IRS. I mean who would be foolish enough to run a million bucks through the bank accounts of a janitor who makes $28,000 per year? Sure, you need someone who has a high income, or who has a business that has a lot of money coming in and out where large sums of money would not seem unusual.

From what I understand, money men go in to visit the sick and dying 2x2s and help them sign a codicile to will to leave money to the 2x2 religion. And the money is left to the money men or money elder who may or may not pay taxes on the money and then sticks it into a trust fund or whatever and doles out the money to the older brothers or overseers without any oversight.

Let's face it, the poor me, penniless days of the workers being like tramp preachers, having one set of clothes, and suffering "for the sake of the gospel" are over. They drive nice cars for the most part, wear suits and ties, don't help around the house like the old-school workers etc. These are the modern workers who go to Starbucks for coffee, have laptops, cell phones and have (Woah) bank accounts and trust funds..even having whole convention grounds.

Money Men According to Willis Propp

Q) What happens when you receive monies that are more than are necessary for you? You said -- you told us they are used. Where are they put, those monies?

A) The money is entrusted to me in the first place, and then I entrust that to faithful elders among us, the local church elders, and they keep it for me, and it's used at my discretion. (page 86 of transcripts of court case in Canada)

Q) You have the sole discretion as to how to spend that money, and there is no accountability except to God?

A) As far as I'm concerned. But any interest that is accrued on that money is looked after by the elders that have it. It's held in trust, and it's not in anyone's name but their own, and so they pay the income tax on the interest that is accrued.(page 97 of transcripts)

So back to the money men and why knowing about them explains the 2x2 religion. I think we all know that the religion is a bunch of made up preaching and scam and phoniness to con people out of money. And the reason why I say that is that the older brothers and overseers don't make the money men follow the same rules.

Money Men Example 1

Here's an example: There is a guy named Dillon Enge in Florida. I believe his dad is a money man for the workers. Because Dillon marries a woman who claims to be Christian and doesn't profess. So the normal route is for the workers to frown on such a marriage to an "outsider" and make Dillon not be able to take part in meetings for a year. But nope. See I think Dillon's dad is a money man for the workers. This is why I see the 2x2 religion as a facade for a business plan. If they really believed in their religion and their rules they have made up, they would follow them. I think the rule is "act religious- unless not doing so gets you more money."

Dillon Enge

See https://www.linkedin.com/in/dillon-enge-509263127
I think Dillon Enge has two facebook profiles. Here's one. www.facebook.com/dillon.enge

There is a website called professing.proboards.com. And there was a thread about Dillon Enge, and guess what. The thread was removed. I understand. Money talks. Another clue that Dillon's dad is a money man for the 2x2 religion. Dillon's dad is Trevor Enge.

When someone started the topic of Dillon Enge marrying an outsider, the admin's hid the thread: "Moved: Trevor and Belinda Enge's son Dillon Enge to marry "outsider". It says "This message has been moved to Admin Archive by Admin."

new Bookmark Locked Falling, Moved: Trevor and Belinda Enge's son Dillon Enge to marry "outsider ยท more, 0, 300, by Admin Jul 22, 2018 at 9:46am. Thread .

And funny enough, the quote for the admin is "Admin, By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another", which sums it up perfectly - a 2x2 money man whose son breaks the rules of the 2x2 religion by marrying an outsider and still being allowed to take part in meeting and the admin's on the professing.proboards site removing the thread to cover it up. It all makes sense to me.

So, long story short, I have come to believe that the heart of the 2x2 religion is a facade or "store front" of a religion but it's inner workings are collecting free room and board, money at meetings, money at conventions, money from people becoming workers and money from inheritances.

Now I should stop there. So, I will, for now. You can agree with my conclusions or disagree, but those are a few thoughts I've had on the matter. And yes, I have more examples of money men I could give.

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