Truth Message Boards

There are many message boards about the 2x2 cult.

The Truth Message Board or TMB

"The Truth Message Board" or TMB as it is often called is hosted by proboards. Proboards has more than one message board about the 2x2 religion. This board was set up by a 2x2 and is maintained and administered by Scott Ross, who professes to be a Christian but in actions denies God. According to someone who knows Scott closely, Scott is working for a 2x2 in Sweden, Norway (up thataway) to manage the board. Threads that the 2x2 doesn't like just get removed, leaving the pro-2x2 threads.

The administrator controls who can become a member, just like workers control who can be "professing". The administrator control who can post, just like the workers control who can take part in meetings. In many ways, the administrator and message board is just like the 2x2 cult. Also, members choose names and many try to remain anonymous. Workers now post on these message boards.

Libel is commonly posted on . The owner of the proboards website does not care if libel is posted. I've emailed him, contacted him by phone and he has told me as such.

Many who have left the cult have become even more confused by trying to read the message boards to make sense of their lives. Many find it very frustrating to try to converse with anonymous posters who manipulate people, pushing their own religious beliefs and lie. This is common on many 2x2 message boards. Many have stopped posting and left.

The owner of the message board makes money on views/website hits. So controversy and strife and heated postings lead to more page views and more money from advertisers.

The website is professing dot proboards dot com.

For a time, this message board was shut down due to litigation or threats of litigation and so another board was started, the WFE or Worker Friend and Ex Board.

WFE or Worker Friend and Ex Message Board

Boardhost hosts the WFE message board. This message board is also administered by a 2x2. Libel is often found on this board. There is no member ship required and the posted "rules" are not followed or enforced. This is another free-for-all where 2x2s revel in the lies, hypocrisy and libel while trying to remain anonymous and unaccountable for their actions.

The website for this message board is members3 dot boardhost dot com forward slash Professing (capital "P").

Message Board

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