Testing Meetings

No Biblical Basis

First off, I would like to point out that Jesus never "tested" meetings. This is another thing that the 2x2 cult does that has no scriptural basis. John baptized people when they believed in his message. The apostles baptized people into the gospel of Jesus Christ. And Jesus baptizes people with the holy ghost and with fire. The baptism of Jesus is something that the 2x2 cult does not understand.

Why Workers "Test" Meetings

When workers want to confirm someone into their group and get credit with the overseers, they "test" meetings.

Tactics to Get People to "Profess" in a "Tested Meeting"

There are several tactics that workers use to get people to "profess"

  1. Feeling them out - They feel the person our first. They want to make sure that they "get it". That they understand the "message within the message" which is that They are the only ones going to heaven and only They are saved and that This is the Truth.
    • They feel the person out by remembering how many meetings they went to.
    • Testing the deception - Does the person equate God with the workers. Does the person think that the workers are the apostles of God? Does the person believe that what the workers say from the platform is the "Word of God"?
    • Gullible, susceptible - Does the person ask questions that challenge, or are they easily mislead?
    • Knowledge - Is the person knowledgeable about the scriptures or are they easily deceived?
    • The type of questions the person asks. Good questions would be "How do the workers survive" with answes like "We live in your homes" and the person says "OK" like they would be willing to allow with worker into their house.
    • They want to make sure the person doesn't belong to some other group that would conflict with them. They don't want them meeting with another group or be friends with someone who would dissuade them. It's embarrasing to test a meeting and not have a person profess. It is embarrassing to the crowd. If a meeting is tested and someone doesn't profess, it's expected that elders will console the workers and say things like "Well, they just aren't ready yet."
    • They make sure the person has money or something to contribute to the group. For example, converting a drunkard on a street corner will not help them gain financial assets nor give them a place to stay.
  2. Talking to them - They will often have a visit with them before. Workers may even ask the person if they are ready to profess or make their choice. If it is a young child, they make talk with the parents first if the parents are 2x2s.
  3. Build up - In meetings, they will use dramatic stories to build up emotional feelings and prey on their weaknesses.
  4. Peer pressure - It is understood that others expect them to profess. Other's love bomb them and encourage them to profess and build up this expectation
  5. Time Pressure - They tell them "God's time is now". They may choose a song that makes things look urgent. Rather than remind them the seriousness of the results of joining the cult and what Jesus taught about "counting the cost" when making decisions in life, they pressure them to hurry up. Workers are expected by overseers to get people to profess. That's what workers talk about at conventions, "How many professed in your field this year?". If workers don't have anyone profess, then they may lose their job. Seldom will this ever be mentioned especially to new converts.
  6. Song choice - typical songs are chosen that aid the deception. With a bunch of others singing and the previous talks with the workers and the brainwashing from bunches of meetings, people often cave. Here are a list of songs that are typically chosen and their deceptions. My goal is to expose the trap so that when people see it, they will avoid it.
    • God's time is now

    After a person has professed, they will try to stay in their home to see what their house is like and get the person in the habit of providing them with food, clothing and shelter. The new follower is the most confused and vulnerable at this time and just wants to be accepted and approved.

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