Sydney Holt's Letter in Reply to Paul Abenroth's Letter

Here is Sydney Holt's letter in reply to Paul Abenroth's letter.

October 4, 2001

Dear Paul,

Thanks for your recent letter regarding what "Big Brother" put on the internet. I had never even heard of him/her until this week when Dennis Jacobsen wrote me a 12 page letter which he put on the internet after writing me. I have no idea who "Big Brother" is!

Regarding your attending the home meetings: You are always welcome to come and listen & sing, but we can't leave the door open for you to take part in the meetings as it would cause offense and a great difference in what we understand God's way for mankind is. We do not accept those of different denominations as one in spirit or belief with our fellowship.

I'm sure you have had some lonely weeks since Diane passed away and please accept my sympathy.



This letter reflects the belief of the 2x2s that "Christians" in name who don't profess are going to hell and have different beliefs and are therefore not in fellowship with 2x2s.

As Sydney Holt plainly wrote, "We do not accept those of different denominations as one in spirit or belief with our fellowship."

Read Paul Abenroths letter to Sydney Holt and former 2x2 Washington overseer Sydney Holt.

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