Letter to Merlin and Willis

April 23, 2003

Dear Merlin and Willis:

Regarding our three plus hour meeting last night with Dan and Marie Tschetter, both of you, and ourselves, this is just a very brief summary of this meeting where we expressed our concerns. If you feel there are any discrepancies please let us know.

Regarding the ex-communications, Willis, you were asked by Dan why all of these people were put out. Your repeated answer was "I wish I knew". You pretended that you had nothing to do with the ex-communications and yet Jim Knipe, Gwen Fipke, Thelma Galbraith, etc. clearly stated that they were doing what you had requested them to do. A little aside here, remember, Willis, you personally ex-communicated all four of our adult children and their spouses. Willis, you then told us that the people are "coming back". We asked "Of those who have left, who is coming back?" You said, "Mrs. O'Dell". We said "We know her very well and Gwen O'Dell has never left the "truth" and has always gone to meeting". But you were so insistent so we phoned her and of course she said "I most certainly never quit going to meeting and never left the truth". You would not/could not give us one other name of anyone who has come back from the hundreds who have either! been ex-communicated or quit because of the corruption in this ministry.

We read your letter of apology written to us (Dale and Marlene) for your lack of understanding in the situation with Stan and your handling of it. Then you state that you still do not understand the situation with Stan. In a visit with Denise Thune before she left for Scandinavia, you promised her that you would apologize to us, Dale and Marlene, so your letter of March 25, 2003, is enclosed. We asked you, Willis, what part of Stan's situation you don't/didn't understand. We were told of Stan's offer to buy us a new car if we would keep quiet. Willis, you then denied ever having heard anything about the car bribery but we reminded you that you had heard it three times. You were told about it in full detail by Gwen Fipke and Cheryl Lumley and we told you and Eldon Kendrew the whole story. Then the night of the Jordan meeting, the elder who told of Stan's desperate need for a visit also told of the new car offer to silence us. We also reminded you, Willis, of the meeting you orchestrated with all the Jordan brothers and wives before we got there. You adamantly denied this meeting where you coerced the whole family and everyone was sworn to secrecy but under strong questioning, Gwen Fipke had already admitted that there WAS a Jordan meeting before we and the other two elders and their wives arrived. So Willis, you were caught lying again! You don't understand Stan's sexual perversion and criminal conviction because you don't want to, Willis. Three court transcripts were given to you both so you are left without excuse. The fact that Don Shenton, Marion Crawford, etc. were telling people that I, Dale, broke into Stan's house and put the child pornography on his computer was an acceptable lie for many people in the fellowship as I was ex-communicated and therefore evil anyway. However, for the court case, this same lie wouldn't work so then Stan devised a physically abusive traumatic childhood to show that he ! was a VICTIM of Mom and Dad Jordan's abuse. He is now taking extensive counseling for the childhood abuse THAT NEVER EXISTED! You did admit, Willis, that you knew Mom and Dad very well and indicated that you didn't think Stan's allegation was true. Every family member, except Stan, would attest to the fact that there was absolutely no physical abuse in their home. We then encouraged you to hurry and get Stan fully reinstated (which you are now working toward) and restore his Sunday morning meeting as soon as possible as all of this is absolute confirmation to us of the evil in this fellowship. They were given their meeting after 12 Alberta workers knew of some very ungodly behavior on Stan and Carol's part. Gwen Fipke was made aware of Stan's sexual involvement with children six years ago and did nothing about it.

We then asked about the Bob Larson situation and, Merlin, you very openly and honestly discussed the seriousness of Bob Larson's sexual behavior and that he wasn't allowed to come to any meetings or be in friend's homes. You told us how it was justly dealt with by the workers and it was three years before he was allowed to profess again. We then reminded you Willis, that during this time, you and Bob Larson were seen by friends staying in a motel together in Edson, Lethbridge, etc. Just as you began to deny it, Willis, you changed your mind because you knew full well that we would phone the friends that saw the two of you at the motel. You then admitted it, Willis, and said that the reason you stayed together at a motel was because Bob Larson wasn't allowed in any of the friends homes so we asked you "Wouldn't a visit in a place like a restaurant have been workable for you?" Merlin, you then told us of many internet accusations against Will! is and Bob Larson regarding their homosexual activities. We then said we knew nothing about any of that nor were we making accusations as we are not on the internet or on any lists. We are just stating the facts.

We then discussed the Ron Johnson case, where he, as a head worker in Wyoming, was caught and forced to confess to his homosexual behavior. After being put out of the work and refusing counseling, a very few years later he was taken back into the work by Gaylen VanLoon in Minnesota. This was all unknown to the workers who had dealt with his situation when he was put out of the work. We then received a copy of your letter to the ministry, Willis, (which is distributed world wide), endorsing and supporting Ron Johnson regarding your “jolting” visit with Gaylen and Ron about unforgiveness. Incidentally. Ron Johnson, too, enjoyed staying at Stan's when in Calgary.

We then discussed Wilbur Turner regarding his practicing homosexuality and the mistreatment of his wife, Gaylia, by this ministry. When they separated, Gaylia and their two children were sent to our Sunday morning meeting so we witnessed it first hand. Jim Knipe, who had dealt with this situation, supported having Wilbur Turner play for the south side gospel meetings to bolster his credibility with the friends. After all, his brother, Darrell Turner, is in the work. The Brian Gross situation is just more of the same and he, too, is flanked by support from the Alberta ministry.

Stan's best buddy, Dale Williston, was then discussed as Esther Laslo had told us the whole story of his self-confessed practicing homosexuality. Then a few years later he professed again and went in the work in Ontario with George Poole in the Peterborough area. Why, Willis, did you not tell Carson Cowan the situation with Dale Williston because you knew the whole story? Dale remained in the work until he was HIV positive and then it was decided he should leave the work. He went straight to the streets of Toronto to practice his chosen lifestyle.

We briefly discussed the devastation that Dale Ford experienced when he had to deal with your brother Coy and his sexual fiasco. Dale was able to keep Coy out of jail with Coy’s payment of money and on the condition that Coy would leave Canada as long as the victim is alive. Then came the cover-up and Dale was lied about and said to be involved with the victim, too, to make Coy look better. Dale was then sent to Manitoba and he told us the entire story the last time he was in Alberta before his passing and it was anything but Godly on the part of you, Willis, Jim, etc. and anyone else involved in these vile accusations. Your dealings, Willis, with the sexual conduct/cover-up regarding Ron Hanson and Eldon Kendrew were also discussed.

Your sharp condemnation, Merlin, of Marg Magowan and Edgar Massey, was disappointing to us, especially your claim of Edgar's "bombarding and attacking you in his e-mails". We have all of Edgar's letters and they were letters of shock and dismay regarding all the abuse that was going on in Canada. We mentioned that we felt your response to Edgar was unkind. We must all remember that Edgar did not have all the conditioning to corruption that we have had in Alberta. Because this indoctrination/deception has gone on for so many years here, we had become willing to accept endless evil/wrongdoing on the part of this ministry. Many in this fellowship are totally happy to justify the wicked and condemn the just. These both are an abomination to God (Prov. 17:15) so we will all be without excuse as to what we supported/justified/condemned and of course God will know when we choose to be willingly ignorant. Merlin, the mind-set to justify/condone Willis's dishonesty/deception while condemning Marg and Edgar is beyond our comprehension. Does "strain at gnat and swallow a camel" (Matt.23: 23&24) come to mind??

Regarding cover-ups, nothing is hid that will not be revealed, as stated in scripture. Even though these things make us cringe, they need to be dealt with honestly and openly. The sin of King David and Bathsheba was not covered up but recorded in the Bible to be read by all people of all time. In all of these vile situations, Willis, there are victims that have never been apologized to or even acknowledged by this ministry.

We then discussed that our testimonies are what we are/do from the time we first begin to walk with God. Willis, can we see a pattern here (Sodom and Gomorrah)? You know, Willis, the only other person that we have ever known who can compare with you in your feigned humility, while being blatantly dishonest, is Stan Jordan.

We thanked you, Willis, for opening our eyes. We could never be a part of this kind of abuse and corruption again. As we told you, Willis, we harbor no hard feelings toward you or anyone else but only pity and hope a day will come when you all want to make things right. In no way are we feeling that we are without sin as we have made far too many mistakes in our own lives but we know that repentance is our only hope and we need God to help us with that every day.

In a fairly recent visit where you (Willis), Bernard Hall, Don and Maureen Parsons and Shirli O’Dell were present, they said it was just the same scenario. The deception/lying/unwillingness to answer was the same with you, Willis, only different issues of corruption in this ministry were discussed.

Dan Tschetter

Marie Tschetter

Dale Jordan

Marlene Jordan

c.c. concerned friends/workers

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