Lists of the 2x2 Religion: Overseers, Workers, Conventions, Special Meetings

Lists put out by the 2x2 religion include workers lists, convention lists, special meetings lists, field lists, speaking lists. Lists in the 2x2 religion are used to organize their religion.

On the right you will find links to lists that have been given to me by members or former members of the 2x2 religion.

Convention Lists

Convention lists are made by the overseer for a large geographical area that he rules over. The convention list shows the year that the list applies. The list shows the names of the 2x2 religion church conventions, where they are located and the dates they will be held.

Conventions are from anywhere from one day to four days with 3-4 days being most common. Convention lists are often distributed sometime before the conventions start and handed out by elders at the Sunday morning meetings. Sometimes they will write the person's names on the list. see also Conventions

Speakers Lists

Speakers lists are given out right before conventions. Often there will be a person handing out speaker's lists to people as they drive into the convention grounds. They may avoid giving the speaker's lists to "strangers" for fear the person will do an INTERNET search on the people's names and learn about their religious beliefs and/or crimes committed by their overseers and/or workers.

Preps Lists or Preparation Lists

Preparations lists are put out by overseers and given to the older workers. Preps lists are not typically given to any of the friends nor to younger workers. Preps lists show which workers have been assigned by their overseer to which conventions to prepare the church grounds and church buildings for their annual church convention. The preparations involve cleaning the grounds, picking up trash, washing bedding, sheets, setting up temporary buildings, setting up beds, washing dishes and adding on to their buildings or doing electrical and plumbing work.

Special Meeting Lists

Special meeting lists are made by the ruling overseer and list all the special meetings and the buildings rented by them for the purpose of their special meeting. It also lists where the buildings are located, may include directions and always when the special meeting will occur. As a rule they are on Sundays, their chosen day of worship.

Sometimes when there are not many professing people around or when workers have trouble finding a building that people will allow them to use (not everyone wants them preaching that all except them are going to burn in lake of fire), then special meetings are held in large homes of one of the friends. See also Special Meetings.

Workers' Lists

Workers lists are put out by overseers every single year. They are handed out by Sunday morning meeting elders directly to the person. 2x2s are being very careful so that the workers lists "don't get into the wrong hands". Workers lists show what state(s) the overseer rules over, often indicating the overseer with his name first on the list, who are the workers that year, who they are paired with (they go out 2 by 2), what field they have been assigned to and the phone numbers and mailing addresses so that the friends can send them money. Workers lists also show the workers that came from that state who are preaching overseas, have been temporarily moved to another state or who are resting from physical, nervous or mental illness. See also Workers Lists for a more detailed explanation.

Field Lists

Field lists are put out by the older workers in a field about every year or two which show where all the required Sunday morning meetings are held, the address of the meeting and lists who is to go to which meeting. The older workers control who goes to which meeting by permission from their overseer. Who has the meeting in their home is controlled by the older brother worker with permission from the overseer.

Bible Study Lists

Each year the overseer makes up a Bible Study list which tells members of their religion what he wants them to study in their Bible at speak about in their Wednesday night Bible studies. Elders of Sunday Morning meetings typically hand out the Bible studies to everyone typically after their annual conventions. Topics often include scriptures the overseer wants them to focus on and includes verses they twist to support their main teachings of homeless workers, workers going out 2x2 and meetings in the home. Every professing person: man, woman or child has a Bible study list.

The 2x2 religion has lots of lists to maintain their organization and control the workers and people to what their ruling overseer wants.

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