Workers List Oregon 1987

Workers List for Oregon and Southern Idaho 1987

Carrol Stevenson
Dellas Linaman
Lyle Van Keuren
Mike Maloney
Lee Irish
John Wilson
Everett Wilcox
Lee Bjerke
John Sterlin
Gary Hunt
Gary Paul
Craig Jacobsen
Clair Bone
Harold Bennett
Nathan Barker
Wayne Harris
David Nealon
Stanley Sullivan
Steve Watts
Evertt Swanson
Jy Wicks
Randy Russell
Lowell Stidolph
Mike Lefevre
Judy Mcintyre
Barbara Hofer
Bonnie Sikes
Jarilynn Davidson
Jayce Szakacs
Paym Peyron
Hazel Hanson
Karen Flood
Cheryl Emborg
Dottie Nichols
Rose Mooney
Jane Buell
Selma Lundin
Virginia Poage
Hazel Pierce
Karen Oakes
Barb Murray
Dorothy Shelden
Mae Greenaway
Rosetha Newman
Nancy Layman
Jacquie Meeks
Sue Gillie
Grace Ploegsma
Rhonda Hudson
Sandra Denning
Linda Aarestad
Betty Draper
Marylee McMillan
Opal Collins
Anita Thompson
Carlee Smith
Linda Horn
Angie Long
Betty Ashlock
Mary Starkweather
Harry Mooredian
Everett Blair
Queenie Blake
Agnen Branda
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