Oregon 2012 Workers List

There are 20 fields and workers under Harold Bennett's overseership for the 2x2 religion in Oregon in 2012. In 2013, there are only 19 fields in Oregon and Idaho.

Under this scan of the 2012-2013 Oreogn Workers list, I have typed out some workers name in case people are searching for these names to see if the organization is a cult.

I believe a person has to be pretty burnt in their conscience to see all they have seen year after year and still be a worker. I don't see how they can sleep at night knowing all the children they have lied to about the cult and what they really believe.

Oregon 2012 workers list front side
Oregon 2012 workers list back side

Harold Bennett and Jay Wicks were in Beaverton, OR field.

Edward Alexanders and Michael Summers were in Gresham field where my mom and grandma live and go to meetings.

Larry Greenaway and Stanley Sullivan were in Lebanon and Corvallis field.

Tom Hinkle and David Tallman were in Ontario, OR field.

Doyle Smith and Lee Irish were in Portland and Scappoose field.

Steve Watts and Tim Kamrau were in Twin Falls, ID field.

Lyle Waldo and Christopher Hill were in Medford OR field.

Brandon Forsyth and Zach Zimmerli where in Roseburg, Cottage Grove field.

Bonnie Sikes and Debbie Jacobsen were in Idaho Falls, ID field. Debbie Jacobsen is the sister of Craig and Curtis Jacobsen.

Jean Larson and Becky Welch were in Eugene, OR field

Cheryl Emborg and Betty Draper were in Boise, ID field.

Sue Gillie and April Pierce were in the central Oregon or Burns field.

Linda Brist and Rose Davidson were in the Salem OR field.

Jane Buell and June McDonald were in the Florence and Brookings field.

Dottie Nichols and Charlene Beck were in the Astoria and Newport field.

Doreen Dutton and Sierra Barton were in the Aurora OR field.

Barb Murray and Lenore Nelson were in the Klamath Falls field.

Teresa Sullivan and Tessa Davidson were in the Newberg OR field.

Connie Combe and Nolla Bullock were in the Hillsboro OR field.

Twila Krigbaum and Melissa Walker were in the LaGrande OR field.

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