Why do 2x2s Meet in Homes?

Why do the 2x2s meet in homes?

2x2s meet in homes for several reasons: they believe only Satan's people worship in buildings owned by a church. They believe it is evil to own a church building.

Some WORKERS cite(mis-use) the following scripture as their reasoning that God doesn't want people to make temples, tabernacles or church buildings. They claim God doesn't want us to build buildings, but to hear him (the WORKERS)

Mat 17:4 Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias. While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

Also, WORKERS may misquote:

Act_7:48 Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet,
Act_17:24 God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;

The Hypocrisy - No Buildings

The hypocrisy is that 2x2s have convention buildings which are only used 1-2 weeks out of the year. And they rent churches for funerals etc. And they will rent Grange halls etc. Plus, when they meet in homes, these homes are build by people with hands.

There is nothing in the New Testament about where people are supposed to meet. That is the whole point of the New Testament, is God dwelling in our heart and his law written on our heart and in our mind. It is not a sin to have fellowship on a fishing boat in Galilee or in a yurt in Mongolia. The Workers Way of doing things is messed up and self-contradictory. This is one of the hallmarks of man-made and cult rules - they contradict themselves.

2x2 Doctrine Change - Beginning Meetings in Homes

Originally only people who sold everything and gave it to William Irvine could be "saved." Later, The 2x2s began meeting in homes for fellowship after William Irvine changed the rules as to who could join his church. This is when they began meeting in homes.

You will find that 2x2s don't fellowship with Christians and will only attend other churches as a trade if they can get other people to come to meetings.

The Real Reason of Meeting in Homes

While a worker, I found the real reason of meeting in homes. Here is what I learned:

  1. Homes are private property
  2. Homes don't have Signs out front with denominations
  3. Homes are already built and cheap
  4. Homes can stay and meetings can be moved

Now please let me explain why each of these are important. I've seen these from my year and a half in the work.

Meetings in Homes on Private Property

When people fall out of favor or start to believe some Christian teachings, and the overseers want to distance themselves from this person. Or if a person is drawing too much public attentions, and the workers want them gone, then having Sunday morning meetings in homes which are private property work to their advantage. They simply tell the person not to take part (participate) in the meetings. The overseers, workers and elders know that for most, they will just quit attending. But say, for kicks and giggles, that a person continues to attend and starts talking to people after the meetings, talking about things the elder doesn't like. What then? Simple. The elder tells him not to come on his property anymore. It's private property, trespassing if they continue etc. It's a power move.

If you have a church building, the public is welcome. This is not favorable to the conditions the workers want. Much of the things the workers teach is in private. They don't want the public wandering into the middle of a meeting and them have to change how they are talking because a stranger is present. I was taught by my companion Randy Russell to not use 2x2 lingo when "strangers" were present in the meetings.

Nondescript Church Buildings - Home Meetings

If you have a church building, then you need a sign out front explaining what the building is for, and if a church, the denomination etc. The overseers and workers like to operate in secret. They don't want people to link a name to them, hoping to remain unnoticed and undetected as they work through society's weaker elements. They work on the the principle of "there is a fool born everyday" and they would rather try to convert people who haven't been tipped off about their beliefs. And a sign out front of a church building allows people to identify them in the community. And once word gets out of what they believe, who would want to drive to that church and be seen entering?

Homes and Words are Cheap, Buildings are Not

If you've looked at the business operations of the overseers and workers, you can see there are few expenses going out and much money coming in. No where have I seen or heard that the 2x2 religion is registered with the government of any country by the workers as a non-profit religious organization. And in business, lower capital and fewer expenses translate to greater profits and less risk. And the overseers and workers are into low risk. Look at it. The overseers recruit people to preach on their behalf, rake in the money at the "end" of each "gospel mission" year. What are their expenses? And then the workers get people to rent halls for them, preach for a couple hours each week, live in their followers' homes etc. What is their greatest expense? gas? And all of these minor expenses are met by followers, paid for by many people, spread out over time and I am not aware of any worker that files tax returns except supposedly Lyle Schober told Brandon Miller of Round Rock, Texas that he files tax returns (but I don't trust Brandon, nor Lyle). So there you have it, words are cheap, workers specialize in cheap words and voila! meetings in homes fits the bill.

Now look at church buildings. When I was in the work Randy and I rented church buildings, community centers, schools whatever we could, to preach in. The sign out front read "Teamster's Union", "Community Center"...whatever the building was primarily used for. The community could not readily identify us. And the invitations we handed out (if we did) were vague. We could rent the hall (or someone else would pay for it) for about $25-$50 per night. And no other expenses. And the buildings often had their own PA system (microphone and speakers) built in, or there was typically someone in the field who had a PA system that would come and set it up in the buildings. So why buy a building when you were only going to preach for two hours a week? Rent.

Church buildings require paperwork for ownership. And ownership with a business requires a publicly registered name. Forget it. The overseers and workers aren't going there. And non-profit status with publicly available financial information? Forget that too. The overseers and workers are for-profit.

Meetings in Homes = Cheap

Meetings in homes are rather cheap. 2x2s only use them for one hour per week for Sunday morning meetings, bible studies etc. And there is no bill for the workers. The elders don't send the workers a bill for one hour of electricity, gas, rent etc. And so, it's a no brainer.

Meetings in church buildings for one hour a week? Too expensive. All that over-head (literally) would pull from their money reserves. And the overseers are too business-wise for that. Besides, there is the secrecy issue.

Moving Meetings - Easy

Now and again, elders start seeing through the workers when the workers weren't clever enough, or the elder was to honest. Now if you had a church building, you would have to fire the elder. And that's just too much show that's likely to be noticed. But, with a meeting in the home, the workers just approve of a different elder and move the meeting to the new elders' home. That leaves the elder powerless. The friends just go to the other home, under direction of the workers. And the elder who is no longer in favor, just sits at home.

Now, if you had a church building, then it isn't easy to move the church building to follow the believers around. Plus, there are so few 2x2s in each city, in each area, that the building would need to follow the believers around or people would have a long way to drive. If you've kept copies of meeting lists, you can see that the names of who's on the list changes each year as new people profess and others quit going to meetings and there names are removed from the list. The geographical dynamics change.

So there you have it: the primary financial, secrecy and other reasons why the meetings are in homes and why overseers won't build church buildings (except for conventions on private property which gives them a way to invest some of their financial reserves in real estate).

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