Divorce Preparations

When 2x2s know that they are going to divorce a Christian spouse, they may make certain preparations. Please understand that 2x2s probably don't view "Love your neighbor as yourself" with the same important that you do. Please don't expect them to follow the same rules that you do.

If you doubt what I write here, that's fine. I'm writing based on things I've seen in the work, heard from years in the cult and some current situations that are going on now. Ignore this at your own peril.

Divorce Proof - An Exercise for "Christians" Married to 2x2s

If you don't believe what I write, and your 2x2 spouse has a house or other significant property in their name but not yours (and you claim to be Christian), see how it goes getting the 2x2 to put the property in your name too: land, house, investments, bank accounts, car or other vehicles. If they don't, then what are the reasons they give? Do the reasons/excuses make sense? Regarding changing the title into your name, today's interest rates (as of this writing) are really low, so redoing the mortgage may make sense from a financial perspective too.

Divorce Preparations - Why Me?

Some people wonder why all these bad things happen to them when they claim to be a Christian but date and marry cult members. My answer is - "If you ignore God's commandments, then you are on your own." If you brake God's commandments to marry a cult member, and they break their religious teachings to marry you, then how can either of you expect honesty from each other? I think you can probably expect some heated sex which will not satisfy you and then you are left with regret and maybe a pregnancy by an unloved spouse. The Bible teaches that lust leads to hatred. If this is your case, then I encourage you to repent to the God of heaven and beg and plead for his mercy and help.

Divorce Preparations - Finance

2x2s may hide finances and remove them out of your name and put them into your own. Naturally, you may comply, in hopes of showing trust in them and the relationship. Please look at it from the other perspective. If they believe in the relationship, why don't they have all the money in an account that bears both your names? I think you know that answer to this. And when they get money from an inheritance, do they put it in their own account with just their name (because they don't believe that two have been made one?) or do they share it with you?

Another subversive tactic is for the 2x2 to give money to the other

professing people in confidence so it is not in their name anymore and have the professing people give them the money back after the divorce has taken place.

Divorce Preparations - Income

If you make more money than a 2x2 you are living with, you can expect them to want you to share your income. But if they make more money than you, they may keep their own account and give you certain bills to pay and they pay other smaller bills. They may insist on separate checking accounts.

Divorce Preparations - Friends

You may notice your

professing spouse making phone calls and leaving your presence (being secretive) so that you cannot hear what they are talking about.

2x2s like to get people away from their parents so that they don't have their parents counsel with them. And they also prefer to gather their 2x2 friends around them so that the 2x2 friends are there to give their counsel. And when you share your disappointments with your parents and Christian friends, then they are there to capitalize on the differences. The Bible teaches to honor your father and mother. And the Bible teaches to only listen to righteous counselors. The workers and friends will be glad to share scriptures with you. Of course these scriptures will be used in a way to fit their own devices. It's amazing how they misuse scriptures. I don't think "ingenious" is quite the word though. It's more like "wicked". Satan quoted scripture to Jesus in order to encourage him to sin. I don't think Satan is above misusing scriptures to deceive anyone. Satan takes what's good and right and uses it to deceive people by adding a lie or two.

Divorce Preparations - Reducing Pain

You may notice that your 2x2 spouse reduces their conversations to weather, sports, meetings and other shallow topics so they don't feel so much pain later when they divorce you.

Divorce Preparations - Witnesses

If you married a cult member (who broke their own rules to marry you), then I wouldn't expect them to follow the scripture about being a true witness to their neighbor. You may find them preparing stories to tell their friends and preparing witnesses to testify against you in court. One man who was divorced by his 2x2 wife after he left meetings told me that he had people testifying against him in court that "he had never even met"! If 2x2s lie to children about the founder of their cult, then why should you expect them to be truthful about other things?

Divorce Preparations - Property

2x2s may be counseled by workers to put property in the professing person's name to try to protect their assets through the divorce.

Divorce Preparations - Spousal Support

2x2s may get you to get a job before they divorce you so that you have your own income and are less likely to get spousal support. This may be one reason why workers sometimes counsel people who profess to move out of their parents home and get a job and show a pattern of coming to meetings for a year before a 2x2 marries them. The workers don't want to lose income and when people divorce, it affects their income and how much they are likely to give to the workers. They don't want a poor "flock" to fleece. They don't want to "have to work for a living" like their followers.

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