Abusive Relationships

Red flags in dating:

  1. They gamble with money
  2. They love things that bring family into bondage
  3. Their religion is for show
  4. They don't believe in the commandments of God (they don't believe in the sovereignty of God)
  5. They threaten you when you cannot afford something
  6. They want to spend extravagantly in the present and sacrifice the future
  7. They cannot discern between wants and needs
  8. They brag about how little they spent on a single, solitary item but waste thousands through negligence.

Not Prejudice

I'm not prejudice against women. These thoughts below can apply to men just as well as women. These are simply thoughts that millions of people have felt and are simply put into words.

Ever Had These Feelings?

When you find a person with whom you feel that if you were just with them, that the world and all its troubles would be an easier place to live, but then they burden you down with their wants, whims and extravagant requests, it's a blow to your illusion and you realize you would be better off on your own.

When a person uses their beauty to deceive and take advantage of you in a way that makes you repulsed by their very appearance?

When a woman is attractive, until she opens her mouth and you want to run.

When people brag about how they got something for nothing and you come to the realization that this is the way they are treating you?

When they tell a story about the wrong they have done and seek your justification, and then you realize that very likely you are going to be wronged next and someone else will hear the same story?

When they wrong you, you tell them, and they don't care. And you begin to wonder about all those stories that flattered themselves and condemned others?

They tell a lie and don't flinch, and you begin to wonder what they've already told you that you shouldn't believe now?

After they've wronged you and you realize possibly the real reason as to why all those other people didn't like them?

After you've known them a little bit that their is no virtue in their beauty?

When they speak softly and cutesy to selfishly get what they want and you no longer like that tone of voice?

You come to realize that promised change after marriage is less likely to happen than getting struck by lightening twice in the same day.

You realize every conversation and photo and retelling of stories is so that things look good for their facebook and to have something to write?

You realize that you are just an excuse for more activity on their facebook account?

You realize that they are more excited about telling people about what you were doing than with being with you?

You are looking for a heart to heart relationship and you cannot find out anything more than their favorite color and they are secretive about their real feelings and don't want to tell them to you because they know you will not like them? And you feel hurt by their deception?

You realize that approval of their Facebook followers is more important than the approval of God.

That "God" is just a religion they do on Sundays.

You realize that if they didn't have Facebook, that they would have no life.

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To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. - Jesus Christ speaking to Saul, see Act 26:18, see Salvation through Jesus Christ.
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