Sexually abused - anonymous

To whom it may concern:

The first time I was inappropriately touched by a so-called "worker", I was only 8 or 10 years old.

This cult (which my parents were absolutely and blindly involved with) had such an incredible power over me as a young child, that when I knew what was happening to me, it was just plain weird, and on some kind of bizarre level, I actually felt complemented by it, even though I was confused beyond words.

Oh, I failed to mention that I am now 65 years old.

I was repeatedly inappropriately (and I might say sexually), from age 8 to age 40), assaulted, when I finally lost so much respect for this church (or cult) that I just simply quit.

I did not want my children exposed to this evil. My husband and I are both highly educated people. My husband has a Ph.D. and I have an M.A. We never interacted with anybody in this church who was educated.

Recently, I learned from my Mother that the "partner" of one of my abusers had died. I told her that my first response to hearing about his death was, all I think of when I hear his name, was that his partner sexually assaulted me. Instead of being horrified and tender toward me, she basically said I was a liar.

I have been haunted with PTSD my entire life. As far as my family goes (i.e. people who continue to be deeply involved with this cult), I am basically shunned.

My own brother called me a profane woman, because apparently I suggested to my mother what had happened to me via her cult.

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