No Peace - Arguments

No peace and continuing arguments in a marriage leads to a breakdown in the marriage. Where does peace come from? Peace is a fruit of the Spirit of God. Even when there are no arguments, the lack of peace makes for a miserable existence.

Warning Lights

Have you ever been around someone you disagree with? You tend to not talk to them. If your beliefs don't match, then there are many arguments. You may agree with the other person to not bring up topics you disagree with. However, if you are married, it won't work. Why? It's because you spend so much time together and go through so many different decisions that you end up disagreeing because your fundamental beliefs are different. Talking about your basic beliefs is important before getting married because it affects every aspect of your life. It's because you need to have the same core beliefs in order to work together. Agreeing to not talk about problems is like removing the bulb from the idiot light for LOW OIL PRESSURE on your car. You are still going to have problems (catastrophic) whether you remove the bulb. The bulb is there to warn you. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Ignoring the problem is foolish. Heated arguments are a warning light that you and your spouse have different core beliefs. Here's an example.

Example of Life that Brings Up Different Beliefs

Say you are walking down the street with your spouse. And you both see a poor hard-working person you know with a broken down car in the road. It's freezing out and the poor person doesn't have enough money to buy a spare part at the automotive store that's open. Say you believe that you should treat other people like you would like to be treated, and so you want to give the person $50 to buy the part so they can get home. But if you have a professing 2x2 spouse, they probably won't want to help the person because they only believe in giving money to the WORKERS. They may cite a verse to you "The poor you will always have with you but me you have not always." You get puzzled. What in the world does this verse have to do with helping a person in a great time of need? And so an argument ensues. You may give the person $50, but now your spouse is angry with you and you don't know why on such a practical, easy decision as this. Perhaps later your spouse wants to take $50 out of some other expenditure and give it to the workers instead. And so an argument over money ensues. The spouse supports the WORKERS and you don't. So you check the INTERNET by typing in a search engine "workers, meetings, friends"... and here you are. You finally discover the horrible truth about your spouse's beliefs that have been causing so many problems.

A man told me that when his wife was mean, she became the ugliest woman alive. And this man was not a Christian. Everybody knows that people who are mean are ugly in a sense. And if you married a woman because you were physically attractive, this beauty vanishes in an instant? Where did you go wrong? You forgot to talk about core beliefs before you got married. Or, you may have been so in lust, that you decided to ignore the core beliefs. Life's struggles will come. And when life's struggles come, it reveals the true foundation of a marriage.

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