Storms in Marriages

Storms in life break down marriages that are not founded in obedience to God.

You may have been married for ten years with only minor skirmishes. You may have nothing to compare your marriage to. Or you may have friends that you've talked with that have difficult marriages, so you felt OK by comparison. But then storms of life come (and they will come), and your marriage begins to fall apart. Here are some storms that affect people's marriages and tear them apart because of different beliefs.

Marriage Leadership

Many 2x2 wives "wear the pants" in their family, taking over the role of the husband. They take on the final responsibility. Why? They believe they are superior because of their religion. They talk back to their husband. They withhold sex if they don't like what their husbands are doing. They talk behind his back to their friends and make life miserable for him. So the husband may acquiesce to try to restore some "peace", but knows inside that their is no peace in the marriage. "Who has the final say" is one of the first storms to affect a marriage because 2x2s who don't submit to God are not likely to submit to their husband.


Many 2x2s don't believe that God cares about their "natural life", so they don't turn to the Bible for counsel on how to use their money. People who work at restaurants have commented on how the 2x2s are so stingy with their tips, not generous. 2x2s want to give money to the WORKERS. 2x2s want to only help the FRIENDS and not Christians. The managing of finances is a big source of arguments for many people married to a 2x2.


Babies require constant attention. And their very life depends on parents. How the child is raised, what they are fed, how they are disciplined are all affected by core beliefs. People unequally yoked will find many things that they disagree on with their spouse. Where will the child worship? What type of friends will the child be allowed?

Baby Stories

Babies are often read baby stories. You may want some Christian stories and to raise your child with Christian values, but your 2x2 spouse won't like Christian authors. You find it puzzling why your spouse may read romance novels or look at pornography but yet rejects Christian reading material. This is likely to cause some arguments.


You may try to reason with your 2x2 spouse, but find that the most practical, common-sense arguments on mundane decisions is beyond their understanding. You may not realize the common core beliefs that affect 2x2s in their life because your spouse has kept these secret from you and doesn't want to talk about them.

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