William Irvine's Letter to Berglinds in 1937

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Berglinds
September 10, 1937

My dear Berglinds:

Thanks for yours (2) and Photo, which is good to see. What you see there is but a sample in Divers places, of what the 3-1/2 years drought will be, as the wars we have had in Divers places, sample what the whole world will be & get when it becomes world wide. People always judge present conditions by what is past rather than what is future, and never before known on the Earth, or ever will again, for this is the end of the human control by those who are Godless in the Heavenly sense and wicked by being under the power of the God of this world the Devil, in name of God, who feeds pride and covetousness in all, according to their willingness to serve Him. We can only know pride and wickedness when we contrast it with what was & is revealed in Jesus, and wrought in us by the Spirit, and He is a sample of those who will inherit the Earth for 1,000 years in peace, quiet, and content, when the Proud and Wicked are destroyed. Only Babes born of the Living waters can understand these things and sucklings who get the sincere milk of the word. While the wise, prudent will not know and don't want to know that their wicked reign is ending forever.

You see war looming up in West and far East, with Russia the link to bring it to Europe, and Jewish troubles here to spread it from East to West, in the South, and all their attempts to stay it are futile and only reveal their weak, audacious attempts.

Masonry was introduced by the Jews as a Trade protection society at the building of Solomon's Temple, and prospered in Jerusalem, and spread over the Earth in the scattering of the Jews. I am a Mason for over 50 years, though donít take any stock in it anymore than anything else which marks the old earth conditions.

People are very easy to make believe they Love & serve the Lord their God with heart, mind & will. But fall to see the test is to love your neighbour as yourself. Read Luke 10, and see who is my neighbour. The one who needs us most & always passed by, by the religious, and the Levite or Educated people.

My Love and best wishes for all,

Wm. Irvine

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