2018 Letter from Bangladesh

2018 letter from women 2x2 workers in Bangladesh

Dear Friends,

From sport cars to rickshaws......from skyscrapers to mud-floor homes......from the sand of the desert to the mud of monsoon......from the Middle East to Bangladesh.....there's a lot of variety in this big ol world.....but one thing we know - wherever He leads we get to enjoy the best. Its great to be back in Bangladesh again! It was special to take in the Dubai spc mtg before returning here in time for our special mtgs the middle of April. Those days are a sweet memory now but we hope our thankfulness will be proven in more fruitfulness. Since being without brothers this year, we find ourselves trying to cover the whole country and feeling like we do justice to none of it. But, its a good lesson in trusting the One who has no limits! It was good to have Jason back for spc mtgs in April/May. We're glad the plans are for Jason and Rick to return in time for conv this fall. We sisters had a few weeks in Dhaka after spc mtgs and now we're back in the Khulna area for awhile. Kari will have a month in Vietnam from the end of July.

We are rejoicing!! About 2 weeks James and Miriyom Roy took their first step in His way. It was about 5 years ago when a man (James) strolled into a mtg we were having with some other contacts. When he invited himself in and sat down in our little group, not knowing who he was or what his purpose was, we wondered if we should continue the mtg or not. This happened a couple different weeks and then James gave us his phone number with an invitation to come to his home. When the other contacts seemed to fizzle, we decided to go visit James and his family. Little did we know then, that after some years of toil and ups and downs, we'd now call him and his wife our 'brother and sister in Christ'. We rejoice and bow our heads in thanks for the Lord's continued work.

Its about 11 years ago when the workers first came to this field....now we have friends and a mtg home right in 'our' city. Today as we made our way to Roy's humble little home I wished I could bring you all along. They live about 45 min from the bach....about 25 min on a motorized cart (we call it an 'easy bike'), then a walk through a jute mill to the river, then a short boat ride across the river, then another 5-10 min walk through a small market and into their village area. There, down a broken brick path and tucked among the trees is a little home where we find a welcome that's even warmer than the tropical noon-day sun. Its amazing how the Lord finds, among the teeming masses of humanity, the ones He can draw to Himself. James has had some religious training in the past, but its wonderful to see that all put behind him now. They both have had sincere and humble parts in the mtgs. In the first Sun mtg, James shared from Rev 3 about "He stands at the door and knocks...". He is so thankful the Lord stood at his heart door and knock and now has entered in.

Miriyom's mother passed away last week. We were glad it worked for us to go to her village to stand by them for the service/burial. While they were gone, someone from their home village did some dishonest work in hopes of getting their home/property. So, they are facing quite a test right off, but we love their spirit and pray they'll be able to grow through it all. Today Roys told us they've done what they can about the issue and will just rest with however it goes. We love the peace we see in their lives!!

We continue with many of the other same contacts as well. Sujon, the young man we study with on Tuesdays, continues to listen with much zeal. He hasn't had much opportunity to meet other friends/workers, but he has a real desire to "be like Rick and Jason" (our brothers). We like his teachable spirit and pray the Lord will continue to work and reveal. We also have a couple English classes....one group is a lively bunch of youngs X'ns. I'm always touched and amazed at their zeal....perhaps some persecution makes them value their beliefs. We use the Good Book and hope it'll open the door for any who are seeking for more. After some time off, we started mtgs with a former contact who requested us to come again. The mtgs there can be quite interesting....usually we get served tea/coffee in the middle of mtg along with a few other distractions. The young man who listens there seems to know his faith is weak as he's often pressured at work to convert to another way. The Roys have several acquaintances and relatives in the city and have been taking us to meet some. So, we're glad for the opportunity to come in contact with others as well.

Our friends in Dhaka, Paul & Rita, were granted a USA tourist visa. They left this morning and will have one month in America, taking in Hermosa conv. We're really happy for them and know this will be a heart-enlarging experience. I was thinking today what a warm feeling it is when those whom we love/appreciate get to spend time with others we love/appreciate. Our Father must feel the same way (much more so!) when He sees us loving/appreciating His Son whom He loves/appreciates so much.

Mom and Dad are glad to be settled in their home in Boyden now. Now they're busy getting things ready to move the old house, shop and garage off the farm. Jeff and Melissa's new home is finished but they'll need to do some work to get ready for it before it can be delivered. Its kind of hard to picture all the changes back home, but it makes me happy to hear how happy they all are!

A few special meeting thoughts:
** The simplicity of Christ is our safety against the subtlety of the devil.
** Jesus always put the Father's will first - a simple way to live.
** If we feed our doubts our faith will die.
** The whole world can not satisfy one person, but One person (Jesus) can satisfy the whole world.
** We need to understand the beautiful benefits of belief and the terrible consequences of unbelief.
** For the children of Israel, their deliverance was their high point....but that wasn't how God intended it. His way should get better and better to us as we go on.
** We must believe there is everything inside the will of God and nothing outside of the will of God.
** While we're on the earth, don't focus on things that we won't have in heaven.
** Is 49:2 - a polished shaft. A polished shaft has uses that a big tree doesn't. The big tree has to be whittled down to be a useful, polished shaft. Moses at age 40 was like a big tree, but God whittled him down to be useful. Believe God can make something out of a big old gnarled tree that becomes a small, balanced, useful, polished shaft.

Thanks to those who have written as well as thought of us in this little corner of the world. Please excuse this feeble attempt to catch up on some news from here.....it seems very one-sided but we always value your news as well!

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From Bangladesh

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