Dales Gardner's Letter to Lyle Schober

February 28, 2008

To Scott Ross, Lyle Schober, overseers, workers, friends, judges and juries of the courts,

I want to thank you Scott for informing me about the fact that Ira Hobbs has been removed from his position as overseer in the ministry of the Christian group of believers registered with the US government as Church of Christian Conventions, and known among its followers as The Truth, The Way, The Faith, etc.

Because I was raised as a part of this fellowship from the time I was a young child, I have been aware of sexual immorality in the ministry starting from my early childhood. It is interesting to note the history of the originator of this group, William Irvine, and the historical evidence that he also was a sexually immoral man, with a bastard son. He came to a very strange, and historically documented ending, being thrown out of the fellowship, and rightfully so.

My father in the gospel was Hugh Mathews, one of the early workers (ministers) to come to the US from the British Isles, and in fact, one of the early ministers of this group that was started by William in the 1890's. Hugh was a true servant of God, in my opinion, and was often in trouble with the overseers, because he stood for God's truth. He was not willing to compromise with what was right, and gave his whole heart into being a mouthpiece for God. To this day, although I lost my respect for this organization, I continue to have the highest respect for Hugh and his love for God and souls, for his honesty, integrity, and unyieldingness to wicked overseers. I believe it is nearly impossible to find other men at the level of quality and Godliness of Hugh Matthews. I do also believe that there are still men and women, both followers and workers, of high quality in the group, but suspect that they are few and far between. They are in a very dangerous position, close to, and controlled by workers and overseers, many of whom are "the leaven that corrupts."

All of that to say that I am quite amazed that there are still men like Lyle in the ministry. I have been out of the group for many years, as a result of Ira's sexual immorality with my daughter, but suspected that the ministry was likely wholly corrupted by this time (see l Cor. 5). I do not know Lyle, but Scott has told me that Lyle is working to address the cancer in the fellowship, of ministers in the group who are pedophiles. I am amazed that he is brave enough to attempt this, and even more amazed that the head overseers have not shut him up, one way or another.

From my experience with the overseers, in trying to expose Ira and see him put out of the fellowship, I have zero respect for Ira's head overseers, whom we exposed him to. I personally, and face to face, talked to Murray Keene, Taylor Wood, Garrett Hughes and Leslie White, about Ira's immorality with my young daughter, and to my dismay, found that they all said Ira would not do that, and that I must stop talking about it. I did not stop, so the ministry quickly put me out of the fellowship. I have no proof, but very much suspect that each of these men were also involved in sexual immorality. That seems to me the only logical reason why they would hide and cover a fellow minister who was sexually immoral with children.

God said, through Paul, "Those that sin, rebuke before all, and use no partiality." The overseers I exposed Ira to, said, "Ira didn't do that, and stop talking about it:" a very big contrast, and far from the directions in God's word about sin in the body of believers. It makes it very obvious that there is great sickness in the overseer ship of the fellowship, and that the only scriptural cure is to put out of the fellowship both those who have/are molesting children, as well as those who have/are hiding the pedophiles. It will be very painful, to the entire body, but it is Gods way. Even if it removes most of the ministry, it is God's way. Better to start now, than wait and let them continue to corrupt the body. Please read Jude, and get busy!

I became aware of sexual immorality in the ministry, when I was a young child in the 1950's. I overheard my father and mother talking to Harry Brownlee about one of Harry's companions who had been put out of the work for sexual immorality. Harry was under the overseership of Eddie Cornock, who in my opinion was another righteous man. These workers did not hide the worker, deny his actions, and leave him in the work to continue his evil deeds. They simply put him out. It is so sad that for many decades, many overseers have chosen, over and over, to hide, conceal, and cover these men, and allow them to continue preying on children. In my opinion, these overseers are just as guilty, before God, as the pedophiles.

My brother, who also professed many years ago, once said, "The only thing worse than men who represent themselves as ministers of God, and molest children, is a group of Christian people who allow such evil men to continue as ministers of the group." I very much agree with him. God gave believers both the tools and the method to remove these men from the ministry and fellowship. It is found in II John 1.10. In its beautiful simplicity, if practiced, it allows true believers to immediately remove evil workers and overseers from the fellowship. Just don't take them into your home and provide for them. Very quickly, the evil one has to find a job, go to work, provide for self, and hopefully, thru the process, repent of his evil.

If the church had followed God's directions, thru Paul, Peter, Jude, and John, they could be a strong, healthy group of believers, well pleasing to the Father. Instead, in general, they are a group of blind followers, following a ministry that has taught them that the �Truth� is the only group where believers can gain salvation. This ministry, for decades, taught that it was from the beginning, (I personally heard the worker Alex Anderson say that when I was a young child in the 50's.) The workers and overseers developed a hold and control over the believers that prevented the proper functioning of the church to control sin and evil men in the church. What a shame! The leaven that corrupts!

My uncle, Tom Young, a worker in Canada, was sent down to talk to me, before I was put out of the church. The desire of the head overseers in the eastern half of the USA, was that I be shut up, and left in the group. They hoped that Tom could accomplish this. In the process, my uncle told me and my mother (Tom's sister), "that this had happened many times in Canada (workers molesting children), and that the girls get over it and "we can't put the workers out, because we have so few workers, and need them so bad." Needless to say, I have never again communicated with Tom Young, and never plan to, unless he should someday admit what a abominable statement that was, both to men and God. I am ashamed to have an uncle who is so sick and evil. He is disgusting, but was trained by a long line of evil workers and overseers. The leaven corrupted.

I find myself quite amazed at how the anger in my being has boiled up as I write. I apologize to those who read this letter who are godly workers and friends. I am confident that there are still a few in this corrupted and dying fellowship. It is presently an exceedingly sick and disgusting group of believers. If those of you who are still uncorrupted do not straighten this mess out, then I believe it would be far best if this fellowship would disappear from the face of the earth. God has given you the tools, so that even a few can clean the evil from the group. Are you willing for the cost?

To those of you who have molested children, or hid those who have, I hope that you are quickly put out of the work and the fellowship. You are exceedingly evil! You belong in prison, and I hope that's where you end. I also hope, because I believe it is God's will, that in being "given over to Satan", from your prison cell, you repent, and gain salvation. I very much believe that Ira Hobbs belongs in prison, and I hope that is where he ends, for the many girls he has so seriously damaged over a period of at least 50 years. I also believe my Uncle Tom should spend time in prison for his evil hiding of men like Ira. After we were put out, we spend a lot of effort and time in trying to understand what was happening in the group, and many old timers told us that it had been going on for decades, and nobody seemed to know what to do about it. It was a common saying in the group, "whatever the workers say", instead of "what does God say." The leaven corrupted.

If any that might read this letter would have any reason to communicate with me, I am willing.

Dale Gardner
Colorado Springs, CO

My Comments on Dale Gardner's letter

I am glad Dale is disgusted with the 2x2 system. I'm sorry to see that he thinks that this is God's fellowship. It's obvious to me that he still believes many of the lies taught by the workers such as this cult being God's fellowship here on earth and was not as of this writing in fellowship with the real church of God.

This letter also emphasizes that evil rules and reigns in the 2x2 cult. Child sexual abuse and immorality have long been rampant in the cult and it continues to this day.

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