Message Board Tradecraft of 2x2s

There are several devious ways that 2x2 cult members try to deceive, deny and defame on the message boards about 2x2 religion which is also called by some, "the truth".

What is a Message Board

A 2x2 message board is a website that posts the comments common to certain threads. Comments are posted (mostly anonymously) by people who may or may not login to post on the website. Message boards have threads that have subject lines. A thread may start out to be about "Bun heads" or "Pedophile workers".

Some people have commented on how 2x2 message boards have been a waste of time. I hope to give examples of how and why the posting of cult members is a form of psychological warfare to deceive people, cast doubt on facts, abuse people, defame people, condemn those who speak up against immorality and cover up the crimes of leaders in the 2x2 religion. The tactics listed below are not only used on 2x2 message boards, but may also be used in conversations by overseers, workers and the friends.

The 2x2s' use of this trade craft is evidence of the systematic evilness of members of the 2x2 religion, their psychological warfare and evilness. They have convinced me by their actions that they inwardly know that if people knew what they knew, they would not be supporting and being part of the 2x2 religion.


On some message boards without logins, 2x2s will stalk Christians. They will find where they have posted and post harassing and false claims after every post. They will stalk the person and interject everywhere. They hope to hide their identity as a stalker by using different screen names, using proxies and posting under different names to try to confuse their identity.

Evidence of stalking includes continued harassment of a poster by repeating a question (often irrelevant) after many posts of one individual. They may persist for many days, repeating their question on multiple threads after each post of the individual they are trying to stalk.


Distractions cause people to lose initiative. Distractions can be easily denied or written off as harmless. It's a low cost, low risk technique. How many times have you set out to do something and that task never got done because you were distracted? In the same way, 2x2 put up off-topic posts, illogical posts, posts to illicit sympathy or try to encourage people to encourage them about a separate topic, spam and such are used to create distractions and take a topic off course. Distractions are a short-term method of trying to keep people from thinking about someone's post that they don't like, or to offer a different, "alternative" meaning that pleases them.

Hijack the Thread

On message boards, each topic can be considered a "thread" or a conversation about a certain topic. The topic is typically listed at the top. Hijacking a thread is about totally changing the topic of a thread where it hardly or never again gets back on track of the original topic or subject. Members of the cult who don't like the subject of the thread may "hijack" it by changing the topic from the main point which they don't like onto something else and then asking questions to get other people involved. For example, a topic may be about pedophile activity of the workers and someone will change the discussion to their opinion of whether or not a book is accurate, totally ignoring the main point of the thread. 2x2s may use the tactic of hijacking a thread or topic to keep people from believing the truth and acting on it.

Distraction - False Accusations

False accusations are used to change the point of a thread and change the focus of readers from the topic onto the false accusation against an individual. Instead of listening to the message, they try to focus on the messenger. If the accusation was true, then it would be relevant. But when people are systematically falsely accused, then it shows the intent of the 2x2s.

False Claims

Some posters will misquote or twist another poster and make a false claim. They may try to wear other people down and play on the human forgetfulness to twist what was actually posted by someone else. By twisting things, making false claims about what they posted before or what someone else posted they try to distort the issue or weary people with trying to do research as to what has or has not been posted before.

Use Proxies

Many cult members are afraid of being identified. Their secretiveness is evidence of their inner belief that they are not honest. They use proxies to hide their IP address. Many believe that if they use proxies, they cannot be caught. This goes back to their belief system that living in sin is OK as long as they don't get caught. It reflects on their belief that God is dead and/or that God is stupid and cannot see what they are doing.

Fear of the Workers and Friends

Many 2x2s are afraid of the workers and use screen names to cloak their true identity for fear workers will tell them to quit posting "or else". They receive honor from their fellow 2x2s and don't seek the honor that comes from God. They live in fear of the meeting being removed from their home or their "PART in the MEETINGS" being taken away from them by their elder or the workers.

Use Real Name and IP

Cult members may use their real name and IP to appear legitimate. This will be obvious because they will post their full name and always type in their email address. You will notice that others won't do that. They aren't trying to overly convince people to cover something up. Or they may post under 2 names. One to for a public relationship image and the other to do their dirty work. 2x2s may:

  1. Appear to be nice and friendly. They will say under their real name that they just want to have nice fellowship. They will use this false persona to deceive naive people and use other screen names and personas to belittle people and make themselves look good.
  2. Claim that they will never post under any other name and that they would never lie
  3. They may avoid questions and not answer them, using the excuse that they never saw a question.
  4. They may pretend to answer questions but use guile and withold pertinent information contrary to their answer.
  5. Get verbose and be really helpful in answering a question that you never asked so it looks like they are really friendly, but yet all the while won't answer your real question.
  6. Claiming not to be contentious, just looking for fellowship (not really believable on a message board about 2x2s who claim to be only way)
  7. If asked a question they don't want followed up on, they may disappear from the board until the issue goes away. This persona is how the workers operate. Workers are really friendly but under direct questioning will flee. They let the spirit of the devil in the followers do the work

But it is the same person, like a person with multiple personalities.


They will try to make the other person look small and insignificant. They may discredit their witness by claiming that they are just one person and that their experience is an isolated event. They insinuate that one individual does not matter. They may claim that a person is exaggerating things.

Post Lies and Act Friendly

Ho Barker (Nathan Barker) of Portland Oregon is a good example of someone who has posted blatant lies on multiple occasions. Nathan Barker posted that my mother told him that I was married and living on the East Coast. I talked with my mother face to face and asked her if she spoke with Ho Barker (Nathan Barker) and she said no, she hasn't talked to him in about over a year. This is an example of where Nathan completely made up a lie to try to gain believability. Here's the dialogue on the message board so you get an idea:

I heard at Boring convention that Brad Lewis got married and living in the east coast. Congratulation, Brad.- NathanB

Did that come from the platform? - Gregg

No, the news came from his own Mother! - Nathanb

Ho Barker will have to answer to God for his lies.



The admin Scott Ross of banned me for posting my opinion that people should look at someone's financial situation before just giving them money. And yet when others slandered and libeled me and claimed I was a thief that stole someone's Bible, they just warned them on the message board. The ex2x2s who justify the satanic cult are worse than some of the 2x2s in their evil deeds. God have mercy on their souls.


When 2x2s are caught in a lie, they may make multiple posts and confuse topics when they don't want people to see what is going on. When they are afraid of being caught, they may access message boards with different proxies and post under the same name and claim it was someone else that was posting and so "nobody could know who really posted that".


They will follow a person around on a message board and keep harassing them.

Depress People

They will tell people how little they care about them or that they hate them. They may tell them that they need to "suck it up" or "heal in silence" or "suffer in silence" "for the sake of the kingdom".

Outright Lie

Since they know the workers don't know who they are, they will outright lie about their group because they believe no one else will know who they are. They forget that God knows.

Write Very Confusingly to Cause Disbelief

They will say outrageous things and then claim that nothing on the Internet or the message board can be believed. They may claim it is all "smoke and mirrors".

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you have liars in bed with sweet-talkers. This is what I experienced. I was sweet talked into PROFESSING and becoming a WORKER. Then after being used and abused by the OVERSEER Howard Mooney, I felt belittled, slandered, libeled and harassed. And all these people who sweet-talked and slandered me were all in "fellowship" with each other. So if you're looking for sweet-talking when they want something from you and you like being harassed for telling the truth, then you may want to marry a 2x2. You may expect this Sister Worker 2012-06-06. If you want someone who tells the truth, then you should develop a hearty relationship with God and ask Him for guidance.

Another Way

Another way of putting it: How much of a commendation is it when a libeling liar recommends a sweet-talker?

How Anonymous

How anonymous is posting on a message board when you don't know who the ADMIN is? After a person posts libel and then tries to hide by going through proxies, how smart is that? Doesn't make sense. It shows a path of trying to cover for themselves indicating they knew what they did was illegal. All the IPs, agents etc are plainly available to the administrator of message boards.

When I think of how foolish it is to lie (God knows everything anyway and will reward every man according to his deeds) because of all the most obvious things you would have to keep track of, plus all the things you may not consider (because there's always someone more clever than you), it makes fabricating lies all the more foolish, hard work with back-firing "profits" and only temporary delusion. God will cut out the froward tongue and God knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation.

Pro 10:31 The mouth of the just bringeth forth wisdom: but the froward tongue shall be cut out.
Isa 32:6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.
2Pe 2:9 The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished:

Time to Rethink

  1. If you think it's OK to libel people on message boards, then how low will you go?
  2. God says to treat others as you want to be treated. So if you libel people, are you trying to teach people that you want to be treated that way too?
  3. If you think it's funny when others are libeled, then how do you think you will feel when you are libeled?
  4. If you rejoice at other's harassment, how will you feel when you are harassed?
  5. If you think it's funny when people post how they've been hurt and others call them a "baby", how do you think you will be treated when you are hurt by them?
  6. Is it OK to stoop to the level of 2x2s to answer them?
  7. Jesus said to "Mat_15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. "
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