Meetings of 2x2 Religion

Meetings in the home. 2x2s often claim to believe in meetings in the home. Meetings or assemblies of 2x2 group include: Sunday Morning Meetings (each week), Sunday gospel meetings (each week for about half the year), mid-week gospel meetings (each week for about half the year), mid-week Bible studies(each week for about half the year), Special Meetings (once a year) and annual conventions.

2x2s attend about three meetings a week: Sunday morning meetings, evening gospel meetings, and midweek gospel meetings or "Bible" studies". Each meeting lasts about one hour in length.

Sunday Morning Meetings

About 49 weeks out of the year, the 2x2s meet on Sunday mornings in homes approved and set up by the overseers and workers. Their purpose is to recite to each other things that are approved of by the workers.

People who repeat strong CHRISTIAN beliefs (salvation through faith in God, keeping commandments of God, sin is breaking law, we need to obey God, we need to repent) are asked to "not take part" in meetings. Christians are not welcome to take part in Sunday Morning Meetings because the 2x2s do not fellowship with Christians. Christians are considered "outsiders" and are expected to "profess" (join) first before taking part in Sunday morning meetings.

Sunday Gospel Meetings- Weekly Preaching by Workers

Typically when workers are in the fields assigned to them by the overseer and are not on convention rounds or Special Meeting Rounds, the workers will hold their own gospel meetings. At the "gospel" meetings, the workers preach the 2x2 message to get people to profess/ join their group.

All who profess are expected to quit attending any Christian services or attend Christian preaching. If they profess, they are forsaking any Christian teachings of the Bible in favor of the workers and are expected to regularly attend meetings from that point forward. People who profess are expected to attend all the Sunday morning meetings (they will be assigned to one). They are expected to recite what the workers teach them as do the others. Women are generally expected to discontinue any jewelry, makeup and are expected to put their hair in a bun like the other women and never cut it again.

Mid-week Bible Studies

Mid-week Bible Studies are studies that 2x2s attend when the workers are not able to preach the 2x2 message at the friends in the middle of the week. The 2x2s are assigned a list of things to read in the Bible and expected to repeat back the things that the workers have already taught them on the subjects.

Annual Special Meetings

The 2x2s meet annually for special meetings at a school or rented facility to have one or two preachings sessions. Workers travel locally and from far way to go on special meeting rounds. Sometimes they are called "Special eating rounds"because of the gluttony of some of the workers and the abundance of food prepared for them.

Annual Conventions for 3-4 days

The 2x2 meet annually at conventions held on convention grounds typically on weekends (FRI, SAT, SUN) or sometimes a rented facility where the people are too poor to have a convention grounds. The convention grounds are either owned by a trust set up under the direction of the workers or a private party that the older brothers approve of. If approval is lost, then the convention is removed. While 2x2s claim that people with a church building are going to hell, they have convention grounds that are used for the church (and property specifically for it) that are only used a few days out of the whole year. See also Conventions

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