Spousal Abuse in 2x2 Cult

Spousal abuse can be emotional or psychological or physical. 2x2 people who fully believe in the teachings of the 2x2 overseers can be abusive and manipulative. They can put on a good show for people who don't know the whole story and can manipulate them to take their side and make the victim of their offenses look like the person who is the problem. Spousal abuse and manipulation can take a more violent turn. However some people have said they wish their spouse had physically hit them because they would have identified the abuse earlier.

Physically Violent Spousal Abuse

My first year in the WORK with Randy Russell, we went to a courthouse where there were two PROFESSING people who had married. She had reported his physical assault on her and her parents were there with her. He was a mess. He claimed he was sorry for assaulting her. He didn't know what came over him.

The man who had physically assaulted his wife had a history of abuse. He was violent with his brother. He got into fights. His parents were PROFESSING. He went to MEETINGS for years. His frustration with his life was coming out. I believe much of the physical violence is the result of the 2x2 doctrine, with the WORKERS always making the FRIENDS feel guilty, but the FRIENDS are never able to please the WORKERS whom they idolize. This is frustration.

Psychological Abuse of a PROFESSING Spouse

PROFESSING spouses can be very damaging with their words. People know that PROFESSING people have little regard for people who don't PROFESS and may show that in how they talk with them.

In Oregon, there was a PROFESSING ELDER who routinely verbally abused his PROFESSING wife. She divorced him and quit going to MEETINGS. She was the subject of many derogatory remarks because she quit PROFESSING. But the 2x2s were not told that the PROFESSING man who was an ELDER was verbally abusive. The verbally abusive man received counseling from SISTER WORKERS. How could this man be helped by WORKERS who were verbally abusive themselves?

Affirmations for Continued Abuse

If you are PROFESSING or fellowship with people in the cult and claim to be a Christian yourself, and laugh when 2x2s libel and slander Christians, then you are affirming, promoting and perpetuating persecution of Christians. Don't be surprised when they turn on you.

Being Associated with the 2x2 Cult

By making yourself an associate of the cult, then you subject yourself to investigations by the police and makes your emails and phone calls subject to subpoena by the courts.

If you are in the 2x2 religion and are supporting WORKERS who sexually abuse children, then you may be investigated for aiding and abetting a criminal. If you help transport WORKERS out of a field or across state lines or into another country to help them avoid prosecution, then you may be held liable at the state for federal level.

Harassment of Christians by 2x2 Followers

If you see people leaving the 2x2 cult and you participate in harassment of them, slander or libel, then you are in no way exempt from prosecution. If you see a spouse leave their abusive spouse and you perpetuate harassment, then you continue to show to the world how evil the cult is. And you open yourself up for a civil suit. Please take this seriously. While you may find it humorous when an OVERSEER is prosecuted by police and convicted of failing to report child sexual abuse, then you may not find it humorous when you are the subject of police investigation for harassment and libel towards an abused person trying to leave the cult.

Spousal Abuse happens in the 2x2 religion. I believe much of it stems from the frustrations of the FRIENDS as they idolize the WORKERS. The 2x2 religion is a safe haven for spousal abuse especially when the abuser acts nice and gives the WORKERS money. They become favored and the abused spouse is disregarded. If the abused spouse is PROFESSING, then all their "friends" may be in the cult and this makes it very difficult to leave.

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