2x2 Workers Lists

Workers lists of the 2x2 religion are made each year and handed out around convention time. Here are some tips on understanding workers lists.


Overseers make up the workers list each year. The overseers name is always on the list. The overseer most often puts his name on the top of the list. Lists are always made by the overseers in the ruling area. Overseers always change the workers each year.


Typically at the top of each workers list is the year that the list is effective. A new workers list is made each year around convention time. The lists of workers and their companions always change each year.


The workers lists gives the names of all the workers that the overseer controls. Typically the overseer lists his name first along with his companions name (he chooses his companion). Next to these two names (or sometimes three names) are phone numbers and mailing addresses and the field in which they will work.

Brother Workers

Favored workers are typically listed at the top of the workers list along with their companions. Typically all the brother workers are listed in the top section. All the brother workers are single. Workers are not allowed to marry anymore. Brother workers may be heterosexual, bisexual or gay. I have never heard of overseers doing background checks on workers.

Sister Workers

Sister workers are listed in the bottom part of the workers list. The favored sister workers are typically listed first. All sister workers are single. They may have been married previously. Sister workers may be heterosexual, bisexual or lesbian. I have never heard of overseers doing background checks on workers.

Out of State Workers

Workers who are in other states ruled by other overseers may be listed with their out of state address and maybe a phone number and an explanation.

Workers Disliking an Overseer

Some workers who don't like their overseer may petition to be moved or transfered to another overseer.

Overseas Workers

Workers who came from their state and are preaching overseas are listed along with their phone number and/or address so people can mail them money.

Sick, Caring for Health, Helping parents, Elderly

Workers who are not with a companion may be listed with their address and often a vague explanation such as health issues, or helping their elderly parents etc. Sometimes workers who have suffered mental breakdowns are listed as "in care of health" etc.

No Longer Workers

People who have left the 2x2 work are simply not listed on the workers list. Their names are not given nor why they left the work.

Sometimes people will find out at convention time that their name is left off the workers list and they are no longer considered to be workers. This can be very hard on them emotionally.

Reading Between the Lines - Comparing Workers Lists

You can take workers lists from two different years and see the changes.

There are new workers on the list. These may be workers who went out this year or came from other fields. Sometimes workers that came from other fields may have gotten in trouble with their previous overseer, not gotten along with them, molested a kid and they are helping them to avoid prosecution, have had an affair with a man or woman in their previous field etc.

Some previous workers are no longer on the list, either having died or quit or moved to a different staff to avoid prosecution by law.

By counting the number of fields, you can see whether the number of active workers is increasing or diminishing. Mostly their numbers are diminishing as people find out the truth about the 2x2 religion.

Also you can see how many people are trying to regain their health.

There is quite a lot that can be learned from workers lists by the overseers of the 2x2 religion.

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