Letter About Everett Swanson And Ronan Montana

To the Montana Elders and the churches:

We, Eldon Tenniswood, Richard Middleton, Jack Price, Willis Propp, and Paul Sharp, were designated by the older brothers in the Pacific Coast States and Western Canada to come to Montana and meet with Charles Preston and Everett Swanson for the purpose of helping to search for some solution to the continued unrest and growing division among the workers and friends in the State. We did not come to hinder the efforts to handle the doctrine problem. We did not come to reconsider the Ronan issue. We do not wish to weaken but rather commend the standard Everett has upheld. We do not want in any way to underestimate the good he has done for Montana. Following our interviews with all the Montana workers and a cross section of the friends, we have considered all the solutions suggested. It is our conclusion that the following changes would be in the best interests of the Kingdom. We sincerely hope that these will help to restore unity.

We esteem Everett Swanson very highly for his willingness to join the British Columbia Staff and leave the way open for Jack Price to assume full responsibility over Montana, with the cooperation of Charles Preston. Dale Shultz will take the place of Jack Price in Saskatchewan.

Jack Price will also assume responsibility over Wyoming, combining the Montana and Wyoming workers into one staff. The following exchanges are also planned, some to materialize now, and others (namely, for those who will be needed for preparations in Montana) to take place after conventions.

Lowell Stidolph will exchange with Steve Watts from Oregon.
Jeff Gillie will exchange with someone from California.
Muriel Erickson will exchange with someone from Washington.
Jane Buell will exchange with someone from Oregon.
Doreen Dutton will go to a Wyoming field.

We do understand that it will be difficult for some of you to accept some of these measures. We feel for you, but we do hope that for the sake of harmony in the Kingdom, you will accept them, and give Jack and Charles the support they will need. We are sorry for anything on our part that may have unnecessarily added to the deep distress so many are feeling.

Signed this 26TH day of April, 1995, AT Manhattan, Montana :
Charles Preston
Eldon Tenniswood
Richard Middleton
Jack Price
Willis Propp
Paul Sharp
Everett Swanson

Other out-of-state elder workers present:
Ernest Nelson
Sydney Holt
Harold Bennett
Stan Sullivan

Elder workers absent but consulted and in harmony:
Ralph Sines
Alton Mose

This letter shows how well the group is organized. When there are "problems" (the doctrinal problem was people believing in Jesus Christ as God) then they basically split everyone up and tell everyone to shut up and be in unity and support the workers without questioning things.

Did you notice how the letter lists all the workers involved with the special names attached and their organization showing:?

  • older brothers - their names are not given, yet all the other workers are listed specifically. Who are the older brothers?
  • older brothers in the Pacific Coast States
  • older brothers in Western Canada
  • "unrest and growing division" - no mention of specific problems like the apostle Paul dealt with. Just a big mystery. Problem never dealt with. Just split them up.
  • workers
  • staff
  • out-of-state
  • "commend the standard" - what standard? Simply enforcing 2x2 belief that Jesus Christ is not God - antiChrist teachings
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