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The term "Gospel Meetings" is used by 2x2 workers and friends to describe their ritualized method of indoctrination and gaining new followers to the cult. It is their "gospel" not the real gospel. Sometimes they call them "Bible Talks", but it's just them preaching at you. You don't get to talk or ask questions.

The workers or "faithful" followers try to find a building to rent on Sundays in which to preach at people. The workers try to find someone to pay for the rental since they don't like to pay for things. Renting a hall is one of the greatest expenses of the workers. Followers gain more approval if they pay for hall rental or supply workers with cars or car insurance.

Name of "Bible Talks" used for Public Reference

I read this on a message board

Yes, on public notices the workers will call Gospel Mtgs "Bible Talks - teaching the simple words of Jesus". (in the Midwest anyway) The F&W will talk among themselves and refer to them as "Gospel Mtgs" but, maybe the younger generation is picking up the "Bible Talks" terminology now? - 5678Jan
While a worker, I learned the following purposes of "gospel meetings". They include:
  1. Collecting money in handshakes at the end of the meetings
  2. Preach propaganda to followers and preach at people who are "out of line"
  3. Insinuate things in preaching that tell followers how to think about "troublemakers" in the "field".
  4. Arranging for the days the followers will feed you and provide you with a place to stay
  5. Time to make appointments to have "talks" with problem followers
  6. Way to see who has attended and who is not there ("unfaithful" people)
  7. Way to see who was "cool" to the meeting and who is really "on fire"
  8. Say Hi and Bye to people in all of 10 seconds or so each
  9. Receive adulation and praise for the meeting

The friends of the workers are to arrive ten minutes early and to remain rigidly quiet to receive their teachings for the hourly sessions. Sometimes someone plays the cult's hymns to get the people in the mood.

The sessions proceed as follows.

  1. Silence before the meetings is required. If people are too loud, then followers will use behavioral control. They will turn around and give the loud person the "evil eye" or wrinkle their eyebrows at them.
  2. A hymn is typically sung. This hymn is usually chosen by the person who "leads" the meeting. The piano usually is played to lead the singing.
  3. Then one of the workers prays. They usually preach/pray to the people and it's usually the person who chose the hymn that prays first.
  4. Another hymn is sung. This hymn is usually chosen to fit the topic they wish to discuss.
  5. Then the youngest (usually) 2x2 workers preaches to the people.

    No questions are allowed to be asked during their preaching. It is a monologue. This is part of the information and emotion control of the mind control process.

    There are two types of people in the world according to workers. There are "professing people" and their are "outsiders" which are people who don't sign up for the cults beliefs. When only "professing people" are in attendance, their preaching may be more "coded" with 2x2 jargon and cult speak. When outsiders are present, they usually try to keep to a simple message that glorifies how the workers "give up so much for the people" to gain sympathy or to somehow prove they are the only saved ones going to heaven and you need to profess before you burn in hell.

    The workers usually preach in misfit allegories, insinuating if you are not "professing like them" then you are going to hell. This is the basic unsaid/insinuated message of all gospel meetings.

  6. Then another hymn is sung, usually chosen by the "senior worker". Sometimes the workers will encourage the people to stand up so they don't pass out or fall asleep from the indoctrination session.
  7. Then the older worker (usually) preaches last.

    The people are usually encouraged by the older worker using the words (in conclusion, or finally) which signals the end of the meeting is near. Then a final hymn is sung and children exclaim with relief "Is it over yet?" to which parents smile and issue a hushed whisper "yes".

  8. The workers make a bee line for the exit door to receive money through handshakes and to set up dates and times when they will stay at their followers homes. (The workers choose to sleep in other peoples beds rather than buy their own place).


Sometimes people will go into trances while listening in meetings, just staring at the preachers.

Trance - - A half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium.

Many times at gospel meetings I've gone into a trance just listening to the dronings of workers and then coming out of it a few minutes before they are through speaking. I have seen other people do the same in meetings. I'm not referring to people sleeping either.

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