Letter to Alberta Staff by Willis Propp

5131 Lansdowne Drive
Edmonton, AB T6H 4L1
March 10, 1999

Dear Alberta Staff at home and Overseas,

This is just a hello with the Prep list that our brothers so kindly put together on Friday. We do hope all will appreciate working together for such a worthy cause.

The funeral at Wildwood for David Schendel, Sheena O’Dell’s young husband was so well attended. His fatal accident crossing the RR track with tractor and load of hay drew a sympathetic crowd of 8 or 900 I was told. Sorry I couldn’t be there. I had met him at Edson Sp Mtgs, a new babe and newly married. It was wonderful he died a child of God. His own family were very impressed by the change in his young life.

You will remember that your 1998 Tax Return will need to be filled out before April 30th so you will qualify for Health Premium Subsidy.

I plan to pay a visit to some of your AB fields the next while, since Dennis and Marvin are doing so well at Rimbey.

A jolting thought from my visit with Gaylen and Ron Johnson in Minneapolis: Unforgiveness is the poison we take, hoping the other person will die!

Your brother gratefully, Willis

* Alberta Preparations list enclosed

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